Fitness Tips with a focus on Abdominal exercises


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Fitness Tips with a focus on Abdominal exercises

Today, people are very concerned about their physical fitness just to ensure they live a healthy life. As a result of drastic changes in people’s diet, health issues has been felt across the world such as obesity which can easily be avoided. Fitness tips may be useful while undertaking the journey of staying healthy. Here are some of the best fitness tips that focus on abdominal exercise.

3/4 Sit-up

It is a classic abdominal movement. You may opt for a much more back-friendly move, if you have any issue(s) with your lumbar. Sit-up heavily concentrates on your hip flexor. If you are brave enough and you want to harden the exercise, you may do them using the froggy-style. Get hold of your thighs, sticking knees to the side and then minimize hip-flexor involvement.

  • Sledgehammer swings
  • If your goal is to engage in fitness you should use the  ground-slamming maraunder or a lumberjack, the swing is the perfect movement for you. Swings are good because they involve a lot of your: your lats, serratus, shoulders, abs and arms.It is not a must you use a sledge hammer and a tire you may instead use club bells and sand bags.
  • Bottom ups
  • This is a combination of two different exercises, the hip raise and the reverse crunch. Both of them are great exercises for your abdominal exercises. Do away with the knee bend if you feel the exercise is too easy for you and instead try and keep your legs straight. Basically, this exercise is performed while legs raised out up to 90 degrees.
  • Decline reverse crunch
  • Most people do not do this exercise as it is supposed. The reason being they are quite weak and therefore unable to move their pelvis, meaning they use their hip flexion instead of their abs. Basically, this is just an intermediate movement between a hanging leg raise and a leg raised on the floor. Always do this move using an adjustable decline bench since it will permit you to progress from a flat level to a vertical level in a systematic way.
  • Spider crawl
  • This is a very good part of a dynamic mobility warm-up. It involves three actions of your abdominals which are anti-extension, rotation and a small amount of flexion. For effective performance you have to stay low to the ground. You ought to wear blue spandex to get the bonus points and act as if you are crawling up a wall.
  • Ab roller
  • Ab roller devices are among the most effective little gadgets for abdominal exercises . The rollout hits the spinal flexion and anti-extension very hard and provide work outs to your lats and serratus. You have a choice since you can either use ab roller or a barbell to perform this movement. A semi rounded barbell at the ends will act like a ab roller if you do not have one.
  • Cross-body crunch
  • This is one of the most effective ab moves because it involves everything. It is a very good exercise for those who are on the verge of starting training for abdominal exercises. This means that it can be undertaken even by those who are physically weak. It only takes an individual a few days to knock out the scoreness of it and move on to the more advanced further levels.

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