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Dieters, Merry Christmas Once Again!


You’ve made it to another year’s end, yeah it’s Christmas! Merry Christmas to all. As the Christmas season draws to an end most folks resolution is to attempt to start out the new year on a diet to lose weight, sadly most of us will fall off our goal and be back in our old habits before January is even over with; Folks it’s a 80% failure rate when it comes to sticking with a new year’s weight loss plan of dieting and exercising for the new year. Don’t be one of the statistic when you have a choice not to be! You can do it, 90% of success is willpower.


A new year can bring a new you if you are mentally determined, plus think how good you will look and feel in the end. You just have to find a way to stay interested and motivated when it comes to getting in the best shape of your life. Don’t think of being healthy as just something you want to attempt to do or just because it will make you look good and feel better for a little while. No, think of it as a lifestyle that you can’t live without because it is the only way to live. With that mindset you will succeed. So if you smoke cigarettes, drink, do drugs and party way too much you will have to make a change for the better; those are going to be things that will definitely cause you to fail at becoming healthy and constantly being in shape. I’m not saying you can’t go out and have a drink and enjoy yourself occasionally, but it certainly can’t be a way of life for you and yet you expect to be in great shape physically. That won’t work buddy!


In my years of working out I’ve personally seen very few individuals who can put on such a show constantly engaging in an unhealthy lifestyle, and yet they are still really successful in the gym. Most of those kind of individuals will work out at the gym or wherever for a while and then they kind of just fade away from the gym and working out scene after a while; the 2 behaviors just don’t mix well together long term. Again, not many folk hitting the rec center can be heavily into unhealthy lifestyle and stay in the best shape of their life, and if you are one of those people that can pull this off it won’t be a long term thing for you. Something has got to give, either you are going to be in great shape and party little, or you are just going to party a whole lot and be in usually fairly to poor physical shape regardless of the outward appearance. You might be skinny or lean for the moment, but that does not necessarily mean that you are in good shape, or the best shape of your life.Think about it, you have to get in the right frame of mind to get in shape and get healthy. We will cover getting in the right mindset for weight loss.


It is true that some of us, when we want to lose weight, we often spend too much time thinking about how to lose weight and what we can and can’t eat, which, is of course, thinking about eating; and if we are thinking about it constantly then we end up eating. There is no doubt that if all we do is think about food, we will gain weight rapidly and enter that terrible cycle of comfort and end another diet badly once again. The biggest problem we have is that when we think about food we think about those types of food which brings us most comfort, burgers, pizza’s ice cream not many of which we would consider in a diet for quick weight loss.


We need to change the way we think, the best weight loss diet will not be just about food it will be about a healthy lifestyle. Very few will tell us what to think, which of course is correct, but we do have to understand what we should not be thinking about. Is food the enemy or is it thinking or perhaps it is time; we eat when we are bored, we eat when we need comfort, and we eat when we are hungry. What we need to do is ensure that we do not need comfort and we do not get bored, there is no such thing as easy weight loss if it was so easy we would not need to do it. We must ensure that we think about what we are going to do when on the diet; perhaps we can get a hobby, or read those books we have never had time to do. It’s important to find activities that focuses on living a healthy lifestyle and it will all tie into weight loss and being your best physical self. You might be interested in activities which promotes family, which may lead to a community magazine which promotes things to do to become more active in your community, which may promote groups of individuals in the community that engage in various activities that will promote healthy living and getting involved in different types of programs in your neighborhood. The possibilities are practically endless. Getting more involved in your community will have you getting involved in more activities which can improve your health and happiness; things such as charity work, helping the old or indigent people in your community, among other things your can do that can get you in better physical shape and help others locally too.


We must occupy our time positively and productively. We should try and not be left thinking about our diet and weight loss, which means thinking about food, if we keep occupied we may also burn more calories. Another good tip is to have lots of healthy snack available, lots of fresh fruifruitt all low calories goodies for us to eat when we get that craving for something to snack on. All healthy snacking which will help with any diet plan. Fresh pop corn has very little calories and is good to just give us that feeling of eating and allow us to snack without adding weight nor tons of empty calories. It may be the case that we cannot truly think ourselves thin, but if we think about what we are doing then we can plan our diets for a quicker weight loss process. You can eat many times a day, in fact that is recommended by nutritional experts, you just have to eat healthy meals and snack that are low on calories and high on nutritional value.



You should have a plan in mind for your diet. A diet that works for your best friend may not necessarily work for you the same way. No two person have the exact same body type or metabolism, you might have a similar body type or metabolism but it’s not identical. So you have to figure out what works best for you. What would be your choice of food from a list of a hundred + different types of healthy meals or snack. Figure what you eat most often or what you like to eat best. The food that you like that are considered healthy make a list of those food, and the food that you like or eat often that are not considered healthy either get rid of them, or find a healthy substitute for them. Get a large list of food that are healthy and figure out a way to plan your meals from them. Make sure your eat a balance diet including plenty of fresh fruits and vegetable, diary and healthy lean protein, low fat carbs and healthy fat. The average serving size of food should fit in the palm of your hand, and you might not think that is much to eat, but eating 5-7 meals and snack daily will really hit the spot and keep you from being hungry. Plan what you will eat and how you will exercise and then do it.



See below, this is a good piece of Ab exercise equipment to have to tone your Ab muscles, check it out:

Try not to spend all your time planning about how you are going to lose weight and get in shape, and then do nothing for a while, if ever. You have to start doing what it takes in order to get into shape and lose weight at some point, and why not now? What is stopping you but you.  Action is required once you’ve thought it over and feel like you are ready to make that move. The sooner you start, the sooner you will start seeing results and feeling better. Let nothing stop you on your way to living life to the fullest when it comes to your health. It’s Christmas! There is no better time to start than now. See you in the gym, in your back yard, your home gym or in the park. Just start! Check out these exercises to get started or to continue exercising if you are already experienced, here.

Pregnancy Diet Plan – Maintaining Good Levels Of Nutrition


It is a common myth amongst pregnant women that when you are eating for two you should be eating twice as much on your pregnancy diet. It is not the quantity of food that you should be concerned with, but the nutritional value that the food you are eating actually offers you and your developing baby. Paying particular attention to this fact will ensure that your baby is born healthy and that your pregnancy will be as stress free as possible.


Here are a few ideas of things to bear in mind on your pregnancy diet. You will need to ensure that you are getting enough protein in your diet as it is essential for the development of your baby’s brain. Eating plenty of poultry and dairy products should ensure that you will have all the protein you need. Iron is also very important to you during your pregnancy as this will help your red blood cell count. As your baby grows your bodies resources will be being used by the baby too. This includes your blood so healthy blood is extremely important. Ensure that your diet includes a good balance from all food groups. Leafy green vegetables are also another good source of iron.  Regarding protein you will not be able to survive on just chicken as you will need a good balance of vitamins and minerals to ensure your pregnancy is a healthy one for both you and the developing baby. Eating plenty of vegetables and fruits is going to be a really good habit to get into if you are not already. All the natural nutrients found in the various juices and other vegetable products are essential. The best thing about fruits and vegetables is that you can keep pieces of fruit with you at all times, or you could easily prepare snacks from fruit and vegetables for whenever you feel a little hungry. If you feel that keeping to a healthy diet may be difficult for your busy lifestyle you may wish to take vitamin supplements specifically aimed at pregnant women. These will contain all the essential vitamins and minerals that your body will need during your pregnancy. If you are in any doubt as to what you should be taking consult your doctor.


Although it is important to ensure you are eating regularly during your pregnancy and maybe eating a little more, eating double the amount is not needed on your pregnancy diet. The important factor you need to consider is that you are making the effort to eat healthy foods and ensuring you get the correct balance of vitamins and minerals into your diet. Following this simple advice will help give your baby the best start in life.

Vegetarian Diet Plans – Which One Is Best For You?

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If you are considering a vegetarian diet plan, you should know that there are several different vegetarian diet plans available. You want to be able to get all of your nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to meet your daily nutritional needs. There are several different kinds of diets for vegetarians including lacto-ovo, lacto, vegans, and ovo vegetarians.


All vegetarians enjoy a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, but there are subtle differences in what foods are restricted. Lacto-ovo vegetarians consume dairy products and eggs, but they do not eat any animal products including meat, fish, or poultry. Lacto vegetarians eat dairy products, and no eggs or animal products. Ovo vegetarians eat eggs, and no dairy products. Vegans are stricter vegetarians in that they do not consume any kind of animal products including honey and gelatin, eggs or dairy products. There are also more flexible semi-vegetarians that do occasionally eat fish, poultry, dairy, eggs and meat in either small quantities.


You have to prepare for a healthy vegetarian diet plan keeping your nutritional needs in mind. There is a vegetarian food pyramid that emphasizes the following each day: six servings of grains, five servings of beans, nuts, or other foods rich in protein, four servings of vegetables, two servings of fruit, and two servings of fat. The best way to enjoy the benefits of this kind of diet is to eat a variety of fresh foods ensuring that you get all of the nutrients your body requires.


With any of the vegetarian diet plans, it is not wise to seek out a restrictive diet plan. Look for foods that supplement any nutrients that might be missing from a diet. The vegan diet plan may miss out on vitamin B-12, calcium, iodine, and iron among other nutrients. You can purchase supplevegan dietments in the bottle, or make sure that you include vegan foods with these vitamins and minerals. Vitamin B-12 is good for producing red blood cells and preventing anemia in the body. Because B-12 is most often found in animal products, it can be a challenge for a vegan to find foods that include the vitamin.


Try vitamin supplements, and look for soy products and cereals that are rich in vitamin B-12. Calcium helps the body to build a strong bone structure and protects your teeth. Dairy products are excellent sources of calcium, and if you are a vegetarian who doesn’t consume dairy, you will need to find suitable substitutions. Consider a variety of dark green vegetables like kale, broccoli, or greens. You may also discover some calcium rich fruit juices, cereals, and soy products. Iodine helps to regulate the thyroid gland, your brain, heart, and kidneys to function properly. For good vegetarian sources of iodine, look for foods like soybeans, broccoli, cauliflower, kale and sweet potatoes. Also try iodized salt in your meals.


Iron is an important part of proper red blood cell function. Look for dried beans, peas, cereals, whole grains, and dried fruits for good sources of iron. Before considering a vegetarian diet plan, do the research to ensure that you are able to identify the kinds of nutrients you will need. The internet, library, and bookstores all have excellent resources on the kinds of diet that might be best for you.
protein powder

Including protein drinks in your vegetarian diet plan is also a good idea to make sure you are consuming enough protein daily. Since you won’t be indulging in meat much or any at all, protein drinks can make a big difference in being able to consume enough protein. There are tons of protein powder sold that are there for the taking. You can choose between whey base protein, soy based, or even vegan protein drinks. Check the protein content and make sure to check the sugar content in your protein drink so it is not over-the-top. Some protein makers include way too much sugar in their protein powder that only a child could really enjoy. There are many different flavors to choose from and a lot of variety when it comes to protein powder which can easily be mixed with fruit juice, water or milk based on your personal taste. Not all protein powders are created equal or with the same amount of protein regardless of the size of the container. For example, a 6 lb container of protein from 2 different protein makers can be very different in the nutritional value given and the amount of protein given, one can require 6 scoops to amount to say 50 grams of protein while the other might only require 2 scoops for the same 50 grams of protein. So therefore you would go through the container that requires 6 scoops per serving faster, it would finish 3 times faster than the container that only requires 2 scoops for the same 6 lb container. It is all in the nutritional value, serving per container, etc. Read the label to get the biggest bang for your buck.



The reason why I cover protein powder is because protein is such an important part of your diet, even if you choose to be a vegetarian. Protein will play a key role in your weight loss and dieting plan period. Protein will make you feel fuller for a lot longer time than other food will, it will increase your lean muscle percentage in your overall body which lead to you having more energy and strength which is what everyone needs these days, your bones will benefit greatly by increasing in volume and strength for when you are in your older years of life, protein is really solid food with no fluff so when you consume it you don’t get the need for eating junk snack food much at all, it will speed up your metabolism and cause you to burn a lot more calories, it will cause you to lose weight faster, protein will not damage your organs like fat can, it will cause you to be in better physical shape as you age, it will speed up injuries and sore muscles faster than any other food group will, and the list goes on and on.



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The main point here is to let you know that being a vegetarian can be just fine, it’s not an issue, just remember that you can still consume protein just not from animals. Instead there are tons of plant-based protein that can be consumed that can be just as effective as animal protein. So the choice is yours you can lose weight and firm up by being a vegetarian and being on a vegetarian diet plan, or by being a carnivore, either way is fine it’s more of a personal choice. You can lose unwanted and unhealthy body fat regardless of the way you choose to lose it, and get your upcoming vacation body on.

Couples Diet – 5 Reasons Why You Should Start Now

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Starting a couples diet is an effective way for two people to lose weight together. Think about it, why would you want to go on separate diet plans if you can just prepare a menu for two. If you and your partner are both overweight, it might be time for both of you to try a diet for couples. There would be a lot of benefits in doing so. It will be convenient to do it at the same time so you don’t have to buy different sets of groceries or cook different meals for each one of you. You can certainly keep each other motivated. That way you don’t go on a diet and while seeing your partner indulging in food that will tempt you to stray off your diet. You being on a diet together can definitely make dieting a little bit easier, since dieting can take some getting use to. We will cover more of the benefits of working out together as a couple. Your spouse might not be the type to want to workout and diet with you, or to do it consistently.


If you are having a difficult time convincing your partner to lose weight together, maybe you can give him a few reasons to make him want to try it. Losing weight together means being able to help each other health wise, so it would be good if he/she could see this benefits. Aside from that there are more reasons to want to lose weight together. I can think of 5 reasons for now. I will cover them below which can also be used to convince a reluctant spouse into getting healthy and eating right.


1. Be healthier – Eating unhealthy food that makes you gain weight can often cause hypertension. Fatty food can block arteries and cause strokes or heart attacks at an early age. Doing some exercises and losing weight together can help both of you stay healthy. If you have children, then you have more reasons to go on a couples diet to stay healthy and live longer for your self and your kids. I’m sure you want to see them grow up, and your kids want their parents around while becoming an adult.


2. Cancer risk – Overweight people have a higher risk to get cancer. This is because they eat unhealthy food that promote the growth of cancer cells throughout the body. These foods can also make you fat. By going on a couples diet, you and your partner can avoid getting cancer of the kidney, breast, colon, and esophagus. Start eating healthy cancer fighting food that can also help you lose weight together.There is almost an immediate difference in the way you feel when you eat certain food whether it is food that is good or bad for you. When I ate lots of salty, fatty, greasy fried food, I certainly felt different than when I eat healthy low fat, non-fried food that included a balance diet with low sugar, salt, and fat. It makes you look and feel different. You truly are what you eat. You can eat your way to a healthy lifestyle, and if you mixed in regular exercise you will be on another level very few individuals have maintained consistently.


3. Feel great – It feels great to be slim again. You weigh less so you can actually feel lighter, move faster and be packed with energy. Amazingly becoming slim after being healthy will increase your energy level tremendously. You won’t need to drag an extra 20 to 35 pounds around anymore if you diet and incorporate exercise. You can walk to the library without panting and can climb stairs without stopping to catch your breath. Another advantage to losing weight together is that both of you will sleep better. When you sleep well, you will generally feel good in the morning. Being overweight can make you develop sleep apnea that won’t allow you to sleep straight throughout the night making you more likely to be tired in the morning.


4. Help others – You can help your partner aside from yourself. Trying to diet by yourself while your partner eats anything he wants can be frustrating. If you two lose weight together, you won’t provide temptation for each other to bite a piece of chocolate or eat a few chips. You will be eating the same healthy food. When you diet together, you can also encourage each other to stick to the diet menu.



pear 5. Confidence – When you are slim and sexy, you will more or less become more confident about yourself. When you are confident, you may also be encouraged to take on more productive things such as work, a hobby, chores or dating. Even your boss or clients can sense confidence in people and that can be an advantage to you.


You will rarely find obese or overweight people in top management. You should be able to convince your partner to go on a couples diet with you. There’s just too much to lose by being overweight and so much to gain by losing weight together. If you think your partner still needs more reason to lose weight together, then you can find ways to make the whole diet experience whole lot more fun, like playing a sport together like tennis or golf. Sports can also make you lose weight. Maybe you could set romantic healthy dinners for your partner too. Do these activities together could do wonders for your love life. Think about it the more things you do together with your partner it can potentially strengthen your bond. You could end up having more in common now and in the future than when you first started out as a new couple. Plus, it shows that you care for each other and your can relate to the ups and downs on dieting, and better figure out how to maintain your diet plan for longer periods of time successfully.


Dieting with your significant other definitely has its pluses. you might need to sit down with your partner and seriously discussing coordinating your dieting efforts so you can achieve your health goals together as a team. Also know that it is never too late to start dieting and exercising as long as you are healthy enough for it.


Always consult with your physician before starting any diet and exercise program to make sure you’re healthy enough to begin dieting and exercising; once you healthy enough, then I would suggest start right away if you haven’t already been working out. Before you know it you will be on your way to a healthier, happier, and more productive longer life.

Which Diet Plans Work – How to Prepare For Successful Weight Loss


Well, the ones that are easy to stick with; of course. Diet plans that are too restrictive don’t work because they leave us feeling hungry or deprived most of the time. It takes incredible will power to follow a restrictive diet. Years ago, even doctors did not really understand the “mechanics” of weight loss. The best “diet advice” that anybody could offer was to “eat less and move more”. Truly, that is still good advice today; as any effective weight loss plan must create a situation wherein we burn more calories than we consume; but the difference between then and now is that today; we understand how the body responds to dieting. Today, in determining which diet plans work, we know that highly restrictive diets that greatly reduce calorie consumption will result in a “metabolic slow down”; with the metabolism being the furnace within us that burns calories.


A restrictive diet is good but most people can’t keep up with the restrictions for very long without going back to their same old ways. Face it  as humans we are creatures of habit. In time most of us will go back to what is normal, comfortable and easiest for us. There are some true warriors out there but they are few that will stick with the program long term and see all the fruit of their labor. We live in a society where we often get what we want from day to day. So if we choose to be fat and lazy we can get it easily, but it is certainly not a healthy or desirable way to live life. People want to get in shape around the first part of each year and right before vacation. Let’s face it, weight loss does not just happen overnight. We have to work at it little by little just like anything else we want to become a reality for us. Think of weight loss and diet as a lifestyle choice because that’s exactly what it is. You can eat unhealthy and not exercise, but you can also choose to do the exact opposite of that and live a longer healthier life. It comes down to choice.


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We are programmed to maintain; not to lose; and when we reduce our calorie intake in an effort to lose weight; our bodies respond by slowing our metabolic rate, in order to conserve weight! So, which diet plans work? Those plans that are built around the scientific facts about how the body responds to dieting are the ones that truly work. Fortunately, these same plans offer certain advantages that make them easier to follow: They require you to eat often, which means that you never feel “deprived”. You must eat a balanced diet, partaking in proper measure of all of the food groups. You are not denied foods that you particularly enjoy; you simply fit them into the plan.



There are allowances for those situations wherein you have to “grab a meal on the go”. They allow you some “off days” wherein you enjoy zero dietary restrictions without negative impact on your over all progress. I would like for you to see one of the most effective and most popular weight control programs available today; I have used it with great success; and I know that you can too.


I have spent much time researching which diet plans work, and why they work, and this one seems to work well across a broad segment of society, in the U.S. and abroad. I encourage you to follow a diet plan that is fairly lenient but allows you to actually enjoy some of the foods that you eat regularly and can incorporated into your normal daily diet. Being too restrictive will cause you to fail at your weight loss goal. You don’t want to be eating donuts, chocolate, calorie packed foods that will make you fat. However, at the same time you want to make sure that you’re eating food in a similar eating pattern you normally would eat, but with a slight twist that is geared more towards a healthier diet plan.


Food substitution would be your best bet. Substitute fatty or unhealthy foods with similar foods that does not have all that excess calories and fat in it. Gradually start substituting your own food choices and replacing them with healthier choices. For example, instead of eating french fries go with baked potato with low fat butter and sour cream, and skip the cheese; or it could be brown rice over buttery mashed potatoes,  or baked chicken instead of fried chicken. And the list goes on and on. These small daily food choices can add up to big results in a very short amount of time. The main thing here is consistency, by consistently eating right it will add up to be something big in the end. You just have to keep at it and keep making smarter choices when it comes to your diet. It will become a way of life for you and think of all the benefits of being trim. Without your health nothing else in life matter. Your health is your greatest asset.



Don’t forget to hit the gym at least 3 times a week this can also become a lifetime choice with some really terrific health benefits.

resistance trainingIf you’re not a gym person, if you’re intimidated by the gym or the people in the gym, or whether you are just too lazy to go or whatever your reason is. Also remember that you can build a gym at your home too. It may not be at gym like the one at your workout facility, but it’s better than nothing; and working out no matter where it is at will bring your health benefits just the same. It doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to put together some workout equipment and get your sweat on. You just need some free weights, a piece of workout equipment and a little bit of room somewhere in your house or apartment and you are ready to start improving your health one day at a time. Free weight can do wonders for your body, only if you knew and it does not have to be heavy weights either. You can check out workout programs here or anywhere online for that matter, and get exercise ideas if you are unsure of how to sculpt and transform your body with free weights. Check out my free PDF on superfoods and eat like the gods of yesteryear.


Remember you can do it, and check out some of my many other blogs that focus on topics related to living a healthy lifestyle.

How To Follow A Weight Loss Diet Plan

Many people get involved in some form of activity or exercise as a complementary way to support a weight loss diet plan. Having been involved in physical fitness, yoga, and martial arts training for many years I have trained with hundreds of people, many of them looking to “get in shape” or “lose some weight”. While this is often the primary reason people start a new physical fitness activity, it has given me the opportunity to see what works and what doesn’t when people attempt to follow a weight loss diet plan. Here are some key factors in success or failure when trying to lose weight and get in shape.


Define A Specific Goal – Most people tell themselves they “feel fat and want to lose weight” or “want to drop 10 or 20 pounds” but that’s really not a weight loss goal. You need to be specific and define succinctly what you are trying to do that is constrained by time and the amount of weight you are targeting. A much more achievable goal is to say “I want to drop 15 pounds in the next 4 months”. By providing a dimension of time and defining the specific amount of weight you are looking to lose you give yourself targets to reach and work for. By doing this you are increasing the chances that the weight loss diet plan you choose can succeed.By choosing an end result goal and breaking it down into smaller goals makes it easier for you to hit your original larger goal. You should write down your goal, plan it out from day-to-day as to how you will accomplish that goal little by little, and by doing those little things everyday adds up to great big results in the end. Plan and execute your weight loss goal and you will succeed.


Pick A Diet You Can Enjoy – This is obvious to me but that’s not always the case for many people. I am always stunned when someone wants to try the “Cabbage Soup Diet”. Will you lose weight on it? Probably, but only temporarily. There is nothing enjoyable or sustainable about that type of dieting approach. A “diet” is often viewed as restrictive, as if something is being taken away from us. It shouldn’t and that is an unfortunate consequence of how the media and advertisers have portrayed weight loss. Let’s all assume we understand that cheeseburgers and pizza aren’t showing up in the daily menu category. There are plenty of dietary choices that are healthy and can be incorporated into a weight loss diet plan you can enjoy.


fit tipWorkout With Others – When choosing an exercise to do that supports the diet and exercise plan you decide to pursue you will have infinitely more success if the activity is either a team sport (e.g. basketball) or involves working out in a group setting such as martial arts or yoga, or you have a friend you can work out with (weight lifting, running, etc…). Most people aren’t disciplined enough to pursue a regular physical fitness routine. Having a friend or group that is there to hold you accountable make a significant difference in the physical fitness aspect of your success. Having a workout partner who will motivate you, challenge you, give you someone to playfully compete with to get an extra rep in on each set, and build a gym friendship with someone who shares a common fitness goal with. it’s a win-win situation for both you and your partner when you workout together. You will see improvements faster because you motivate each other among other things to see faster long term results.


Drink Water – From my perspective, a weight loss diet plan that emphasizes drinking a lot of water as part of the overall approach will always be more successful than plans that simply ignore this aspect of weight management. The benefits of drinking water are substantial. If you are hungry (a danger zone for eating empty calories) drinking a glass will help you feel full. Water hydrates your body and has the notable benefit of flushing toxins out of your system. Toxins come from the food we eat and make us feel sluggish. When we are sluggish we eat more and work out less. Losing weight is a challenge for most people, but best believe it can be done. So as you go through your day make sure you have a gallon of water, bottles, a large container or however you get your water, and bring it with you everyday and consume plenty of it. Water is awesome for anyways and will definitely speed up your weight loss process. Plus it will also make you look and feel younger.


Embrace fitness as part of the overall weight management program you follow. No matter what diet or exercise program you choose, these four simple steps will go a long way in helping you to successfully follow a weight loss diet plan.




9 Healthy Diet Plans to Gain Six Pack Abs


For some people, getting six packs abs is considered  hard work especially if they have a few extra pounds on them. The easiest way to gain a six pack when you are a larger person is to lose weight first and burn more fats. Through this, it will be much easier for you to get six packs abs without working out too much.


Here are 9 healthy diet tips that you may follow if you want to lose weight before targeting six pack abs:


• Low Carb Diet Plan is designed for fastest possible weight loss. This type of diet will give you 1104 calories and 51 grams of carbohydrates per day.


• Balanced Diet Plan is a non-fad diet that allows you to lose weight without feeling deprived. Average daily calories amount to 1100 not including the snacks.


• Low Calorie Booster Diet is a 14-day plan to boost your metabolism and speed up your weight loss. Total calorie intake on this kind of diet is 1007 calories per day.


• Low GI Diet Plan is for a person who needs to stabilize his blood sugar levels. This type of diet plan is best for those who are suffering from diabetes or insulin insensitivity. The total daily calorie intake you will get from this amount to 1189, which of course depends on your gender and how much weight you wish to lose.


• Vegetarian Quick-Start Diet is for new and experienced vegetarians. This type of diet plan gives you tasty meals while losing weight fast and easy. Daily calorie intake from this type of diet plan amount to 1183 per day.


• 10-Minute Meals Diet is recommended for those who wants to lose weight and yet too busy to prepare a healthy meal for themselves. This diet plan gives you fast meals and makes weight loss easier. Total calorie intake is 1100 per day, and does not include snacks on the calorie count.


• Diet for Life is a diet plan recommended for an easier long term weight loss plan. This will keep you stay lean and healthy for life and gives you an average daily calorie of 1300.

fruit diet

• Vegetarian Diet for Life is also an easy long term weight loss plan designed for vegetarians who wants to stay lean and healthy for life. This type of diet plan has a total of 1250 calories per day.


• Cholesterol-lowering Diet is recommended for those with high cholesterol level. This type of diet plan is low in fat, low in cholesterol and high in fiber. Total calorie intake amount to 1146 calories per day, 21.5 grams total fat, 3 grams saturated fat and 130 grams cholesterol.


Remember that for you to be able to lose weight; you must eat healthy as well. While you are on a diet, and you think you are progressing, you can start on an exercise routine that can help you build up your muscles and gain a six pack abs. this time it will be a little less harder to work out because you have lessen the fat that needs to be burned and you can already concentrate on toning and sculpting your stomach.

Secret To Losing Weight


Creating a fool proof diet plan can be unnerving. It’s about keeping your palate interested by varying your food choices, while keeping in mind your daily caloric and nutritional needs, and having a good grasp of which food items are better able to provide you these needs. Luckily, there’s an easy way for you to address all these concerns and it’s to Strip That Fat. It provides simple, easy-to-follow ways to create the ultimate diet plan to strip the fat off your body and keep it off for good.


If you’re someone who is into practicality and cannot afford to spend time diving into concepts, then you will love How To Get Abs. The manual goes straight to the practical applications and simplifies your exercise and food selection. It simply skips the lengthy explanations on various food concepts, calorie counts and glycemic indexes of food items. This is because if you’ve heard of How To Get Abs : Flat Stomach Exercises, you’re probably already familiar with these concepts. Simple ways to fine tune your daily movements and turn them into calorie-burning activities, portion control secrets you can use whether you’re eating in or out and tips to keep you motivated in your diet and exercise goals are provided in How To Get Abs main guide. Perhaps the edge the product has over its competitors is its personal guide with regarding how to do the exercise that really defines you. You can easily customize a diet plan that suits your body type and appetite through your personal preference. You only need to pick food items you like and it takes care of the rest with great exercises. It makes counting calories easier because you end up not really needing to do so with the program. The diet exercise combinations you can get you into the best shape of your life if you commit to stick to the plan. What’s more is that you can gain access to all the tips with the click of a mouse. It is that simple. Now, if you would like to explore other methods of losing weight like fasting, or exercising and fasting at the same time, these are not recommended ways to lose weight. Fasting has your body on guard and in conservation mode, it’s not effective for long term weight loss.


Your weight loss efforts can be more effective doing it the right way as opposed to just attempting to do anything to lose weight. Diet by itself can only take you so far, so can exercise. However, diet and exercise will give you the best possible weight loss lean body results you can imagine. You can exercise and become harder and gain lean body tissue, yet still have ample layers of fat covering your muscles. Likewise, you can diet and eat far too little protein and end up with mostly a strong heart and a mildly toned body. Incorporating the right amount of exercise, eating the right protein right and a balanced diet will get you lean and very toned faster; which is the best way to be. Being lean will speed up your metabolism and regular exercising will keep your fat burning hours after a good workout session has ended. That is the benefits of exercising, it keep on giving and it make you feel so darn good long after it’s over it.


diet and exercise

If you exercise regularly you will notice you get a certain exercise high(endorphin kicking in) after a certain amount of time exercising. It a is a great feeling, it makes you love exercising and makes it feel like you could keep exercising for hours. You can practically fall deeply in love with exercising, because of the good experience and the way your body feels afterwards. It’s like pleasure and pain all mixed together. Then on top of that you get to watch your body practically change, and become harder and leaner right before your eyes. You can find a lot of body firming and toning exercises here.


If you are new to working out you will want to start out slowly so your body can adjust to the new demand being placed upon it. Eventually your body will adapt and you will need to introduce more exercises and different variation of exercises to keep improving and morphing your body into the kind of body you are seeking. If you start to become too hard and muscular you can always adjust your workout. You can cut back on your weekly workouts, which can often somewhat soften your body. Exercising more often with weights can lean out your body faster than exercising less often.


After exercising for a while you will know exactly what makes your body tick and how to make minor adjustments to see big differences in your overall appearance. Getting started is the most important first step though. Once you have started you have to find different ways to keep motivated years down the road assuming you can last for years. You should look at exercise as a life long lifestyle choice, there are so many benefit that you will get from working out, it’s a no brainer. You just have to make time for exercise and have a plan of action. There are tons of diet and exercise tips throughout this website which is updated frequently. If you have not already started working out, get started and give your self at least 2-3 month of steady exercising and see if you still want to quit at that point. In my years of experience with people who workout you will not want to quit, you will want to keep up with your workout progress; but as you might already know we are creatures of habit and tend to fall back into our same old bad habits because it’s easy to do so, even if we realize and feel some of the great benefits of exercise. So it comes back to being motivated and doing things that will keep you motivated and pushing forward. Don’t quit, keep at it and it can become a lifestyle for you.