Commonly Practiced Tummy Exercises

Commonly Practiced Tummy Exercises

Tummy exercises are aimed at achieving a toned belly by burning fat from the stomach. These exercises work best when combined with appropriate food intake and resistance training exercise. The combination of these three factors enables the body to turn into a fat burning machine, thus reducing the fat found around the stomach. The most important point here is that you have to reduce calorie intake in order to decrease weight. Calories have a lower metabolic rate and they can easily result into weight gain even when practicing tummy exercises.

The isolation of particular body muscles in the abdominal area is an important step when performing tummy exercise routine. To be more specific, it is the lower part of the stomach muscles that requires the idea of isolation to be properly exercised. There are several exercises that isolate lower abdominal muscles when you work them out. It is important to do some warm ups before doing these exercises so as to avoid injuries. You also need the guidance of a professional trainers to aid you with tips on how to start any given workout routine. Examples of common tummy exercises include,

Reverse Crunches


Lie down flat on the floor and ensure that your legs elevated.

· Pull both of your legs towards the chest as you contract the lower abdomen.

· Get yourself back to the original starting position. Repeat this as much as you can tolerate.

Pelvic Tilts

· You need to lie flat on the floor and have your back pressed against the floor

· Put the soles of your feet flat straight on the ground. Also ensure that your knees lie flat on the ground and arms bent at the side

· Lift the pelvis section up for around 2 seconds before lowering your body back to the ground.

· Ensure that the upper part of your body remains flat on the floor while performing this exercise.

· Repeat these exercises as much as your body can tolerate.

Scissor Kicks

· Lie on the floor but ensure that your hands are under the buttocks

· Keep your back slowly pressed against the floor and ensure that one leg is off the ground and after that lower it to the ground.

· Raise the other leg off the ground but slowly lower it down as you proceed.

Right Twist Left Oblique

· Lie down flat on the flat on the floor and ensure that your hands are right behind the neck.

· Twist the body upward towards the left flexed knee

· Lift the left leg to meet the right elbow

· Repeat these on the opposite side as many times as possible.

Hanging Frog Kicks

· Hang your entire body straight down from the bar and then move you leg and pull your knees to the chest. While performing all these, ensure that your hands are apart and you are simultaneously bending your legs.
· You need to hold this position for a moment if you can lower the body to the starting position. The above outlined tummy exercises are the best for you to maintain good health condition for your body.





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