Summer Workout Tips


How To Work Out Safely During The Summer



I love working out during the summerinfact summer workouts; for some reason I push myself harder and I want to work out a lot more than during the winter, and my energy level is higher. The better summer workout outfits are motivation for me to get moving and look my absolute best. I guess it’s the sunshine, the warm weather, or maybe it’s because I know I will be wearing less clothing and I want to look my best.


No matter the reason, I love that I look my fittest during this time; it’s been going on since college. But either way, I am always in the best shape during the summer time, and I experiment a lot more with summer workouts. It’s all great of course, except that the temperature can sometimes rise above 100 degrees and because of our crazy humidity; the heat index is often over 110. With that being said, I think it’s clear that working out can become dangerous.


Listed below are some of the must know tips for outdoor summer exercise routines. It’s for your safety, and I definitely urge you to follow my advice on this one! I’ve had heat exhaustion before and it’s not something that you should ever have to deal with doing summer workouts. . . dizziness, nausea, and much more!


How To Workout

During The Summer Heat Wave Drink up. Of course you know the importance of drinking water, but when you’re sweating outside you have to work harder to drink enough to stay hydrated. Aim to drink 12-16 oz of water within 2 hours of your workout, sip on water during the workout and drink another 12-16 oz after you’re finished.


Staying hydrated has been proven to give you more energy and of course keep your body healthy too. Just think how much you sweat just sitting outside during the summer, now think about how much water you lose working out in it!.

exercise routine

Bare More Skin. Wear loose, breathable, light-colored clothing. This way your skin can breath and the sweat can evaporate off faster. Now I will admit, I normally don’t walk around in just shorts and a tank top, but during the summer when it’s miserable out, I don’t mind!


Avoid the hottest time of day. I prefer early morning since the sun is up so early but there is still a breeze. Working out before work is the safest because there is still the morning chill, the sun is coming up and you’re not worried about people unable to see you as if you were working out at night and doing it outdoor. Don’t workout between the hours of 10 am and 3 pm, this is when the sun has no mercy on you. Later in the evening is great too, but I am not a fan of working out in the dark.

Sunscreen! It’s a must to keep your skin healthy, but go with a sweat proof version. An interesting study revealed that runners have a higher incidence of skin cancer than others because they neglect their skin. Whether you’re running a mile or 10 miles, it’s critical to pour on the sunscreen. There are several great products that are meant for athletes and won’t feel heavy or clog your pores.


That’s all folks! Now you just need your fat burning workout routines outlined and you’re good to go. I love interval training, I use my interval timer and create amazing short but highly intense and effective workouts! Intervals translates into harder work for a shorter period of time. . . under 20 minutes! That means less time in the heat. Remember you can always go back to longer workouts with longer resting time and alternate for longer to shorter workouts.  Now get to exercising!

This is Weight Loss Tips 101


Secrets of Successful Weight Loss Programs



These weight loss tips are listed in random order. They’re not necessarily taken out from one single weight loss plan but these tips are proven to work on many people. Follow these tips and reap the reward of having a lean, hard, sexy and healthy body.


5-6 Small Meals Every Day

The standard meal schedule is three times a day but if you want optimum weight loss results, it’s highly suggested to alter your 3-times-a-day schedule and expand it to small meals taken 5 to 6 times a day. This is a true weight loss tip. 


Eating small, frequent meals will help you maintain your blood sugar levels and stabilize your moods. It makes you less susceptible to cravings and makes you more functional during the day because your body has an adequate amount of calories it needs to function. Focus on eating healthy low calorie meal and this will speed up your metabolism tremendously.


Water Intake

The male human body is made up of 60% water while the female human body is 70% water. Drinking water aids weight loss in so many ways. The metabolic process requires a certain amount of water. Going below this required amount will slow down metabolism and fat burning efforts.


Sometimes, dehydration is simply mistaken for hunger. When you feel hunger pangs setting in, you should reach for that bottle of water before you binge on a bag of chips or consume a liter of sugary soda water.


Water supplies the body with adequate oxygen. Sometimes, the lack of oxygen in the body increases unnecessary cravings. Proper hydration is also necessary for your muscles to function well during exercise.


resistance training

Efficient Workout Routines

There’s really nothing new about the importance of exercise in weight loss. However, many people fall into the trap of inefficient workout routines that take up so much time but produce insignificant results. People lose weight at the start of the fitness routine but they reach a plateau eventually. If you observe their workout routines, they’re just one-hour workouts with the same exercises, same number of sets, and same repetitions. The regular one hour workout also has many unnecessary breaks.


If you really want a workout routine that will give you results constantly, you have to mix things up. Your body cannot stick to the same set of exercises because your body will adapt and get used to it. Vary the exercises and the intensity. It also helps to decrease rest period (just lower intensity on some areas).

weight training


Not to Deprivation, discipline is an essential factor in any successful weight loss program, but the problem is that many have difficulty in distinguishing discipline and deprivation. It is okay to deprive your body a little, but too much deprivation will have terrible repercussions.


Allow yourself little rewards once in a while. Your mind has to be presented with little rewards to keep the motivation going. This could be a new pair of jeans, new workout clothes, new television set, etc. As much as possible, keep the rewards non-food related. Once in a while, indulge with a slice of your favorite decadent chocolate cake. But remember that your cheat days also have to be disciplined and regulated.



The Variables Within a Worthy Workout Program


Personal Trainers teach you exercises and correct form – hopefully – but what about the specific variables pertaining to your workout routines? Learning these variables, and the right way to exercise, year-in and year-out, is beneficial and a must for everyone in today’s world.


In other words, everyone should exercise on a regular basis, and everyone should know and understand the variables within a proper fitness regimen. To begin, it is important to have two solid workout routines. If one were to stick to the same routine month in and month out, their body would adjust to the repetitiveness, keeping results stagnant, also increasing the likelihood of injury.


To switch every month makes an enormous difference, keeping the body and muscles challenged, confused and forced to change physically in a more productive environment which then promotes growth.


Full-body workouts are usually the best bet. The resistance training aspect should target your core, upper, and lower extremities. Resistance, or strength, training is necessary to build lean muscle and burn fat.


Most people with the objective to lose weight assume all they have to do is cardio. That’s incorrect. Resistance training is far more superior because you twitch your muscle fibers optimally when you reach “the point of fatigue” – unable to perform another repetition. Your muscle fibers then continue to twitch for 2 to 3 days afterwards, and therefore continue to burn fat in the process.


Note too that a 5-10 minute warm-up beforehand, and 10-15 minutes spent of stretching afterwards is crucial. When performing the recommended routines with minimal rest in between sets, a “circuit style workout“, you will also have the opportunity to improve your cardiovascular health and burn additional calories. The variables in a routine are more complex than they may appear as it relates to weight loss tips.


Learning various exercises correctly is one thing, but then there’s also figuring out the right weight to use, number of sets, and number of reps, which is equally important. One thing to remember is that more reps has more cardio involved which creates more definition in your muscle fibers which will give you a longer leaner appearance over time. Doing less reps will give one a stockier and more muscular appearance when performed regularly for a while.

If you want to add more muscles then lower your reps where you are tired after completing around 4-7 reps; that will do the trick.  While higher reps such as 8-25 reps will create much more definition, and those exercises will not bulk one up nearly as much as doing low reps to failure. Lower reps will also build a lot more strength. High reps is more of a mixture of resistance training mixed and cardio which does not emphasize so much on strength building as completing lower reps do. Knowing when to increase the weight is yet another factor to take into account, because ideally, the correct weight should always be somewhat challenging.


Finally there is motion or tempo, which like your routines, should also vary on occasion or within each actual workout. Other Important Information and tips include: drink water throughout the duration of your workout; eat a healthy meal one hour before your workout, and then a healthy meal, or protein shake right afterwards; posture, posture, posture; quality over quantity – perform the repetitions correctly. If at any time a certain exercise feels awkward or uncomfortable – listen to body, it will give your hits – there are plenty of alternatives to most exercises.


Follow these weight loss tips I’ve mentioned above and you will be light years of many when it comes to effective workout and weight loss tips. Now go get busy!





General Information About Using An Exercise Ball

stabalizer ball

There are a number of different types of machines and other equipment that can be used to do thorough and targeted exercises to improve the body’s fitness, strength and endurance. The exercise cycle, cross-trainer and treadmill are used in cardiovascular regimes to improve endurance and stamina.


There are certain machines that are usually used in weight training regimes. Each of these machines serves its own purpose and target different parts of the body. The exercise ball is also a great piece of equipment. It mostly helps with balance for targeted exercise routines. These balls are used by beginners to regularize their skill and form. As the levels of fitness and skill improve the regimes can be altered. Your fitness level will dictate the use of the ball.


If you are a beginner and you have never used an exercise ball before then you must start out with basic exercises that will help you attain the proper technique required. Do not attempt to overload yourself on these because doing more than a couple of sets can put serious strain on your body.


Once you get the hang of the basics you will be able to streamline the form of the exercises and you can add other variations to the workout plan that you have in mind. When using the ball you can try following an instruction video so that you will be able to not only workout with better form and precision, but also be more regular.


When starting out you need to figure out which are the muscles you want to target so that the regime can be set up as such. Anexercise ball is typically used to target the abdominal and back muscles, but there are some routines that help to strengthen your chest, arms as well as you shoulders and legs.


Setting your fitness goals is imperative to all regimes and it is no different when using the ball. The repetitions and sets must be designed according to the goals you set for yourself. There are also some safety tips that need to be followed so that you do not end up hurt.

You should place the exercise ball on an exercise mat so that the ball is stable and balanced. If the exercises feel too easy then you can add weights to increase the resistance but you must always remember to listen to your body and if the pain gets too much then you must stop immediately and let your body rest. Specify days into your regime when the ball should be used so that the body can get ample rest in between. You can talk to trainers and professionals so that you will use the ball in the right manner.


The exercise ball is another really helpful piece of equipment if you want to call it as such, which you can add to your arsenal of workout equipment that can help your get in shape more precisely and efficiently.


Do not hesitate to add different pieces of workout equipment gradually, and if it is something that fits your budget that will help you in your fitness goal. Plus remember, buying pieces of gym equipment a little at a time will not disrupt your budget as much as paying for a regular monthly gym membership, you will save money in the end because your purchases will be occasionally and not ongoing.

The Best Home Workout Equipment

workout equipment

The Right Workout Equiptment For  Your Home



Gone are the days when we simply get a treadmill or bicycle and these exercise machines can be one-dimensional and limit the possibility of doing other exercises, it used to cost too much to buy one. Thanks to the new exercise machines, they now provide great function and give your money’s worth.


Portability New equipment in the market offer easy storage or quick assembly. It may be an answer to problems about space, but sometimes, such home equipment fold into awkward shapes that storage becomes an issue and still take up space. Even the assembly sometimes turn out to be a work out in itself leaving you with little energy to even do your routine. So, make sure that you have space. Make sure that storage would be easy. You can get the various types of equipment that easily folds and slides under the bed.


Your workout equipment at home should meet its function and more. Consider the ones that you would use more often. Consider your workout and get equipment that incorporates these routines. Consider how this equipment can elevate your current intensity level. Like a medicine ball, for example. Not only can you use this for balance exercises, you can also incorporate this as an alternative to a bench. You can also do modified push-up and curl-ups. It doesn’t only take up too much space, the medicine ball can also be incorporated in a lot of different routines such as aerobics, strength training and even Pilates. It would be great that you invest in equipment that provides a wide variety of functions.



Check your budget. Getting a medicine ball doesn’t cost you too much. You can also go back to the basics like purchasing adjustable weights. Using a medicine ball during your chest press or chest-fly instead of a bench also improves your balance. It’s also possible to get resistance bands to replace weights. Workout equipment are affordable and do not take up much of storage space.


Why buy a treadmill when you can get the same workout when you skip ropes?

What work out is best for your oblique muscles that also works for your balance?

You can get an inexpensive waist twist disc to do this. You can also purchase a used gym equipment. After all, it is about the function, not the feature. Working out at home doesn’t have to be expensive and really doesn’t require fancy equipment.

Good Quality

Workout machines are there to assist you in getting the best out of your workout routines. Go with something that is the right fit for you, not something that is too small, off balance, or flimsy. Remember, quality does not always have to cause a lot. Just remember that working out at home will always be cheaper than a monthly gym membership that can sometimes go on for decades considering your dedication to it. Pick something for the long haul of considerable quality so it does not break in 6 months from now.


The best workout equipment for your home is a working machine, the one that you can keep on using for years to come. It will only do its magic if you sit on it and start doing your routines regularly. The results can only be achieved if you are fully dedicated to your goal. As the famous shoe brand would tell you, “Just do it!”