Roller Skating is a Fun Activity and A Good Workout


The issue of losing weight for both women and men has been a major challenge throughout the ages, and it will always remain an obstacle and will worsen. I will discuss diet and exercise for women who roller skate which is a fun activity that just so happens to speed up the weight loss process.This is because excess body fats causes increased high blood pressure which opens the door to many other diseases relating to the heart which accounts for a very high percentage of deaths. These deaths may have otherwise be avoided through engagement in physical exercise and practicing proper dietary behaviors. For women this goes beyond health concerns and spills over to how they look and feel about themselves in the society.


There are various ways that may be employed to achieve this goal which includes participation in sporting activities such as roller skating. Though this sport has been male dominated, women may find it really intriguing and fun as much as their male counterparts and at the same time use it to acquire the much needed health and physical fitness.


First and foremost, any woman intending to participate in this challenging sport needs to generate a keen interest in it, embrace it, love it and brace themselves with proper gear and finally go straight ahead and have fun with this activity. Roller skating is an aerobic activity that one may engage in in-order to burn up some calories and sweat off some extra pounds. It is really an efficient way of losing belly fat as well as help your legs also lose fat and possibly build some muscle. Like any aerobics, roller skating for women helps to raise the heart beat rates thereby burning calories which has a consequential desired effect of weight loss.

inline skates

While losing weight, the loss is distributed throughout the body. To pinpoint weight loss is practically impossible. Weight loss process is determined mainly by the amount of calories consumed against the amount burned, this means that if you reduce the intake of calories and maintain a steady routine of skating you will definitely loose a considerable amount of weight in the due process of time. Moving on wheels improves your coordination and flexibility while at the same time improves your muscle and respiratory endurance. Your legs will have that leaner look once you burn out excess weight;fat.During skating sessions it is very important to wear safety gear, such as the helmet and elbow, knee and wrist guards, to help prevent injury which can spoil the fun in roller skating.


The dietary requirements for a roller skater to be effective in weight reduction is, avoid foods rich in fats or otherwise take low fatty foods. Take higher amounts of vegetables as compared to carbohydrates. Red meats should be substituted by lower amounts of white meats. For an efficient metabolism to take place large volumes of clean water is highly recommendable as water plays a significant role in weight lose process as it acts as both a coolant and a solvent of waste matter that the body excretes, for this case fats. Complete fasting is not highly recommended since the body needs to be replenished but not starved and punished and also this may also bring about other medical complications and tricks you body into thinking there are no more meals coming and it needs to conserve; therefore slowing down your metabolism which has the opposite result of what you are trying to do which is to speed up your metabolism.

Workout Plan

A Workout Plan For You

You need to have a good workout plan when it is time for your workout routine. You should already have your workout plan mentally outlined at a minimum for the upcoming week. That way when you get to your workout machines or to the gym, you already have an idea of what work loan you will be doing for that day. I will cover several different workouts that will help you to develop your upper body along with some cardio movements for your heart as well. I have discussed several times why cardio and strength training together is a killer recipe for success in slimming and hardening your body. They work perfectly together because one is just right for your heart and building your endurance, while the other will make you leaner; which has many benefits including speeding up your fat burning rate while resting.

The biggest byproduct of working out is having a lot of energy, looking better, and being healthier. Having the energy to do the things you need to do in your daily life is certainly a plus. Looking better never hurts either. Being healthier is the best thing that could come from anyone’s workout regimen. We workout primarily for our health. Working out is definitely a positive for both you and your family  for many obvious reasons. As you may already know a lot of help issues can overtake our bodies if we don’t workout or do little to no physical activities in our daily lives; with that being said I will outline a good workout plan for you that will cover various types of exercises in this workout plan.


deadliftThere may be days where you are more interested in hitting weights for muscle gain instead of cardio. Then again there may be days where you’re more interested in doing cardio for heart strengthening and fat burn and purposes too. The workout plan below will have exercises where you will get both strength building and fat burning all together in one workout session. It is always important to make sure that you do both of them weekly either together in your workout plan, or separately. For example, one day you may want to do all cardio exercises where you get both heart straightening and fat burning all together in one workout session. The next day you might want to do all free weights for your workout; or you can do any percentage you want for either cardio or free weights, it does not have to be a 50/50 percentage mix. It is always important though to make sure that you do both cardio and resistance training weekly either together in your workout session, or separately. They both have tremendous benefits and will transform your body in little time. Not to mention all the other health benefits that comes along with being in shape like a strong heart, body and mind.


Always try to make sure you include a little of both types of workout in your exercises for the best possible results. Cardio alone is not the most effective way to slim down and lean up your body. The combination approach is the best way to get in shape fast. You always want to have a thin layer of muscles, if you will, underneath; which is a good fat burning foundation that will speeds up the fat burning process even when you are at rest. Here are some of the exercises I do in my workout plan



Muscle Pain

Muscle Pain and Soreness Relief


Having muscle pain and sore muscles can be a fixable thing. Working out hard enough will cause you to have sore muscles. Muscle pain will occur from time to time with a good workout. There is really no way to avoid becoming sore if you are working out hard enough. However, as your body becomes more and more used to doing a certain exercise it will Plateau. Mean and your body will adjust to the physical task being placed upon it where it will have little effect as far as making your muscles sore in the future. The goal of working out so is tricking your muscles, confusing your muscles comma forcing your muscles to work harder so it doesn’t just do a workout. The more confusion you cause your muscles the greater muscle gain you will get. or if you are not into gaining muscle weight which can be a good thing in moderation, you still need to confuse your muscles by throwing different workouts at it from time to time.



Don’t worry too much about muscle pain and muscle soreness. Just know that there are some relief for muscle ache. Muscle pain relief can come in the form of just getting enough sleep and consuming enough protein. If you can not consume enough protein through your diet, there is protein powder that will get you the extra protein you need for muscle pain recovery. Proper nutrition is one of the most common way to solve muscle pain issues as it relates to working out or doing resistance training.


sport training

When you do resistance training you sometimes have delayed onset muscle soreness which can take a day or two before you actually feel your muscle pain and muscle soreness from your prior workout. For example, you might have done a leg workout earlier in the day, but it could take a day or two before the soreness really sets in to your muscles; that is a very common thing when it comes to working out hard. With delayed onset muscle soreness your muscles were damaged from the workout you did, however it can take a day or two before you actually start to feel your muscle ache from the workout you did 24 to 48 hours earlier. Delayed onset muscle soreness is what you feel when your muscle soreness does not take place until, up to several days after a good sweaty hardcore workout you did prior. It’s almost as if your body is playing a trick on you, especially if you have not done any more workout since your last workout and have been resting since, and suddenly the soreness hits you around 48hrs or so later.




Again, fixing any delayed onset muscle soreness is usually controlled with enough sleep and proper nutrition. In addition to proper rest and nutrition after a workout, you can also use over the counter medication to relieve muscle pain(bengay comes to mind), you can take warm baths, and you can also get a massages to increase the blood flow to the area affected for a speedy recovery. Please know if you have an injury that’s a different situation, this may require medical attention. Injuries do occur from time to time especially when you are working out but not properly warming up your muscles before you actually get into the work load placed on your muscles. You have to remember that your muscles needs blood flow and you will get blood flow by warming up gradually and stretching properly. stretching is a very important part of working out, you need to stretch before you workout to loosen up your muscles and get the blood flowing to them. Blood brings the nutrients and energy to your muscle need to do resistance training. Never just jump straight into it exercise and start going heavy on resistance training without properly warming up your muscles,  that’s one of the quickest ways to become injured which may need medical attention and put you out of commission for a while. Not to mention, you may become less interested in working out due to an injury that was unnecessarily. Besides injury you will get muscle soreness from time to time when there is resistance training involved, you can get muscle soreness even by doing aerobics. Your muscles will recover in about 48 hours if you are not over exercising where the recovery time can take longer.

Back Exercises

Some Awesome Back Exercises For You


Back Exercises will tone you and build up a major muscle group in your body. Back exercises will build one of the superstar muscle group of fitness, the back muscles. You don’t have to be into bodybuilding to see the benefits in these exercises listed below. These are top notch exercises that will firm, tone and build your overall back appearance in a good way. You can’t just look good from the front with flat abs and all, you also need to look good from the back too, and this is where these back exercises will come into play in a major way. Fitness should be a big part of your lifestyle if you plan to have a flat stomach and be in great shape for life. Lifting weights and working out will not turn you into a bodybuilder, and performing these exercises does not mean you are now bodybuilding. You are building muscles yes, and muscles are good because they actively burn more fat and help to speed up your metabolism just by having more muscle weight, compared to fat.


Strength training is an important part of health and fitness. Strength training will build the muscles you need to make weight loss more effective. Just dieting along and not exercising, especially not doing any kind of strength training will prevent you from seeing faster and greater results. If you are dedicated to losing weight and looking really good fast, you should then do strength training because it has so many benefits I would not know exactly where to start. I have put some good back exercises below to harden, strengthen, tone and build your back muscles up nicely. This is one of the largest muscle group in your body. So if you add a few pounds of solid back muscles imagine how much faster your metabolism will become, and how much more fat it will burn just by adding in some or all of these back exercises into your workout routine. Being soft and fat would be a thing of the past with some serious dedication, exercising and dieting. You would get results fast, and feel better even faster. You need these exercises if you are seriously into health and fitness and want to improve physically. Always be really careful with deadlifting, this is a serious exercise, I call it the superstar of strength building along with squats. Always start off light weights on deadlift and build up gradually. Deadlift is a major strength building exercise that will give you awesome strength gains if done continuously over time, but you can get back injuries if you do not know what you are doing or if you are lifting too much weight to soon; let your muscles develop slowly by building your foundation solid at first by doing tons of light weight before building up to massive weight if that is your intention later on. If you just intend to do light weight on deadlift you will still get enormous results in strength in little time.


musclesWell enough of me rambling on about how great deadlifting is for your overall muscle building and strengths. I am really passionate about deadlifting and squats, 2 of my favorite exercises and most peoples least favorite exercises. Regardless, these are the 2 superpowers of exercise and strength training. Anyways, here are some really good back exercises below, enjoy. Also, look out for many more exercise tips, articles and exercises I will be coming out with in future blogs. You also can subscribe and get access to many more great exercises like the ones below just by adding your email information in the signup box.







Foods That Burn Belly Fat

For The Foods That Burn Belly Fat we Will Touch on Why it is Important Know Them Intimately



Your core strength is going to improve with exercise, but dieting is an intricate part of the weight loss process too. Choosing the right allies in your fight against belly fat will help you out tremendously along the way, this is because dieting counts for a large portion of your weight loss success. Exercise alone will only take you so far without eating the right foods. This is where foods that help to burn fat gives you the extra push and gets you to your ideal weight; which will also help in flattening your tummy and help to build your core strength. Losing weight will definitely help your self image. Anyone that has gained a few extra pounds over the years would certainly feel better it they were able to lose some of that weight they’ve gained, it make sense. You will feel so much healthier you can’t help but to feel better about yourself.


This blog will cover some of the foods that will make your battle to lose weight easier while getting a flat tummy. These foods will make losing belly fat a whole lot easier. Think about it, it would not make sense for someone to be exercising to slim down and tone up yet they are eating all the wrong foods; foods such as: pizza, donuts, french fries, big mac and soda on a regular basis. It would defeat the purpose of getting in shape and trimming down. I’m not saying you have to cut those kinds of foods out 100% completely, but you certainly should not be partaking in such eating habits on the regular. Here are some of the best foods to help you with weight loss and they have other benefits.


soup for dinner

Soup can be loaded with high nutrient and have lots of low fat ingredients such as all you favorite vegetables, lean meat and flavoring that fits your taste. Plus you can throw in all of the ingredients you have always wanted to eat all at once such as celery, carrots, beans, noodles and more. It is filing and can be make for a quick and delicious meal that is low on











They are sweet and they smell so good when cut up. Eating cantaloupes will save you a lot of calories and they make a great snack to take on the go in a container. High in fiber to get your digestive system working at it’s best. There is nothing like fresh cantaloupes on a warm summer day, the smell, the taste is hard to resist. Or you can mix it with other fruits, and make a fruit cocktail mixed with low fat yogurt.






Green Tea


Most experts would agree that green tea is full of weight loss benefits and is definitely a super food. It is loaded with antioxidants that will detoxify your entire body. It certainly sits atop of the superfoods alongside a few other foods. It will purge your body of contaminants and clean you out. You can grow your own or buy them in the store. Just boil some water and add some of the leaves or a teabag stir and drink. Good for winding down before going to bed at nights.










food-669249_640A really good source of protein yet low in bad fat such as saturated fat. One of it’s best benefit is omega-3 which is apart of the good fat needed for a healthy heart and other important benefits. This is a good food to have in your diet because it will allow you to stay learn even when you consume a lot of it. It’s have a lot of protein.










Yogurt(especially Greek)


Yogurt is fairly low in fat and is high in nutrients such as vitamin D,  protein, calcium. It makes for a good snack and the protein will make you feel full longer. You can cook with it, and it’s lighter in calories than sour cream and is a dairy product. Yogurt goes nicely with fruits, or you can sprinkle chopped nuts all over your yogurt.











Chicken or Turkey Breast


These are other terrific sources of protein. High in protein to give you that feeling of fullness that lasts a long time yet super low in fat and calories. Replace whole chicken with skinless chicken or turkey breast. Eating like that regularly will contribute to you becoming lean and limit your caloric intake significantly.