Kettlebell Workout Routines – Use These Russian Canon Balls to Attain Sexy Muscle Definition

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If you are here, you probably know about kettlebells but I will give you a very brief introduction on them anyways before going into details about kettlebell workouts routines. A kettlebell was originally introduced in Russia and its appearance resembles that of a canon ball with a handle attached to it.


One can use this simple equipment to perform complex ballistic exercises that will result in cardio, strength and flexibility training. They are ideal for fitness seekers who are trying to avoid a “meat head” look which they can otherwise get from traditional forms of gym exercises and free weights.


Kettlebell workout routines are a great way for a person to use advanced exercises that will result in a physique that will look sharp, angular and taut. Some of the body types of celebrities that will best describe the outcome of serious kettlebell workout routines will be the body types sported by Robert Downey Jr. in Iron Man 2 or Daniel Craig in the James Bond series. As you can infer from the examples, kettlebell workout routines will result in lithe, hard and angular muscle definition that is very attractive and sexy.


To get the best results out of any kettlebell workout, you will need kettlebells of different weights. They start with weights as little as 5 pounds and can get quite heavy. Instead of buying different kettlebells, you can try joining a gym that might carry a wide selection of weights including kettlebells. Many gyms these days are stocking up on kettlebells as their popularity is rapidly increasing.


Swing exercises –

Most of the kettlebell workout routines rely on a swinging range of motion. The kettlebell is different from a dumbbell in the sense that the center of mass is extended away from the hand. Thus, to balance a kettlebell in a workout, one will have to use several different muscle groups in the body which will result in a total body workout.


Kettlebell workout routines are usually high intensity circuits that are to be done with minimal periods of rest in between. One can work the lower body, hip, core muscles, the upper body and the arms with a single kettlebell or a pair of them.

kettle bell exercises

In addition to strength training, kettlebell workout routines also result in increased flexibility as they stretch all muscle groups. They also increase the strength of the joints and can be a great way for sportsmen to improve grip in sports such as tennis, baseball, power lifting, etc. where grip is very important.

Adding in kettlebells exercises into your workout routine can give you an ideal mix of variety, which helps to keep you motivated along your journey of acquiring a slamming lean body. As I mentioned before, kettlebell exercises will give you that angular, lightly muscled physique, without turning you into a serious muscle head.  It’s particularly good for those individuals who want to be muscular, yet toned and flexible; and if you get bored and feel like going back to straight free weights such as dumbbell or barbell workouts, you can do so at any time. Making this transition will be an easy one.

Core Workout Routine

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I don’t think people realize how much we use our core! A core workout routine can be highly beneficial to every movement we do in life. Everything comes from the core of the body. Here, I will review some of the core workouts, and you can decide for yourself which core workout might be best for you. Core workouts is a bit of a catch phrase in fitness right now, and many people are catching on to it. But, the significance of these types of routines is even more than people realize. Every movement, even picking up your groceries, comes from the core.


Yoga – Yoga is mostly core! Every movement in yoga relies on the core muscles. Yoga is an excellent fitness program on many levels. It helps to gain flexibility, as well as strength and muscle endurance. The other thing about Yoga that is so interesting, is all of the different wellbeing benefits. It’s said to regulate heart rate, and much more. I had one yoga instructor explain it to me like this. He said, “Yoga massages your internal organs.” I have taken several yoga classes, and you will be in a pose and hear the teacher say, “This is opening up your adrenal glands.” It’s a fascinating practice and good for people of all ages. It can be a great core workout on it’s own, or a great addition to your current exercise practices.


Boxing – Boxing seems like it may be your arms, but, it’s not! My arm by itself can be quite weak, but, when I throw my body into it (my core!), that same punch becomes much, much more powerful. This is a great workout for anyone wanting to increase their health benefits. Many trainers are now discovering the emotional benefits to boxing as well. It can be quite empowering for people, and many of my clients have discovered that they get a great emotional release from putting the boxing gloves on and giving the heavy bag a piece of their mind. After a great workout, they gain a sense of calm, and general well being. And besides all of that, who wouldn’t want the amazing, great physique of a boxer? They are agile, quick, powerful, and strong!


jogging exercise


Jogging – Yes jogging. Jogging gets your heart rate up in a healthy way. I strengthens your heart, builds your endurance, and it is an unbelievable body toner. Want to strip away 15lbs of unwanted fat in a fairly short amount of time; then jog. Jogging burns roughly 140 calories every 10 minutes for a person jogging at a pace of 6mph, and weighting 175lbs. So jogging for 30 minutes can burn hundreds of calories, and it does not stop there;  you will continue burning calories hours after your exercise routine had ended.


These are just two core workouts, there are many, many out there! Try them out for yourself and see what you enjoy doing, and then stick with it! You will eventually find one you fall in love with!

Weight Training Tips

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Here are some important tips for those who are to start weight training or who are already training and require some tips to improve their results. First and foremost, you must decide on the number of days you have available for training. You do not necessarily need to train daily to obtain good results, as muscles increase in size not during training but in their resting period. If you are not a full-time body builder, most of the people are not, you may decide to train two times, three times or four times a week. Irrespective of the workout plans you choose, it is important that every body part is trained twice or three times a week. It is thus vital to choose a workout which fits your time availability. Do not worry about this, as by going through my site I will guide you on the best workout you should choose.


Once you’ve started a routine it is important not to miss any days, as when you resume training you will find it more difficult to catch up with your usual weight lifting. It is also important that every two to four months you change your training workouts. This is important as after a certain period, your body gets used to the same movements and when you change exercises you will experience some different movements which will ultimately ‘shock’ your muscles. Always remember that your muscles will improve in size and definition when they are tricked, confuse or struggle to handle weights. If you keep on performing the same exercises over and over again you won’t get the maximum effect from your workout plans.



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Get The Perfect Body With the 7 Minute Muscle Work Out Plan


The number one reason people do not work out is not what you might expect; it’s not being lazy, lack of motivation, location of the gym, they hate it, do not know proper way of exercise. Nope, it’s Lack if Time folks; just not enough time to keep up with a workout plan. And, dieting without exercise does not work. Read that sentence again if you have to. This is where a short but intense workout comes in. For now, suspend everything you thought you knew about exercising and start over again.


Many people, especially women, spend years trying to get the perfect body, trying to lose the excess weight and fat, reduce the flab, only to see minimal changes. The toned body they would love is still elusive as they trudge on with the conventional methods. There is never going to be a magic pill that will transform your body; maybe it will help you lose weight but definitely not make you look toned. It’s always healthier to skip these “artificial” tools.


Most workout plans around today are designed to give your wallet more of a workout than your body. Sadly, there are hundreds of con artists out there appealing to your fantasy of having that perfect body if you follow their tape, take their “specially formulated” pills, use some piece of exercise equipment designed by some doctor or fitness expert you’ve never heard of and any other form of useless crap they can dream up. But, if you are ready to leave Fantasyland, and work your ass off for 7 minutes a day, you will see your body transform itself and finally take on a lean and healthy shape. You will see your muscles more toned and will become thinner. It’s all about working more efficiently.


I personally have tried everything from the simplistic Denise Austin workouts, the more effective Jillian Michaels tapes to the Kettlebell tapes which didn’t cut it for me. So just how can you reduce pounds and get a defined body in 7 minutes a day? Well, when you have an effective workout, your body should feel sore in the muscles you have worked out. If you do not have that feeling, then you have not exercised appropriately and you have to increase the intensity of your training. This does not mean more exercise time. In fact, reducing the amount of rest time in between sets keeping your workout intense is the way to achieve this goal. Your workout is simply going to become much more effective which translates to being successful.


If you exercise properly, you should see results in 2 -3 weeks. You can build muscle quickly by performing an intense workout. To get toned, you need to break down the muscle to spur re-growth. Ladies, this does not mean you are going to end up looking like a steroid guzzling, pumped up airhead. No, no, no, you just want to have that sexy cut in the arms, flatter abs and a shapelier butt. You need to make the time you put in really count. I have been using a gimmick-free method and exercising intensely for 7 minutes, but have started adding in 9 minutes of cardio too. I am used to exercising but this routine left me exhausted (in a good way) and am finally seeing the results. I feel great and look better.


Remember! Decreasing your rest time between your workout sets and constantly moving throughout your workout will increase your intensity level. Therefore, you end up really hitting those muscles in a way that they start to respond quickly, thus producing better and faster results. Doing a 7 minute workout can be just as effective as spending one hour or more working out, if it is done correctly. Get more workout tips here.