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Dance Workout is Fun and is a Good Aerobic Exercise Plan


Dance workout by it’s name alone tells you it is a good for getting your heart rate up and breaking a sweat. Dance fitness is a new trend that has caught on all around the world and online. Dancing is fun, good for your heart, a solid aerobic exercise plan, and will raise your happy hormones; your serotonin level will rise based on studies conducted on dancing, and it can be raised in a matter of minutes while dancing.


I have included a pretty good little dance video I took while on vacation with my family in Jamaica a few days ago which was a late night beach party dance off and tons of entertainment that night. I was not at the best angle to record the video, but hopefully you get the idea of dancing for exercise. The dancers in this video was doing a lot of hip hop dance movement infused with Jamaican dance moves. You may or may not be able to do some of these dance moves, but in no time at all you could be doing some of these dance movement or similar ones. Cardio dance workout has movements that can be used to get your ab exercises in. Your core will always be involved in such movements that will help to burn away fat around your belly area. The fun thing about workout is that it can be any type of workout out as long as it get your heart rate up which helps to speed up your metabolism and burns fat; for example, you can do workouts for a week such as:


Day 1 – biking 30 minutes


Day 2 – running 45 minutes


Day 3 – treadmill and resistance training 45 minutes


Day 4 – walking in the mall for 1 hour.


Day 5 – dancing and resistance training 45 minutes



Those are all examples of different exercises that will all help you to be healthy and give you the body, mind and soul you desire.  The key to staying in shape and looking good is making exercise a part of your daily routine. Remember, if you do anything regularly you will become quite good at it in little time. You aerobic exercise could be hip hop dance moves, playing with your kids, a leisurely walk, or working in your yard; gardening. Most of these exercises will have some affect on your stomach and give you some degree of ab exercises. Please feel free to share this video if you like it, and stop by for regular workout tips and plans.

Hidden Smoothie Recipe That will Keep You in Crop Top Shape

Bikini and crop top season is finally here, while the warm weather calls for a some ab showing outfit, you are actively looking the best ways to feel good about yourself and not be too exposed at the same time. Therefore we are going to get into shape and look and feel our best. Here are some tips form supermodel Adriana Lima who shares four insider tips to get into crop top shape, along with some secret smoothie recipes as a bonus.


You’ve Got to Work for it
“You might already know, there is no miracle anything for looking good. You must put in hours at the gym or some place similar to look good, there is no way around it,” Lima says. Half-hour running and riding around the park or in your own neighborhood, and she also some Crossfit classes (she just started that recently!) and frequent boxing lessons, to work for her, but she will tell you that  finding any activity that you and a friend might enjoy is good as long as it has you moving around and getting your heart rate is exercise.
You Must Hydrate, Hydrate & Hydrate
The hydration process for Lima is two-fold. One, your complexion: “Fill your stomach with water to have nice skin!” As a plus, it takes away your craving for unhealthy snacking which starts when you are thirsty. “I drive a lot and doing thing such as– heading to the gym, doing errands, and transporting my children—it is easy to hit up a drive-through or grab some chips or something sweet from the corner store,” she says. “I like to keep a cooler filled with water and sliced fresh fruit in my ride so when i’m low on energy or need a snack, I have a quick fix instead.”


Dress the Skin You are In
A dab of moisturizing body cream or special oil along your mid section and obliques is fast complement to any crop top. “Consuming plenty of water will make you glow, but while you wear clothes that shows off some skin, I like to use moisturizers or body lotions with shimmer to keep it silky smooth,” she says this is a classy sun-kissed formulas. Eat yourself to beauty.


Adriana Lima


Jump Start Your Morning Metabolism

Start with an early morning smoothie, fixed with fresh organic produce, is a great way to sky rocket your energy and jump start your metabolism as a pre–crop top routine. “This is my favorite wake up time smoothie that is a simple water based honey and avocado blend,” Lima says. “The days when I want something heavier, I do a milk and yogurt base to start my morning off the right way.” Here,  Adriana Lima shares her recipe of choice, below:


A cup of water
1/2 avocado
Honey to taste

Measurements are not set—blend to taste, adding more or less of each ingredient, as desired.


Add about a cup of cold water to the blender. Halve and pit a new avocado, then scoop out the middle of the avocado into the blender. Pulse until the mixture blends and grows creamy, then add a small amount of organic honey to fit your taste. For a creamier and richer base, use a cup of milk and a 1/2 cup of plain yogurt for water instead, blend it up well, enjoy, and get your burst of healthy energy early in the morning.

Cheap Aggressive Skates

 Ultimate Aggressive Skates


If you are an aggressive skater, you will enjoy our best in class scope of cheap aggressive skates. We did source the most recent outlines from a portion of the top brands to bring you cool skates that meet your perpetually evolving needs. This aggressive skates offer the bolster you need while giving you the adaptability you need. Many of the aggressive skates are intended for skaters by skaters so you can buy from us with complete significant serenity. Peruse our amazing skates online and add your picked pair to your internet shopping basket.


A many people these days take part in great exercises, for example, aggressive skating. Pretty much the most crucial contemplation is the sort of skating you wish to do. While you may not recognize what sort of skating you’ll appreciate the most, the most secure thing to do is with tough, quick, and comfortable aggressive skates. Consider that this sort of skates is different from the ones for lighter exercises. Sets of aggressive skate are made for beating and are typically more grounded in manufactured to shield the clients’ feet and lower legs.
Hockey, for instance, is certainly among the most well-known sports that utilization these skates. If you need to be a hockey player, you’ll need to have skates which are strong and adaptable. Different skates are implied for dashing rivalries. These sorts of skates have portability capacities to allow the client to move turns rapidly. More often than not, they moreover can perform even under high temperature.


You must discover that this types of sport may be physically difficult and may bring about wounds. To maintain a strategic distance from physical wounds from cheap aggressive skates, you ought to have skates that fit adequately. They moreover must be sufficiently strong to oppose different sorts of surfaces.


Heaps of people are intrigued by scooters. If you are planning to have a go at utilizing scooters for no particular reason or some different purposes, the choice of wheels can be profitable. You will discover many sorts of scooter wheels. Pretty much the most regular sorts is the razor wheel. This sort is prevalent among youths while many grown-ups likewise pick this choice. These wheels are typically open in different hues and styles. A few things have glittery impacts while other even have LED, which lights up when the wheels move. This element makes them be a decent choice when using your scooter around evening time time. Lots of people are likewise entranced by scooters. If you’re additionally proposing to have a go at utilizing scooters for the sake of entertainment or different purposes, the choice of wheels can be important. You will discover different sorts of scooter wheels. Pretty much the most run of the mill sorts is the razor wheel.


You might discover wheels with bearings. These help with enhancing the general performance of your scooter. Bearings are greased up joint that help limit rubbing on the wheels. This specific component lets the wheels to capacity capably especially on level surfaces.



Metal core wheels of cheap aggressive skates are intended for professional utilization. These wheels have a machine aluminum core secured by a shading urethane wheel. They likewise incorporate bearings for maximum performance. Gifted clients pick this sort on account of its speed. They are more solid contrasted with the standard plastic wheels.
You’ll discover scooter wheels and other comparative things on the web. Many online stores have practical experience in things for sporting exercises like those specified previously. You will discover electronic suppliers of things you’ll require, whether you’re into rollerblading or ice-skating. Browse a few roller blades and ice skates, with different expenses to fit your spending plan. Cheap aggressive skates can be fun to use whether you are in the sport or skating or not. Pick you up a pair today, I bet you will be glad you did.

Low Testosterone Fix

low testosterone

Get Rid of Low Testosterone


Men lifting your testosterone level up is critical if you want to live and enjoy life to the fullest in every way possible. Once a man leaves his 20’s his testosterone level will begin to drop off by about 1-2% a year pretty much forever, unless he does something about it. That is a sharp drop in anyone’s manhood. You can fix low testosterone the natural way with strength training and a proper dieting. You don’t have to take dangerous prescription drugs or illegal steroids to artificially boost your testosterone level. This hormone is a critical part of muscle building process; it regulates muscles growth and size. Without it you become soft and fat and have more female hormone estrogen in your body, which is not a manly feeling. Low testosterone symtoms for a man are things such as being fatty, having low energy, feeling tires, and not in the mood are signs a man does not want to have.


In order for you to be lean and muscular your testosterone level has to be higher. How to increase testosterone is a question a lot of men have on their mind, which makes sense since aging will low a man’s ability to increase this hormone. You get high testosterone level by performing certain workouts and eating certain foods that will elevate your testosterone level and get rid of low testosterone symtoms. Testosterone elevation the natural way comes primarily from exercise period. The types of exercises that you’re going to want to do are going to be compound exercises or multi muscle exercises. Some of the best exercises for building your testosterone level would be squats, deadlift, heavy shoulder presses, any kind of compound exercises that are going to work multiple muscles in one movement. Clean and jerk is also another good exercise for increasing your strength and therefore increasing your testosterone level for up to 48 hours after you’ve done your workout. High testosterone level will reduce your overall body fat percentage especially around your stomach. Testosterone lower belly fat and increases lean muscles, stamina, strength, opposite sex appeal and boosts your self confidence point blank. Check out some of my videos on that covers some of the exercises I have mentioned above such as deadlift, squats, shoulder presses, bench press, clean and jerk. If you have not been doing these types of exercises, do them and tell me if you don’t definitely feel a complete difference in your body.


As you may already know testosterone is the male sex hormone that is usually at a much higher level while men are younger and lessons as a male ages.  Beyond a man’s youthful years, which is around late 20’s to 30 yrs old is when the drop in his testosterone begins. This hormone controls a lot in a man’s body and lowering it is not a good thing. Testosterone controls muscle weight gain, strength, sexual desire, energy level, aggressiveness and the list goes on and on. Women also have testosterone, but at a much lower level than men do. As a man starts to lose testosterone by aging, he will naturally begin to increase his level of female hormones which will make him more ladylike in some respects. Fat accumulation without a healthy testosterone level in a man’s bloodstream will make him become softer and fatter, including belly fat. Having high levels of testosterone will reverse that effect and make a man leaner, stronger, energized, and have less fatty all over including the core region where fat piles up quickly and keeps increasing.


weight training

Besides doing physical compound exercises that work several muscles at a time, there is dieting that will also help to increase your testosterone level. Higher testosterone leads to a leaner body. The particular diet I’m referring to are foods that are high in healthy fats(Omega 3) such as olive oil, whole eggs and yes whole eggs, avocados, salmon especially the wild caught ones, cod fish, almonds, pecan, walnut, kidney beans, winter squash, cloves, flaxseeds, navy beans, sardines, halibut, leafy greens are some of the best. There are more foods high in fatty acids, but these are some of the best foods to include in your diet along with compound resistance training to shoot your testosterone way up naturally and become the man you once was and surpass it. Your whole mental and physical situation will change, you will feel more like a man’s man or woman; strong, lean, fit, and confident.

Maintaining Weight Loss

Losing Weight Is The Easy Part


So you have completed your dieting, and your weight loss plan has worked out. Wow! You are now able to fit into smaller size clothing with ease. Now you have elevated to the next level of weight loss; which is maintaining your weight loss you have worked so hard for. This is one of the hardest things to do when you diet and lose weight, you now have to maintain it. There are some things you need to do to be successful at maintaining your weight loss goal now achieved. I will cover some tips for Maintaining Weight Loss. 


Maintaining your weight means not going back to your same old habits that got you overweight in the first place. Your body tends to want to go back to the path of least resistance where it is overweight and feels most comfortable. However, you have to break the cycle of being overweight and comfortable where you start to accumulate fat all over your body once again. Continue to do the things that requires you to not settle for being obese. Drink water instead of soda, take the stairs instead of the elevator when possible, eat fruits instead of sugary, fatty, sodium packed snacks, do some sort of workout at least 3 times a week to get your heart rate up, choose to eat more raw leafy vegetables and not processed foods, avoid eating out too much or altogether due to the fact that you basically have no control over the ingredients that are going into your food as opposed to when you fix your meals at home you have all the control, avoid consuming too much alcohol which has a negative affect on the body; and the list goes on and on. Think about the long term affect eating unhealthy and not exercising has on your body. It has a compounding affect that will come back and bite you in your middle age or later years of your life. Avoid regrets and start living life the healthy way especially once you have cleared your early years of life and are starting to age more. Your metabolism will practically come to a stop the older you get, and fat accumulation will begin to be a normal thing unless you decide to do something about it as I have outlined in this and other articles


women exercisingChoosing the hard way to do things can eventually become the easy way. On average it takes 3 weeks to form an habit. So if you start eating healthy, living well, exercising and doing most of the things associated with a healthy lifestyle you will develop a habit in about 3 weeks of due to the repetitive practice. After a fairly short amount of time living healthy will start feeling completely normal to you. Remember a few tips that will help you a lot. Drink water instead of soda or sugary drinks always, and exercise instead of laying around on the couch when you get a chance. Make it a habit to strengthen your heart and your muscles at least 3 times a week, even as little as exercising in 15 or 20 minutes at a time has it’s benefits. Choose to live a healthy lifestyle and before you know it you will be looking the way you want to look with low body fat and high energy; and this can be a long term success if you do what is needed to achieve this long term and maintain it. Weight loss does not have to be a fad or short lived lifestyle you dabble in, it can be for all your life. Your result is all up to your to determine your success in living healthy and being trim, assuming you have no major medical problem this prevents this from happening. Sometimes it takes a little more effort to do the right thing, but once you begin to do the right thing it becomes a lifestyle if you want it bad enough.