Healthy Food Tips For Living Your Best Life

Healthy Food and Living Tips


You will learn about some of my healthy food tips for living your best life. I will share with you some really good tips to help you along the way with living your life to the fullest in a healthy way. Healthy eating starts with you. You have to make a conscious choice to live and breath a healthy life. This starts with healthy eating. Healthy food tips for living your best life the best way when it come to food and just life in general will be covered. The information that I have provided below are just snippets of various tips for healthy living and healthy food tips. If you follow these tips it can literally start to turn your health around and put you on the right track for success when it comes to good diet tips and living life healthy. 


Have you ever wondered how much different your health could be if you could just cut out some of the things that are not good for you. Things such as smoking, drinking excessively, not exercising, drinking soda, eating too much processed foods, not drinking enough water, mistreating your body, and the list goes on and on. Just imagine how different your health might be if you did not do some of the destructive things to your body. Or how much more energy you might have. Or how better you might look. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Living a life the way you were mean to would work wonders for you in many ways. Not to mention being in shape and living life healthy could help you deal with stress a lot better. We could all learn to deal with life stresses in better ways. Being in shape does give you a physical and mental edge. Just think about this for second. Think of the possibilities being really healthy could mean for you and your family. Without your health you are basically reduced to a non-productive member of society; also, it could reduce your lifespan a great deal. You health is so important you don’t even know. Start by following some of my tips listed below and see what a difference it makes to your overall health in a short amount of time. Say you are going to follow some of my healthy living tips below and actually stick to them. Maybe you can respond back to me and let me know how better things are going for you health wise at minimum. Also feel free to check out my fat loss cook book here for some awesome cooking tips. 

Flat Stomach Exercise Tips

I will cover some flat stomach Exercise Tips that  will give you some basic yet important exercises we can do. Everybody wants to get that flat stomach they had in High School. Unfortunately, we have to work a lot harder to be that lean and in shape as we were before when we were younger. If you have been out of high school for a while now your metabolism has probably slowed down a lot. This makes gaining weight a lot easier. So we have to find ways to speed up our metabolism and exercising is one of the best way to do so. With a little bit of work you can see some good results in little time; but you will have to work for it more than you did when you’re a teenager, if you are now older. Everything come easily why you are a teenager as it relates to getting in shape because their metabolism is usually super fat for most people that age. As we age our metabolism really start to put the brakes on and the pounds tend to pile much quicker.


In this post you will I cover flat stomach exercise tips for trimming down and getting a small waist, or at least a smaller waist than what you have now. A small waist is always a better way to go. It has a lot more benefits plus it shows you are in decent shape at a minimum. Believe it or not your stomach size tells a lot about your overall health and well being. Stomach fat is not sexy, healthy, nor appealing.No one wants want to walk around looking like they have a spare tire around their waist. If you are in that situation, there is hope; you can get in shape and lose that unwanted fat. Follow these exercises listed below at least 2-3 times a week along with other exercises that you can see in my many workout videos and articles throughout this website. If you strive for a flat tummy it can be yours. It is not out of reach for most. It is a matter of taking action to get the body you want. Last year didn’t you not say you wanted a better, healthier and learner you for the new year. Well here is your chance. Jump in and do some of these flat tummy workouts to get a small waist and flat tummy, you will be glad you did. Here is the flat stomach workout plan you should try next time you are at home or at the gym, the next time you decide to sweat it out. Remember summer, along with vacation and the beach is never far away. Also feel free to check out my awesome new 3 week diet program here to really slim down. Now watch the vide down below and get started with these flat tummy exercises. Lets do it!

Nice Butts

Would You Like To Have A Nice Butt If You Don’t Already Have One?


Have you ever wanted to have a solid, round and sexy butt? If you answered yes to this question then you have come to the right place. Depending on the shape of your back end it can been shaped and sculpture nicely with the right exercises done regularly to round and firm your butt. My next video will give you some of these great sculpting exercises and you can do so with or without free weights. These exercises will start shaping and firming your back end overnight. Activating the muscles in your lower body will kick your metabolism into high gear fast, and tighten and firm your lower body the right way; naturally with glute exercises.




It is always nice to fit into a new pair of jeans or even your old jeans well. It is nice to see that your clothes fit you the way you like them to fit and that starts with you and relates to your health and appearance. You don’t want to put on a pair of pants and see rolls of fat and bulges that should not be in some of the places where they are; not to mention that can be a health hazard down the road for anyone. This is where doing lower body exercises will cause you to get the shape you really desire and some of the health benefits. The glute muscles are among the largest muscles in your body. Your back end is packed with tons of muscles that can really have a big effect on your overall body fat percentage and your metabolism. When you master glute execises you are going after the big bad muscles that will have the largest overall impact on your energy level, fat percentage and the rate at which you burn fat in an unbelievable way. If you have done some of these glutes exercises you know exactly what I am talking about when I say these will shape and firm your butt and give you a nice butt in literally no time at all. Check out my bubble butt program Click Here! This program will have you fitting those pairs of jeans real well in short order. These are some of the best glutes exercises available to really stimulate your gluteus maximus muscles. Without any more delay here they are in the video below:

Exercise Routine

Make a Variety of Exercise Routines Out Of These Exercises


Here are some more helpful workout videos to assist you on your way to getting the body of your dreams while you are doing your exercise routine correctly. As I mentioned in my other blogs diet and proper exercise will work wonders for your physical and mind. Always try to mix up your workouts from time to time to get the best results. Start with some of the exercises you like at first, then gradually mix in the rest of the workouts you do not usually do. Exercise confusion is the key to physical success. If you have been working out long enough you will know what I am talking about.


A new workout will really challenge your body and will have a better affect on it. Remember, your body is very adaptive so you always have to keep changing up your workout routine to get the best possible results.  Don’t be afraid to try new exercises you never know how much you might end up liking it. Be open minded when it comes to your exercise routines and you could end up with an awesome body in little time. A good plan would be to do a particular workout routine for no more than 1-2 months then do something different in the workout or change the exercises up altogether. For example, you might be use to doing 4 exercises with 10 reps of 4 sets on a particular day; after doing this routine for a while say 2 months you might want to do 6 exercise(including the original 4 exercises and add 2 more exercises) of 6 reps each for 6 sets for each exercise. Or do the same 4 exercises now do 30 reps of 8 sets instead of the amount of reps you were doing before. When I say do an increase in the reps, I mean lower the weights where you can just barely complete the # of reps needed to achieve the desired amount of repetitions you are aiming for. Or to lower your reps from 10 to 6 reps, then you would increase the weights to where you can complete the 6th reps all the way. For these examples I am referring to free weights or machine weights exercise primarily. However, similar or the same thing can be done for sit ups and push ups to a certain extent.Remember to always check with your physician before starting any workout regimen to make sure your body is healthy enough for exercise. Check out this fat loss diet program Click Here!

50 Top Notch Exercises To Transform You

50 Top Notch Exercises To Transform You



These are all 50 top notch hard body workout exercises.Do all of these exercises and I guarantee you will change your entire body composition. You will immediately start to lose fat and become toned and muscular. Your energy level will shoot through the roof. You will look and feel completely differently than you did before. Even if you are a professional and are accustomed to these exercises, just mixing them up will make a world of difference. Always strive to do a different workout with a combination of different exercises. But use these 50 exercises. Do 4 or 5 exercises one day, then do another 5 or 6 on another day. You should not become bore if your really mix things up.


Always try to do a warm up when starting any workout routine. Ease into your workouts so that you don’t end up tearing a muscle or injuring your self. Injury is often caused by not doing a proper warm up and not using the correct technique when working out. You should never be in a hurry to workout, gradually workout by starting with your warm up, then do your main exercises that you had planned for that day, then cool down and conclude your workout. Following these tips will reduce your chances of a painful and lengthy recovery at times. Check out my workout book here for  more tips. 


Having different combination of exercises to do your body will not knowing which exercise you will do on which day. It will confuse your body and it react to the work out even better. The more confused your body get, the better results your will have quickly. I will list of exercises below. also remember that having good nutrition with your exercise plan will work out in your best interest with results. check out my 3 week diet plan here.





Bench Press

Back Flys

Leg RaisesLower Back RaisesLungesMilitary PressOblique CrunchesOblique Sit-UpsOverhead Triceps ExtensionPreacher CurlPull-UpsPush-Ups
Upright Barbell RowsCrunchesBench PressBarbell CurlRunnerRunning TreadmillSeated RowShoulder PressSide Dumbbell RaiseSingle Arm CurlSit-upsSquatsTriceps KickbackWalkingWide Grip Pull-DownLeg PressChin-UpsClose Grip BenchLeg ExtensionsClose Grip Lat Pull-DownDeadliftDecline Bench PressDipsDumbbell FlysDumbbell PressDumbbell ShrugsEllipticalExercise BikeFront Dumbbell RaisesIncline Bench PressIncline Chest FlyIncline Dumbbell PressIncline Reverse FlysJump RopeJumping JacksKnee Push-UpsLeg CurlsBikingCalf Raises

7 Tricks to Help You Get Back to Working Out

7 Tricks to Help You Get Back to Working Out

Most of us have been there; you device a workout routine that you know will get you to exercise or visit the gym more. You predict that in just three short months, you will look as good as the people you see on TV. Only to end up a week later on your couch, binge eating and wondering why it is so difficult to stay focused on your fitness goals. If you have slipped up or have taken way too long a break from living healthy and exercising, here are 7 tricks to help you get back to working out.
Here there are:


Start small
Most of the time the problem is thinking about how big a commitment exercising can be. You may not be willing to take an hour off your day just to go to the gym. But you can take 5 minutes to take a brisk walk or a light jog. This will act as your launching pad. As soon as you accomplish this small goal, the good feeling you get will motivate you to keep going.
Make it a debt
Mobile Apps like Pact make it difficult for people to quit. Once you join Pact, you become a member of a community that will hold you to your word. If you do not accomplish your pledged fitness goals within the stated time, you are charged a certain amount of money; if you do, you are paid a certain amount as well. That should keep you motivated.


slender body

Make it part of your to-do list
One of the main reasons why people find excuses not to workout is because they think of it as a time waster. This will not be the case if you actually have time allocated to working out. Make it part of your diary and you will find that it is easier to stick to that schedule as you normally do.
Be part of a one-month challenge
Another big problem is that most people think of exercising as a life-long activity. Although, ideally it should be, that kind of commitment is a little discouraging to some people. What you can do instead is to think of it as a short burst of commitment. Make it a one-month challenge that you must complete. Breaking it down like this will make it seem manageable.
Get a committed workout partner
It is often easy to back out of things when you are only answerable to yourself. But if you find a workout buddy, someone you need to help out and answer to as well, then it will be more and more difficult to come up with excuses not to workout.
Refuse to be a statistic
A vast majority of the developed world is suffering from lifestyle diseases like obesity and diabetes. It has become so rampant that people who are not overweight are the exception in the society. Become a part of the elite group. Think of yourself as special and refuse to be part of the problem.
Hire a trainer if your budget allows you
Trainers bring in a new focus and twist to things. One of the main reasons as to why some people fall off the workout wagon is because they get bored of the same old routines. Hiring a trainer will infuse some excitement into your workout sessions.

It might be difficult to stay motivated when it comes to working out. But if you list the benefits, you will see that they outweigh the disadvantages by far.


Bonus Tip

Once you start to workout make sure you change up your workout routine a few times a month. You body will be stimulated by your new workout routine. In a sense your body learns your routines and you have to spice it up by working out and doing something drastically different from time to time. If you normally start out by using the stair climber, then moving to the weight, then to the treadmill. Mix it up and do it in reverse order. Even change the amount of time your would normally spend doing your exercise to doing a different exercise to adding many more reps, or lowering your reps. The possibilities are only limited by your mind. Be creative and have fun with it and boredom is far less likely to happen. Here is a good abdominal solution program that will also help you along the way to slimming down and getting 6 pack abs.