Learning To Have A Positive Attitude


I just returned from a trip to Arizona, and on the way out there I bought a book by Joel Osteen titled It’s Your Time. It is a book about finding God’s favor in your life. In the book he tells how having negative thoughts can become so real to you that if you believe you will fail and dwell on it that is just what will happen to you. If you believe you are a failure you have already failed before you ever start whatever it may be. It could be your job, your bank account, your health, or any number of things.


Today I will talk about my own struggle with weight, and how this book has given me new hope to achieve my goal of losing weight and keeping it off. I bet you that at some point in time I have tried about every diet you can think of. I have been gun hoe to start with buying all the books and reading them. Then I would go to the store and buy all the right foods for the diet and throw all the bad foods I had around away. I always started out good with determination to stick with the diet plan and lose the extra 10 pounds I seem to struggle with. Well needless to say the negative thoughts always find their way in my head, and I would use every excuse you can think of to end the diet.


I know my body and was a heavy weight lifter for 10 years working with a trainer on specific body parts that I had plateaued on. I even went on to train many of my friends to work out the way some of my trainers had taught me. I weighted 205 with almost no body fat, I had definition and muscle tone you can’t imagine. At 35 years old I looked and felt better that when I was young, and was in better shape than most 25 yr old.


My trainer got married and moved away. When this happened I started finding reasons not to go workout and the weight hardness and tone started to decrease and replaced by a softer body. I admit that I often let negative thoughts interfere with my life, and after losing the motivation and desire to workout at times. I can come up with every excuse in the book why I can’t go on a diet right or go exercise. After reading the book by Joel Osteen I planned to change my thinking. I am going to the gym and I am going to stick with a diet, and I will not let the negative thoughts defeat me again because I have God’s favor and he wants me to achieve amazing things in my life. In order to do them I need to be healthy and being over weight and soft all over will destroy my health if I don’t take control of it. This rule applies to all of us not just me.


What ever you are struggling with in your life you have to learn to think positive thoughts, and let go of the negative. I challenge all my readers to start over. Turn back time and change your thought process because if you declare victory your life will turn around and good things will come your way; I’m a true believer in that. Think about this, walking 10 miles begins with the 1st step.

The Best Way to Lose Weight!

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Many are in a hurry to lose weight fast, but losing weight fast is unhealthy, and also, it is hard to maintain for the long term. A healthy and effective way to lose weight, would be to slowly but surely shed your pounds, at the rate of 1 pound per day or even a little slower, just so your body can adjust its metabolism properly. Or in other words, by dieting in this manner you will burn off fat instead of just losing water, or even worse, muscle. So you would want great guides on how its done correct. Because it would save you a lot of time, if you would want to see great results at a vary fast rate. Losing weight fast is not necessarily the best way to maintain long term weight lost. You can lose weight fast but you must be able to keep up your weight loss and not revert back to starting over again, that is the key to losing weight fast.


The best chance for you to lose weight fast, safe, easy and effectively would be for you to pick a great weight loss program, because a weight loss program that fits your requirements will help you stay organized as well as on track. It’ll also document your success. Consider key elements like your gender, age, overall health, and any thing that you choose and feel are important when looking for a plan.


Choose a plan you really can afford, one that will work with the foods from the local community. And also, I highly would advise you to receive great exercise routine guides, like what you can receive from a great weight loss program. Just because there won’t be any guess work involve when it comes down on you losing your weight correctly, plus it would help you lose your weight fast and easy. And you would be on track with your weight lost plans and goals.



Time, you have to make sure you allow enough time in order to get the work out in that your body needs in order to increase your metabolism and burn fat on overdrive. You can’t work out if you don’t have the time to work out and therefore you will be losing out on the opportunity to lose more weight as a part of your weight loss plan. Dieting alone can only take you so far, you have to workout in order to get to the next level.


Not because you have to allow yourself time to work out does it necessarily mean you have to spend hours upon hours at the gym or wherever you work out. You can do a 20 minute workout which is just as effective as 1 to 2 hour workout. The main thing is keeping your body moving and burning for as much of the overall time as you can while you are in the gym; that will give you real results and at a faster rate. You can end up spending too much time in the gym if you are not moving constantly, taking too many breaks or just talking to other gym goers. As long as you are working out and can afford to keep your energy level up you can keep going. Therefore the sooner you work out, the sooner you can get out of the gym and get on with the rest of your day.

The Wonder of High Protein Low Carb Diet Plans


Having a good eating habit is compulsory if you want to shed that few extra pounds on your tummy. Once you do lose the weight, it’s important to not go back to eating carelessly. So many people have lost weight only to gain more than what they have initially lost, because they lacked the discipline to do their diet consistently. This consistency and choosing the right diet for you is the key to achieve that perfect figure.


One method that has been gaining popularity is to follow a high protein low carb diet plan. The high protein low carb diet plan encourages you to consume carbohydrates, albeit on a limited amount. The fact of the matter is, your body needs carbohydrates for its source of energy. By limiting the carbs, your body will be pushed to get its energy from your fat store instead, thus removing those flabs in the process.


It’d be even better if you combine the diet with regular exercises. That way it will shed the pounds even quicker. High protein low carb diet meal plans are not as strict as other. You are allowed to have brown rice or whole wheat bread, but moderation is key. Generally, it’s good to have your carbs in the morning and afternoon. From that point on, it’s better to limit the intake or stop them completely. For a replacement, you can increase your protein intake instead.


Proteins are a good source to build your muscle mass, which is very handy when it comes to calories burning during the night time. Here’s a recommended breakfast menu for your high protein low carb diet plan. You can start the day by having whole wheat waffles accompanied by your choice of turkey meats. Add some cheese for protein and a non-fat milk to complete it. The portion is up to you, as you know your body more. A tip would be to drink lots of water. That way it will speed up the metabolism system of your body. The recommended lunch menu for your high protein low carb diet plan is not that different from the breakfast. Have a whole wheat bread with your pick of meat, cheese and a glass of milk. Fruits are an option, though maybe not too much, as they are very rich in sugar. Since you have carbs for both breakfast and lunch, dinner should be carbs free. Vegetables and a piece of meat of your choice would suffice.


The eating example above is a  good guide of how to eat on this high protein low carb diet. Eliminating the carbs after lunch is a sure way to burn into your fat reserves and start seeing a much leaner body. You will transform your body into a fat burning and not a fat storing physique.

Great Info on Weight Loss Programs!

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I am going to try and highlight a few points of what an excellent weight loss program should be about, and what you should notice or look for within a program before joining. Programs that completely stops you from eating your favorite foods some days out of the week, you would want to avoid them completely. Because you would need good guides on how to balance your meal, and you would also need to perform creative work on how to exercise the right way, without extreme stress on the body so that you can keep up with your weight loss program. The key here is learning to balance everything and being consistent with your weight loss program.


What i am saying here is, that you would want to avoid any weight lost program that offers extreme guides that feels too difficult and is to hard to maintain. There are many excellent weight loss programs online, that gives great weight lost information, and guides that are easy enough to maintain and keep up with. But, there are even more programs online that are not so effective, and does not give good information. There are also enough weight loss programs that are not worth getting involve with. Some guides are just to difficult to maintain long term and therefore have a higher failure rate.


Again there are many great weight lost programs that are available, especially online ones; so you would have to know exactly what to look for within a system, that way you can ensure that it is a great program and worth getting involve with. A good program should encourage healthy behaviors, that would help you to lose weight fast, safe, effective, and also the guides would be easy enough for you to maintain. Again, you should be able to stick with your weight lost guides for a life time. 


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Most people don’t wanna lose weight temporarily they are looking to lose weight for a lifetime. Commit to a lifetime of healthy living that sets attainable weight loss goals is always the best way to go. The best program for you might be one that starts out slowly and has a step by step plan that takes longer, but will give the best results over time and is a lot more sustainable. Think about that the next time you decide to jump on a weight loss program, whether is an Atkins diet, a no carb diet, an all protein diet or an all shake diet. Do what is most sustainable and most comfortable for you, that usually bring the best long term results. 

How to Lose Weight With a Diet Rich in Saturated Fats

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For those who are looking how to lose weight with a diet plan, it is usual these days to find information advising to consume less saturated fatty acids and to replace them with monounsaturated and polyunsaturated ones. A relation has been established between saturated fatty acid intake and elevated risk of cardiovascular disease.


Numerous studies have demonstrated that increased saturated fat intake leads to unhealthy blood lipid concentrations and inflammation. However, recent investigations seem to point that not all types of saturated fatty acids are similar, and that other characteristics of a food might increase or diminish the effect of saturated fats on health. One factor to consider is gender. Men may be at a higher risk than women. Another one is the source of the saturated fat, saturated fat-rich palm oil and animal fats such as lard or butter may have different effects.


Healthy diets may include saturated fats In its December 2014 issue, the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition published the results of 3 independent studies on the effects of the intake of palm oil from various sources, olive oil, sunflower oil, and lard on blood lipids and inflammatory markers. One study found no significant effects of palm oil consumption on blood lipids and markers of inflammation, the second one suggested that both palm oil and lard increased total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol (“bad” cholesterol), while in the latter study palm oil produced lower plasma triglycerides than did olive oil; there were no effects of any of the treatments on inflammation.


Data from the third study provided convincing evidence that the position of palmitic acid on the triglyceride molecule can influence how the body responds to this fat. Surprisingly, lard and modified palm oil lowered blood lipids, whereas natural palm oil had the opposite effect. Another interesting result was that increases in blood lipids after meals were lower in women than in men. These contradictory findings illustrate that not all saturated fats negatively affect health in all people. They also reconfirm that men and women may respond differently and that important biological and chemical interactions determine the actual effects of fats on health. Your diet meal plans wouldn’t mine a little cheese.


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Cheese is another food with particularly high content of saturated fatty acids. In the same line of evidence several studies have suggested that cheese consumption may actually decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease. Researchers at the University of Copenhagen compared the effects of either full-fat cheese or butter intake as dietary supplements on circulating cholesterol concentrations. Consumption of a high dairy diet, cheese? cheese diet resulted in lower total, LDL, and HDL cholesterol (“good” cholesterol) concentrations than did consumption of a high-butter diet.


Cheese consumption did not result in any adverse blood lipid concentrations. It is evident that the current knowledge about the effects of high-fat diets on human health needs a thorough revision. In the meantime, if you are making efforts to lose weight and love a little fat in your habitual diet plan, you may feel a little safer eating those delicious treats. But in any case, keep watching the size! Ladies especially; a moment of deliciousness on the lips can be a lifetime on the hips.

Every Other Day Diet Review – How Much Weight Can You Lose


The Every Other Day Diet by fitness and nutrition expert J. Benson has become a widely popular online program. Not only does it have many positive testimonials from men and women who’ve used it before, but many experts also state how powerful it can be. The concept of the EODD program (Every Other Day Diet) is simple: on every other day you can eat what you want, even if these are fattening foods, as long as you do it in moderation and per the program’s guidelines.


Naturally, you can’t stuff yourself silly, but you can still enjoy your favorite foods and still lose weight. On the rest of the days, you do need to be more strict with yourself, eat high protein foods and follow the eating guidelines which J. Benson lays out. Naturally, what you care about most of all are the results you can get with this program. Sure, it may be one of the easiest plans to use and stick to, but if it doesn’t get you results than it’s pretty much useless. So, how much can you lose with the EODD diet? Every Other Day Diet reviews paint a wide range of possibilities. There is no doubt that some people do succeed with this program and are happy with the results they got. However, you must never assume that what one person achieved is going to be what you will achieve. Even if someone lost 35 pounds with EODD, there’s no saying that you will do the same. Your weight loss depends on more than just a single diet program.


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There are many other factors that come into play like your age, health, gender, genetics and so on. You can probably lose weight in nearly all combinations of these factors, but the rate will be different. What’s even more important is how much you have to lose in total. Let’s say you’re only 20 pounds over weight, losing those 20 pounds will take you longer than for someone who is 100 pounds over to drop 20, simply because that person has more to lose. This is why I am always hesitant to state testimonials with specific results in them, they may not be as accurate as you believe. That being said, the Every Other Day Diet can help you lose weight. I firmly believe in that. However, just because it seems easy doesn’t mean that you don’t have to put in some effort.


Make sure to follow the program if you decide to use it, stick to the guidelines, and do the workouts. In addition, let the results come gradually. Don’t expect them to be instant. A gradual progression of weight loss will be both more meaningful to you and longer lasting. Losing weight a lifestyle choice. I wish you the best of luck. 

Is Excessive Weight Only an Appearance Problem?

For most people aiming to lose weight through varied methods, the origin is a nagging feeling of low self-esteem. Not being able to fit into old clothes, disliking your appearance in a bikini or feeling uncomfortable about your appearance when hanging out with a group of people are a few of the many problems that trigger the dream of being slim and looking attractive again and thus the desperate efforts to shedding off extra pounds.


Is appearance, however, the only reason you should want to lose weight? Should weight loss be the least of your worries if you are overweight but satisfied with your appearance? On the basis of logical and scientific grounds, the answer to both the questions is a big NO! Whether your obesity is due to unhealthy eating habits, physical inactivity, alcohol consumption or due to other reasons, you now need to get going to work against it. This is because unfortunate as it is for many, being overweight is no longer a matter of looking unattractive only.


Latest research by health experts has revealed a number of dangerous health conditions that can result from being obese. One of the most shocking revelations is the fact that 9 out of 10 Americans are at risk of developing a cardiovascular disease! The most common conditions are that of high blood pressure and cholesterol, which in turn cause problems like breathlessness and sleeping discomfort. It is notable how even at this rather mild level of adverse effects of obesity, it already starts interfering with your routine and daily life, making daily tasks difficult to manage. You will find yourself less able to multitask and to fulfill the demands of your job, being more prone to tiredness and fatigue. It does not, however, end here.


Varying from individual to individual, being overweight has been found to be a potential cause of several other medical problems like diabetes, gallbladder disease, sleeping disorders and lower back pain. Some of these may last permanently or for several years before you can return to your normal, healthy self. In addition, as you start aging, you will find yourself more prone than fit individuals to common diseases and medical conditions. You fitness level will drain faster, thus making your life rather dull and problematic sooner than usual.


All in all, being overweight is in no way limited to psychological problems like low self-esteem and low levels of confidence during social interactions. It is pretty much physical, that too to a very dangerous extent. You must, therefore, cut down on extra pounds you have acquired. The perfect way to achieve the latter is to adopt an ideal combination of adequate physical activity and a perfect diet plan, so as to be able to lead not only a healthier but a happier, fresher life! 

Get a Flat Stomach by Enjoying What You Eat

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I want to give you two tips to get a flat stomach. Enjoy what you eat. You should like the sound of this one. Yes. But this will strike you funny. Stop eating while watching any type  of media. Turn off the TV and computer during meals and just concentrate on your food. Enjoy it and stop eating when you think you are full.


Don’t wait till your belly is shouting that you are full. Stop before it gets full like that. A The reason to turn off the TV or computer is because studies prove that you will just eat more when you are distracted by media. This is because it takes your attention away and you’ll eat past being full. This means your body will store fat. So when you start to enjoy your food and eat when you’re hungry, you can stop the build up of belly fat.So enjoy what you eat. Take a bite and set the fork down. Think about that bite of food.


Eat what you enjoy eating. But eat when you are hungry and every time you’re hungry. But enjoy your food and stop eating right when you begin to get full. This is one of the first steps to get a flat stomach. Exercise every day if possible. There are so many benefits to exercise it’s not even funny. But the important thing is to do it consistently. You can ride a bicycle, exercise bike, take walks, run, swim or hike. Choose an exercise that you will enjoy and do it regularly. Use motivating music if it helps. I like to take brisk walks with my iPod. If you do this in combination with the other tips you should be able to get a flat stomach before too long. When you start exercising it will take some getting use to, but before you know it you would have grown use to it really enjoy it. 

How to Get a Flat Stomach – Eat More Often and Enjoy Your Food

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Sure you want to do things like eat less processed food and stop drinking soda on your quest of how to get a flat stomach. But there are some things that are more important right now if you want to know how to get a flat stomach.


A.  Start losing that stubborn belly fat today by eating more of what you enjoy consuming and enjoying it more. To do this you should start thinking less about the process of eating. And more about the actual food when you are eating it. Turn off the TV so you don’t get distracted.


B.  When the TV is on you are more likely to eat past being full. That means you will eat too much and add even more fat on top of that stubborn belly. Not good. If you want to get a flat stomach, start eating slower and enjoying it more. Don’t have time? Oh yes you do. You must. This will change your life.


C. Get a flat stomach little by little by changing your habits. Think about your food. Enjoy it more. Think about the smell and taste of that breakfast or dinner that you are eating. Another important thing for losing belly fat is to eat more often throughout the day. Eat more meals, but make them smaller and enjoy each one. You don’t want to eat more meals full of processes food filled with tons of calories. If you eat when you start to get hungry before you are starving you will eat more often. This will speed up your metabolism and you will stop storing fat.A  If you can combine some exercise into this you will be able to get a flat stomach. But enjoying what you eat will help you eat less and over time you will get the body you want. Click here for more tips: 

Toning Exercises for Women Are an Absolute Essential Today!

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In general, what do you think the most searched topic is? It is about your health whether that be to learn how to distress or think positive but importantly being healthy. Being healthy is in itself a very broad subject. Healthy can involve supplements, eating right and exercising. Exercising for many is a must and for those who work out knows the truth about abs, that they are the core to the body. Every part of the body is important whether you can see it in the mirror or not; toning exercises for women is essential. 


The abs are located at the center of the body; they help the top as well as the middle of the body move or not move. What is it about the abdominals? Why is there such a fuss about what it looks like? Is having a six pack really a necessity or are they strictly superficial? For many that have great looking abdominals know the truth about abs. They know that they are a very important muscle group and also a sign of physical strength and physical health. No offense, but does someone who is slight overweight have healthy abdominal muscles? Probably not although they do use this muscle group when they stand, sit or to roll over.


We all have great looking abdominals; we need these muscles in order to perform certain movements. The bodies that do work out will show the abs much more prominently than those who don’t. Yes, you need to work out your arms and legs but the abs is a must. If you are ready to start getting your average looking body into a healthier form then it’s time for the truth about abs. Both men and women need to have the knowledge. You need the know how to properly and safely work the abdominals into that six pack formation that is desired.


weight tipsUsing a program that can be uniquely designed for you will allow you to eat healthier, creates the perfect workout, and provides a great motivation program. Tired of trying another diet that’s probably going to fail anyway or drinking another weight loss drink? Truth about abs is what you need now for your current life and the rest of your life. Learning about foods that will burn the fat so you can see your abs is a necessity; you’ll also learn about the 3 foods that you want to stay away from and the 32 foods you want to keep around all of the time.


Discover exercises that will work where you need it without really working the abs. Get positive mind changing secrets to help you stay motivated and reach your goal. Knowing the truth about abs provides you the opportunity to learn about how processed foods can negatively impact your health and what alternatives will be beneficial without counting calories. You will learn the right cardio and strength training necessary to obtain those sought after abs. You can do your workout at the gym or in the privacy of your own home. There are many toning exercises for women and this includes the entire body.