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Tropical Smoothie For 2016


For people who are health conscious in today’s world. Tropical smoothies are a great way to stay fit, healthy and lose weight. A tropical smoothie can be a tasty choice. You can control the ingredients used in a smoothie and choose organic and fresh ingredients such as tropical fruits and anti-oxidant berries. These are considered real super-foods that can make a perfect choice for nutrient rich and low-calorie natural ingredients capable of helping you to better manage your optimal weight goal by keeping you full for a long period of time.


By combining the best natural ingredients such as anti-oxidant rich berries, nuts, various fruits, wheat germ, honey and ice cubes all  blended up in a thick gooey glass of deliciousness, that is creating a healthy alternative. You can create a tropical smoothie that helps you boost your metabolism, burn fat, lose weight, yet tastes great. Preparing a tropical smoothie is relatively easy and it’s true that it shouldn’t take long to learn how to choose the right ingredients combination. A lot of this is based on your personal taste. Be creative, fruits are delicious and good for us all.


The reason why a tropical smoothie can actually lead to better weight control and weight loss is that it incorporates all of your necessary nutrients in just one glass of refreshing and delicious beverage. All this while it ensures you never add empty or excessive calories. When you learn how to prepare a balanced tropical smoothie with the best natural ingredients you will achieve the best balance of complex carbs, protein, and healthy fats, as well as minerals, vitamins and other nutrients.


mango drink

mango drink


Besides all these basics, without any extra calories you can include super-foods and powerhouse ingredients that improve the nutritional value of your smoothie. Weight conscious individuals can also include elements that boost the metabolic rate and, therefore, enhance their weight loss while filling them up for long while and giving them more energy.


For instance, Mango Yogurt Smoothie with Amaranth contains more than 20 minerals and vitamins. The Greek yogurt that is blended in as sweetener also has its own health benefits by itself. Topped with fresh berries and amaranth you will create a delicious beverage that is also very healthy. It will revitalize your body and give you lots of energy throughout your busy day. Another good choice of tropical smoothie is the Blueberry Obsession Smoothie. Blueberries are famous for their antioxidant healthy properties. This smoothie is also a good source of protein and sweet enough to make you indulge your sweet tooth. As a flavor bonus you will really enjoy the maple peanut butter incorporated in this recipe. This tropical smoothie can make one of the fastest, easiest, and sweetest smoothie recipes. It also incorporates some frozen strawberries besides the blueberry main ingredient. The combination is really delicious and can also make for a perfect distraction from the stress of an overloaded schedule before and after the winter holidays.


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Exercise and Fitness Top 5 Benefits

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Exercise and Fitness Top 5 Benefits Of Working Out


Physical exercise and fitness is a great way to gain health benefits, have fun and generally feel better. At least 30 minutes of exercise and fitness every day can change your life and give you these exercise and fitness top 5 benefits. For a high percentage of individuals, weight loss is their main reason and motivation for getting into shape, but in reality there are a lot of other benefits. Here are the exercise and fitness top 5 benefits in no particular order.


Working Out Promotes a Healthy Sleep

Are you having a hard time getting to sleep? And when you do sleep is it good quality sound sleep? If your answer is no to any of these questions, then you should start involving yourself in regular exercises which will drastically improve this for you. It will be effective in helping you fall asleep and improve your quality of sleep as well. It is highly recommended to exercise, but you should do it earlier in the day time because you might find your energy acquired could keep you up past bedtime is some cases. Just put a gap between workout and bedtime and you will improve your sleep rather quickly.


Reduces the Risk of Being Affected By Diseases

Being active through regular exercises will boost the high density lipoprotein and decrease the unhealthy triglycerides. The blood will therefore flow smoothly in your body and as a result, the risks of cardiovascular diseases will be greatly reduced. Physical exercises will also reduce the risk of serious and deadly diseases such as colon, lung and breast cancer, stroke, arthritis, heart diseases, diabetes, osteoporosis and more.


Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Daily workout helps in reducing anxiety and stress by diminishing the electrical activities in your muscles. Your body also releases endorphin after each workout which results in boosting your moods and promoting relaxation. When your body is in this mode you are not likely to be easily stressed or anxious.


Improves your Sexual Performance and is Effective in Restoring Libido

If you get tired and lack the energy to enjoy intimacy with your partner, then regular physical exercise is all you need. As a man, you will always feel more energized after exercises which can lead to a great impact to your intimacy with your partner. You are also not likely to be affected with erectile issues that will slow you down when your partner is in the mood. This can be rather frustrating for men as a whole. For women, a routine workout can lead to enhanced arousal just the same as it can for a man.


workout routines

Improves Mental Acuity

Overall productivity and performance is greatly boosted by physical exercises and fitness. You will be able to manage your time well. Your mental focus will be boosted as well. An added advantage is that you will gain strength, stamina, and muscle tones which will boost your self confidence and you will start feeling better emotionally. You will be aware of your physical appearance and know you are at your best; lean, muscular and in great shape. Now you know the top reasons why you should involve yourself in a workout routine. Stop making excuses, regular physical exercises can save your life it is that important. Start integrating a workout program into your weekly schedule and take advantage of all the above discussed benefits. This is surely the best way to improve the quality of your life. When you lose motivation refer back to this article “Exercise and Fitness Top 5 Benefits.” Don’t forget to sign up for my workout news letter and check out my Amazon best seller “How To Get Abs, Flat stomach exercises” ebook or paperback copy.

Sore Muscle Recovery




My first tip to you when it comes to sore muscle recovery is to get enough sleep. I can’t stress this enough sleep helps to heal your sore muscles. Whether it’s sore muscles in your legs, back, arm or stomach, sleep will help in your recovery process. Get yourself at least two nights of good sleep right after having really sore muscles. This is a good just start to healing and rebuilding of your sore and torn muscles. There are other aspects of the healing that will help you to recover faster, but sleep is probably the main decider of your recovery time.




creatine supplementYour next order in the sore muscle recovery healing process is, proper nutrition. It is similarly as important as sleep. Proper nutrition consisting of a balanced diet and some intake of extra lean protein; this will have your system in a positive nutritional place primed for quick muscle recovery. When your muscles are torn down protein will help to fill in the gaps and rebuild them stronger. Remember the intake of protein does not lead to obesity. Protein is the fuel that keeps your metabolism in check. It will speed up your metabolism and burn fat faster than having a low protein diet will. The leaner you are the faster your metabolism will be and protein is the main contributor. Don’t be afraid to consume sufficient protein daily, especially early during the day.

Water will also speed up your sore muscle recovery. It will transport the nutrients needed for more efficient muscle recovery. When you are not consuming enough fluid such as water which is good for in many ways, then the nutrition you consume is not being transported as efficiently and as quickly as it needs to be to heal your sore muscles sooner. Not to mention it flushes tons of toxins and fat out of your body over time. So drink up your H2o!


pain reliefMy last tip. If you’re not getting enough nutrition from your meals, you can always resort to supplements. Many supplements are loaded with the necessary ingredients that promotes muscle recovery such as vitamins and minerals. Creatine for example is found in fish, and can assist your muscles in recovery plus give you lots of energy for your next workout. Amino acids are also pretty good for recovering sore muscles. So is protein powder, they will promote muscle recovery and get you back to working out soon again. There are always new supplements hitting the market on a regular basis, so there is no shortage of supplements available that promotes muscle recovery and minimize muscle soreness. Creatine will sooth your muscles over. Check with your local GNC or nutritional store nearby so you can have those items on hand if you need to take them from time to time in order to recover and get back on track quickly with your exercise routine .

Abdominal Muscles

woman abdominal muscles

Abdominal Muscles

Abdominal Muscles can be one of the hardest muscles to train in your body, similarly to your calf muscles. The abdominal muscles consist of deep rooted muscles that move in different directions within your abdominal walls. These muscles can be trained regularly, just like your calf muscles they require a lot of exercise on a regular basis. You could virtually train your abdominal muscles daily and still be ok. In other words these muscles can recover quickly from training once you are up to speed with your training. Not to mention there are other equipment that can be worn to help to tighten and contour your abdominal muscles without even exercising.


Wearing an ab belt is good way to kept you abdominal muscles heated and under pressure. Doing so after a series of ab workout can really keep the muscles warm in a way that you keep melting the fat away just by wearing it. You can choose to wear a regular ab belt used primarily for squatting, dead lifting, and clean and jerk movements. However, there are more stylish ad belts available on the market that can be used to burn stubborn belly fat around the clock while wearing it. It will shape your stomach and burn fat at the same time. Now that is what I would call multi-purpose use all rolled up in one. There are other really useful items that are in expensive that can melt belly fat, shape and tighten your belly in a short order of time.


An ab wheel is one of my favorite item to have in my arsenal against belly fat build up. It is light weight and can be carried virtually anywhere. All you need is about 10-15 minutes using this item, who does not have that kind of time at least a few days a week. The ab wheel just requires a spot on a hard surface and you can knock out 3-4 sets and whalla, you are on your way to really tight and defined stomach muscles.  Something as simple as this piece of workout tool can be extremely useful, especially if some of the other machines available are too expensive or too troublesome to use. This is your answer to firm abs with very little investment; just primarily sweat equity. Imagine doing 3-4 sets of as many repetition per set as possible, then wearing your abdominal belt for about 2 hours. This will transform your midsection in little time. Try it and you will see for yourself. If you happen to be extremely obese, this might not be as effective compare to being just mildly obese, it may require more time for better results. Regardless, check with your physician before starting any physical exercise to see if you are healthy enough. If you are healthy enough to start working out and have not worked out in a while, you will see great physical progress quickly. Once your stomach is flat. It does wonders to your overall outlook on your workout future and you as a person. Try to flatten your stomach and you will see first hand what I am talking about. It will give you tons of confidence whether the rest of your body parts are in shape or not as long as your abs are fine. Your abs are your core, it is the center of your body. When you abdominal muscles are in shape you will feel like a completely better version of yourself, and you will be that much more motivated to get the rest of your body caught up to your abdominal muscles. It truly incredible.

ab workout equiptment


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Soup Diet To Burn Fat

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Burn more calories on a Soup Diet


Soup diet is another effective diet plan to get healthy meals and trim your waist line at the same time. Potato soup can be made with ease and takes virtually no time to complete. The same can be said for tasty tomato soup and vegetable soup. There are tons of healthy meal recipes online including healthy soup recipes. These are just a few of the delicious low calorie meals that can be whipped in no time at all and they are also ideal vegetarian recipes for non-meat lovers looking for something different to consume. Soups are not just tasty but there are also a great arsenal to have to fight against fat accumulation that will eventually try to take over your body at one point or another. If you chose to get on a soup diet just think of all the different variation of vegetables and seasoning that you can mix into the broth to satisfy your personal taste.


potato soup for your diet

Science Daily published a study done by Penn State showing that eating soup ahead of a meal can significantly cut down on your consumption during your next meal. It showed that participants reduced their next meal’s caloric intake by 20% on average when they ate soup before a meal compared to when they did not eat soup. In fact, the soup can be a good enough meat substitute. Doing that regularly can add up to some serious calories lost and have you looking leaner faster; not to mention when you eat soup often and do your weekly exercise plan as outlined in some of my other blogs. You will super charge your weight loss. Tomato soup, potato soup, vegetable soup with or without meat is a healthy low fat meal on it own. Adding meat is optional as long as they are lean cuts of meat with little to no fat.vegetarian recipes food


Meat will help to speed up your metabolism, which causes you to metabolize food at a faster rate and your body becomes more of an efficient fat burning machine. This will give you tons of energy to get a lot done in a short amount of time, and that’s the goal. A soup diet can be tried and improvised upon to fit your own personal needs and ingredient choice. Regardless, whatever you chose to eat can be delicious, healthy and burn fat all at the same time. beefIf you are prone to be overweight and don’t have a medical condition relating to weight gain; eating a healthy low fat diet along with regular exercise is a conscious choice that you can make which will lead you down the path of slenderness in time. Check out my flat stomach book


Workout Routine In The Winter

Workout routine in the winter can be more difficult that in the warmer months. If you are going to start a workout program to lose weight in the fall or in the summer, it would be more challenging to lose weight in the fall depending on where you live, than in the summer. For example, living in North Dakota would be more difficult for most people to stay focused, do their workouts and lose weight than if they lived in say Southern Florida or California. 


Lets face it, you can never be too fit and when you live in a warmer climate your body is more acclimated to becoming physically active easier and quicker than if you were living in a colder climate. Or even when the seasons change you get ups and downs in your motivation to complete your basic workout routine. Take your car for example; on a 80 degree day you can start it up and take off in a minute or so, but you would not be able to take of that quickly after started it in 20 degree weather. You would have to warm it up and raise the internal temperature of the vehicle first; the same thing goes for your body when you try to exercise in colder weather. It takes more time to get warmed up and to be in the mood to exercise. So you have to be mentally and physically committed to your workout routines. You must really have the motivation and drive necessary in order to lose weight and exercise the way you need to, or else the change in the seasons and in the temperature can really be a bummer if you don’t prepare and stay motivated.

ab rollout

ab rollout


Muscle workout is essential to see and feel real progress. When you are lean as you can possible be, and you continuously exercise your muscles your

ab rollout on knees

ab rollout on knees

whole body will become a calorie burning machine

end position of ab rollout

end position of ab rollout

and you will be loaded with more energy that you can possibly imagine. You will have the energy to get a lot of important things done in no time without feeling tired and sluggish compared to someone who does not workout. Remember workout is not just to look good,

floor crunch

floor crunch

which is fine. But working out does so much more than

vertical pedaling

vertical pedaling

that, and it has many positive impact on your overall well being, mood and health. It increases your self esteem, gives you more purpose in your daily life, not to mention it makes you feel

abdominal bench sit ups

abdominal bench sit ups

like a million bucks, it is burns fat away long after you leave the gym, it makes you more alert and mentally sharp, and the list goes on and on. Exercise will make your life feel so much more fulfilling.Try some of the exercises I have outlined below and see what a difference it makes for you if you are not already doing them. Remember, you can never be too fit.