The Latest Tips and Exercise to Lose Weight

If you want to lose weight then you will need to eat healthily and exercise daily. Without these two things you will never lose weight. Although there are many different fad diets available for you to try they will never get lasting results and after a while you will simply put the weight back on. You have to understand the principles behind losing weight and what you need to do to achieve your goals. You have to burn more calories than you put into your body daily. If you achieve this then you will lose weight.

There are many exercises that you can do to lose weight and they will all help different areas of your body. You have to decide if you want to lose certain areas of body fat or lose it all over your body once you have decided this then you can work on how to achieve the results you want. There are many exercises that will burn more calories than others and these are ideal for you to help you lose fat. Any form of cardio workout is great for weight loss and even something like climbing the stairs can help.

Swimming is also another great way to burn fat and it can tone your whole body as well as burning fat. As is bike riding and rowing you want to find exercises which make your heart pump and that burn calories faster than other forms of workout.

Jumping jacks and skipping will also help to burn fat and these can be done easily at home with very little expense. Although you should try to do as much exercise as possible any type of exercise is good and you should try to do it daily. Included with your daily routine you need to eat healthily and ensure that you are cutting back on processed foods and sugar. Both of these are bad for you and although you need sugar you should try to find it from natural sources. Being overweight is very bad for you and you have to try and do something about it as soon as you can. Although it can be tough you will see great results after time and the benefits of exercising and eating well will be proven. You will begin to understand that your workouts should be fun and something that everyone can be involved with.

You should make your exercise routine fun for all of the family to join in with and if it is too strict or tough then everyone will lose interest. If you can get the whole family on board and exercising then it makes it so much easier for you.

You will also see that they appreciate the new healthier foods which you are serving up. If you can encourage everyone to eat well and workout daily then they will feel and look so much better.

Your whole family will enjoy the way they look and never want to go back to being overweight. You and your family are likely to live longer and have less heart problems which makes living life a lot better overall.

Always have a exercise plan in mind to get into shape, and don’t every be afraid to mix it up regularly. Doing so will definitely keep your body guessing what’s next to where your body does not fall into much of a familiar work routine for too long. Frequently changing up your exercise routine will produce the greatest gains.

The Natural Miracle Healer

Did you realize there is a protein your body uses that is essential to natural healing? In order for your body to function correctly it needs in abundance Glutamine. Glutamine is a protein mostly overlooked by most people. However, Glutamine is essential in the maintenance and repair of body muscle. When a muscle is exercised it is ripped (damaged) and usually repairs itself and grows larger. Glutamine is essential in this repair process and needs an abundant supply while carrying out these repairs.

Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in the body but in a stress situation or resulting in muscle damage a high level of glutamine is required for repair. There are lots of bodily functions and body parts that rely on the supply of Glutamine, some examples being; healthy brain function, muscle repair, immune system, and the intestinal wall to mention a few. Let’s take a look at muscle repair and how Glutamine has a huge influence on this. Muscle Repair Glutamine comprises of about 50% of amino acid structures. It is known as the muscle healer. In times of exercise and perhaps stress, high levels of glutamine are required to repair the damaged muscles. Glutamine protects tissue in the muscle from cortisol. Cortisol is a hormone that’s released from the adrenaline glands from the direct result of stress or exertion.

The cortisol attaches to the muscle tissue and starts eating away at the muscle which may cause irreparable damage. Taking Glutamine creates a barrier to this attack and fights off the cortisol. When is the best time to take Glutamine? The best time to take Glutamine is just before bed. Glutamine helps in the distribution of the growth hormone which in turn supports muscle repair and the recovery of damaged cells which in turn is essential in slowing down the ageing process. Intestinal Health Glutamine is the primary ingredients for the repair of the intestinal lining. When the supply of Glutamine is reduced especially with underlying ailments such as Crohn’s disease or irritable bowel syndrome the muscle tissue is attacked. This results in problems such as a slowed metabolism and fat gain. Affecting Brain Function The fluid surrounding the brain contains an abundance of Glutamine so it goes without saying that if Glutamine levels are low the brains functions will suffer, to avoid any pain that this problem may produces, you can take Nerve control 911 to reduce the damage caused to nerves by repairing them and making sure that you doesn’t feel any pain.

The Glutamine helps in the sending of electrical charges to the nervous system around the body. It has been shown that Glutamine helps in the recovery from addictions and acts as an anti-depressant. Sources of Glutamine Glutamine is in abundance in the following foods: fish, meat, dairy foods, grains and beans and Glutamine supplements.

Lets look a little closer at the supplements. Supplements are usually constructed from the protein in wheat or whey. the two types of Glutamine are l-glutamine and L-glutamine. L-glutamine is less stable in storage over time but is the purest supplement. l-glutamine should be taken in small amounts (2-4g) throughout the day. Taking Glutamine supplements provides significant advantages in the healing process with the normal dosage being 2-20g per day. Even increasing this dosage to 40g showed no significant side effects although you should stick to no more than 20g per day. ALWAYS CONSULT A DOCTOR prior to taking any supplements.

Key to Healing – Glutamine is an absolutely essential ingredient in the maintenance of a healthy body. It is a truly amazing healer and body maintenance essential. In conclusion you can see from the brief explanations above that Glutamine should not be overlooked… A true healer. Think about this; you wouldn’t run a car without oil would you?

Baby Boomer Women – Start Working on Your Strength and Never Stop

When the ‘fitness revolution’ started back in the 1970’s baby boomer women were 20 something. Some of them participated in the latest jazzercise classes, aerobics or even jogging and some of them did not. Now 40 odd years later we know that intentional exercise in no longer just recreational, entertainment or considered ‘fun’.

Many of us witnessed the decline of our parents to the point they needed nursing care as they could no longer even perform the tasks and activities of daily living when they lost their strength and along with it their independence. We know this happened to them as they were not really aware that the greatest threat to aging is loss of strength. So, they got older and weaker with each passing decade and did nothing to build and maintain functional strength.

Although we know this now and it is widely talked about 8 out of 10 adults do not do enough muscle building or maintaining activity and are in great danger of ending up in a nursing home just like the generation before them. Many baby boomer women are entering the ‘last third’ of life overweight and sedentary. This is not a good recipe for longevity.

Although the age span has increased no-one would really want to live out the last 10-20 years in what is known as the ‘disability zone’ where we can no longer take care of ourselves and become dependent on others to live. Yet decisions made in the years and decades before we get there determines how long (if at all) we spend in this ‘zone’. We are each responsible for the choices we make in regards to our strength and fitness and nutrition. These are the main factors in the quality of our aging years and poor lifestyle choices such as living a no exercise lifestyle will come back to haunt us. Many people think that a doctor will fix us up if we get sick but our doctor is responsible for our sickness not our health. Health is not just waiting for symptoms of disease to appear then try and manage them.

Disease does not just happen, but can take years or even decades of smoldering away inside and when symptoms do appear no doctor; pill or surgery can make us healthy again. So prevention is the best solution and starts with a proper exercise program to maintain strength. Along with keeping muscles strong, bones and joints are kept strong as overall strength leads to wanting to be more active in general. It is hard to sit still when you are strong and fit. A higher level of activity means higher energy levels which has huge spin offs for enjoying life. To avoid the same aging model as our parents we need to get stuck in to a proper strength training exercise program 2-3 times a week and never stop. This alone will help us avoid the loss of independence which is simply not an acceptable way to spend that precious ‘last third’. There is so much more than this but we have to reach out and grab it.

How to Get a Flat Stomach for Women – Get Those Sexy Abs Before Summertime Hits Again

How to get a flat stomach for women will be discussed in this article. Most of us will avoid the issue of knocking off pounds from our chubby belly that hangs over our waist in the winter or fall season. Once the summer starts inching closer and closer we start to have a sense of urgency that draws us towards the desire of getting into a better body as if it’s an instantaneous magical switch we could flip.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but if you want the six pack of your dreams you’re going to need to plan ahead and incorporate a different lifestyle of how you live, eat and work out. You do not have to be 19yrs with a high metabolism in order to enjoy 6 pack abs year round. The general population as a whole have become increasingly overweight and it is time that you look yourself directly in the mirror take blame. Create the body you want and start by knowing how to do so.

There are some myths that I need to clear up before moving ahead. That way you can be better informed if you aren’t and make some better decisions for your future six pack ambition. You might be thinking that you need to do thousands of crunches in order to see your stomach, but all you need is a Full body exercise. That is absolutely wrong and let me clear a little bit up about that myth.  For women primarily, getting a flat stomach is not through doing hundreds of crunches 7 days a week. Doing massive amounts of crunches is strengthening your abdominal muscles, but it is not shedding the fat that covers your abdominal. Go ahead and practice this exercise while reading this article. Go ahead and get in position in front of the computer.

Do some light stretching with your legs and practice this exercise daily to work on shedding pounds off of your stomach. Stand in place and do one high kick. That does not seem like it is an effective workout, but now times that one by 50, and repeat for each leg. You will be dripping sweat when you’re finished with the 50 repetitions per leg, and you would have had a workout that actually will shed pounds off your stomach. Do the 50 reps faster and faster for better results.

Sitting around too much, which happens way too often for people in our recently internet world which require little to no movement for hours and no exertion; and this can cause two different things: your glutes and your hip flexors can become stiff which tilts your pelvis forward. This will increase the arch in your back and put stress on your spine. All of those effects cause your stomach to be pushed out which means that you need to work your butt in order to get that whole series of effect to work in your favor. You need your spine to get back into it straight position which means that you need to get the muscles around your gluteus maximus area to be in shape and not push on your spine. To sum up the main point of this article, working on body weight exercises, eating healthier, and learning from diet experts is how to get a flat stomach for women.


There has to be a combination of diet, exercise classes and education combined in order to really trim down and get the firm, attractive body we quickly lose once we head north of our 20’s. Remember, you can’t get 6 pack abs without exercise and the proper diet; both are essential in obtaining the full effect of a health, lean body.

Facts About How To Get a Flat Stomach

How to get a flat stomach. That is something that people struggle with year round, but especially when the warm weather is approaching or we are heading into a new year; and it is time to show off their sexy beach body. The problem is that most people do not have the flat stomach that they are looking for when it is needed.

Getting Rid of The Myths

There are 2 “quick fixes” that people often try in an attempt to get those sexy abs. The first is diet pills. So, what do most diet pills do? Typically, they do one of two things:

1 – They flush out water weight. Our bodies are mostly made up of water. There is a reason for that! Flushing out the water, and in turn, dehydrating yourself, will negatively affect your health. Also, it is a very temporary fix.

2 – Diet pills speed up your metabolism. First of all, a pill that speeds up your metabolism is not something that you should be putting in your body. Second, again, the results are only temporary. As soon as you stop taking the pills, your metabolism slows back down. To make it worse, many people get comfortable eating more than usual while they are taking the diet pills, since they are burning more calories. Once they stop taking diet pills at some point, yet they often continue to eat more than before, and end up heavier than they were when they started trying to get a flat stomach.

A common myth is that starvation is how you get a flat stomach. A few things happen when you starve yourself. First of all, your body goes into preservation mode. This means that your metabolism slows down, big time, in an attempt to keep you depleting your body of all of its nutrients as a survival mechanism. Next, your immune system suffers. Without the proper nutrients, your body can not defend itself. Another thing is that, again, the results are only temporary. Eventually, you will need to start eating again. Now you have a slower metabolism, and when you start feeding your body again, it is going to hold on to everything that it can, in case you get extreme and try to starve it again.

What does work? You need the proper combination of 2 things if you want to know how to get a flat stomach:

1 – Diet. When I say diet, I am not referring to being on a diet. I am referring to you regular daily diet, as in what you eat normally. Without feeding your body the right foods, you will never get the sexy abs that you are going for. This means limiting, or even cutting out; soda, fried foods, sugary foods, foods high in additives and preservatives, and other junk foods. On top of knowing what to stay away from, you should know what to eat, such as whole wheat, fruits and vegetables, and drink lots of water.

2 – Exercise. You can do crunches all day, but they are not the secret to how to get a flat stomach. They abdominals, much like every other muscle group in the body, are very complex. They need to be worked in different ways to prevent your body from adapting to any regular exercise program. Always perform your exercise differently after a few weeks to a few month of doing the same routine. You have to keep introducing new exercises continually, also start mixing in different exercises you would not consider mixing into your workout program.

Different exercises thrown into your workout routing will confuse and stress your body to produce the results you are seeking; just like diamonds, pressuring your body a reasonable amount without causing injury will make your body hard, fit and strong. Remember that a lean sexy body will never come easily and without a regular stress load being placed upon it often. Studies have shown that as we age our metabolism will slow down by about 7% every decade on average. Our body will start building and storing fat as we age, while decreasing muscle mass due to testosterone decrease especially as we leave our 20s.

It is important to make having a healthy lifestyle choice for as long and as often as possible to get the best health result. We can’t afford to take our health for granted because of all the negatives associated with an unhealthy lifestyle. We just need some good old fashion diet and exercise for the long haul, and this should be a way of life for as long as humanly possible.

Juicing Couture

Did you know that you can drink your way to more beautiful skin? You can also drink your way to a thinner, sexier you. Are you in the 95% of people that aren’t eating at least five servings of fruits/vegetables every day? If so, it’s time to acquaint yourself with juicing couture. You might have seen some of the most delicious fruits in the world, but how do you consume them when many aren’t grown in North America? Juicing is the answer!

I love drinking my juice, here’s why should drink yours too. Introducing… The hot to trot health benefits of juicing: A Glass Full of Nutrients! When we juice, it allows us to ingest a huge amount of nutrients all at once. Just think how long it would take you to eat a whole bag of apples or a bucket of peaches? Yet if you juiced them, you’d make enough for several drinks that you could down in minutes. As fast as you could swipe your credit and pay a bill, it is the same with juicing; your insides get the nutrients just as fast. Why? Because juicing breaks fruits and vegetables into liquids, which are more easily digestible. Your body can digest liquid nutrients far more quickly food in a solid form. It also uses less energy to digest it breaks down raw foods bursting with nutrients, which assist digestion and absorption of nutrients in your body. Enzymes are what process foods, sending them into the tissues and organs to be utilized. Plus, they give you energy and perk up your metabolism.

Some of the juices you can consume will have fruits and vegetables loaded with phytochemicals that wards of deadly diseases, and provide your body with a healthy diet that is hard to get just by consuming individual fruits and vegetables. That is because they are vital to the prevention of those diseases we all dread, such as cancer and heart disease, as well as some of the garden variety problems such as asthma, arthritis and allergies. They also strengthen your immune system, helping you to fight off germs and viruses. That means fewer colds for you!

Phytochemicals are great, but it is hard to eat enough of them to really benefit. That’s where juicing comes in. You can get tons of nutrients in just one glass of juice! Healing Juicing aids recovery from all kinds of illness. When you are sick, your body loses nutrients. Drinking juice made from colorful fruits and veggies will replace them. Researchers are studying the healing properties of all kinds of fruits and vegetables, not to mention weigh loss benefits.

Conquer Depression

Depression is not only a psychological condition. It can come from imbalances of minerals and other nutrients in the body. And you know the best way to replenish those nutrients, don’t you? That’s right, from juicing! Say good bye to gloominess, feelings of worthlessness and emptiness. Don’t grow older, grow better fruits and vegetables which contain antioxidants which battle free radicals. They are nature’s secret weapon against aging! We all want to look our best as long as we can so juice it up, ladies. You know where wrinkles, sagging skin, loss of muscle tone, and age spots come from? That’s right, free radicals. Banish them with the magic of juicing.

Cheap and Easy! Sounds like something you’d read in a tabloid (sorry). Fruits and veggies are plentiful and inexpensive, especially when you stick to seasonal choices. Have fun, and choose a variety of fruits to juice. You can create a different taste sensation every time you juice and you’ll never have to worry about getting bored! No Over The Counter Drugs, Thank You Very Much! Using the power of nature and juicing, you’ll find that absolutely no drugs are necessary. You’ll avoid some of those nasty side effects you’ve heard so much about and save money, too. Life all the way to the bank!

Toning Exercises For Women – Drop Inches And Burn Fat Fast With 2 Simple Moves

There are so many great toning exercises for women to choose from for weight loss, it often can be hard to pick the “best” workout or routine as a beginner. New students in my weight-loss classes tend to be overwhelmed by all of the choices available in magazines, tv shows, and fitness articles, and that’s why I have them do some easy simple routines that Asian women have been doing for years to burn fat quickly at the start.

Toning Exercises For Women – The Skinny Asian Method You’re not going to learn ALL of the fat-burning and belly-shrinking secrets that Asian women have from just a single short article or webpage. But you definitely can pick up some of the basics that will get you started on the right path to a better body:

1. Sometimes It’s As Easy As Lacing Up Your Walking Shoes Would it surprise you to find out that out of all the different techniques, exercises, weight-lifting, and other tools at our disposal that my clients lose more weight and tone up fastest from simple walking? It’s the one thing Asian women have done routinely for thousands of years, even today most Asian women in China, Japan, Taiwan, Philippine go their entire lives without ever driving; it’s one of the best toning exercises for women that is often neglected by fitness “gurus”. You need to do it the right way, and while this space is too short to go into the full detail you want to follow this basic plan: 15 minutes of walking before breakfast and 15 minutes after dinner will set the stage for an elevated metabolic rate for most hours of the afternoon and evening, even when you’ve gone to sleep that night. Flat surfaces walking is one of the best toning exercises for women because it activates and works over 75 different muscles within your legs, back, and even shoulders, as you move. Make walking each day a priority and you’ll find that not only are you losing weight quickly but you also feel much lower stress levels!

2. This Move Is Nearly As Old As China itself.There are several toning exercises for women that Asian culture uses to get and stay lean for most of their lives, but one stands out as the most popular throughout the centuries. I call it the “vacuum” move, because that’s probably the best translation of the Mandarin Chinese word for it, and it’s both easy to do and able to be done when you’re driving to work or running errands. Simply blow out all of the air in your lungs, slowly, using your stomach muscles as much as possible. Once all the air is gone obviously your body is going to want to breathe in again, but try to hold off from doing that while you squeeze your core muscles for a few seconds. Then breathe in normally and repeat the process. It will be difficult at first, some of your diaphragm (core) muscles probably haven’t been used like this before, but that’s part of the reason it works. After a few days you’ll actually begin to get good at it, able to hold the compressed muscles for long periods of time. Just be careful not to let it go TOO long, I don’t want you passing out from a lack of oxygen!) This is one of the best toning exercises for women that you can do, thanks to again over two dozen muscles working simultaneously throughout the movement. Do 20-30 of these individual poses per day and you should start to see results within the first few weeks.

3. What If You’re Still Not Losing Weight? If you’re not able to drop inches using the above you’ll want to learn a more powerful secret free method that Asian women use to force fat off of their belly and thighs in less than a month…without starving or doing crazy workouts. I’ve just covered a few techniques that Asian women use to stay slim. There are many other similar techniques for weight loss that are virtually everywhere; including the internet that will take you to the next level in getting a slim firm body that many Asian women often possess due to their rather active lifestyle. You can have that toned looking body too if you want it, you just need to put in the work to get the result desired.

How To Tone Your Thighs On A Low Budget And With A Hectic Schedule

Learning how to tone your thighs on a low budget may seem hard enough by itself, but having to do so with a minimal amount of time on your hands can make it dramatically harder. Busy individuals who cannot afford a full-time gym membership, liposuction or expensive spa treatments, will certainly have their work cut out for them. The good news, however, is that the necessary changes that must be made can dramatically increase your health and improve the quality of your life.

While the thighs are one of the first areas of the body to lose their youthful tone and suppleness, they can also be one of the easiest areas to sculpt. If the scheduling conflicts that you have with working out are work related, you can solve a good many of your problems by opting to walk or bike to work. These are effective activities for toning this trouble zone. They are also free and guaranteed to reduce your commuting costs. Those who live too far away from their places of employment to walk or bike to work, should invest a portion of their lunch hour into brisk walking or other physical activities.

Thirty minutes or more of physical activity each day will have a considerable impact on the appearance of your legs, with time. Keeping hand or ankle weights at your desk can increase the intensity of your daily workouts. Drinking more water and reducing the amount of sugary, caffeinated beverages that you intake will prove to be helpful as well. As your thigh fat begins to break down, water will help to expedite the resulting waste products out of the body. A slice of lemon, when added to your daily water intake, will reduce any signs of water retention. One the weekends you can additionally engage in workout programs that can be brought into the home.

While a gym membership represents a continual monthly fee, wholly effective workout DVDs can be purchased for a one time cost. Choosing a tape that features specialized exercises for thigh toning will ensure that you get the specific results that you are seeking. Finally, it is important to remember that no matter how toned your thighs become, no one will notice if the results are hiding under a layer of fat. Because of this, you should reduce your fat intake by making fresh vegetables and fruit the mainstay of your diet. Both patience and diligence will pay off, enabling you to obtain the physique of your dreams over time.

How to Tone Your Bum – The 3 Best Bum Toning Exercises!

So you want to learn how to tone your bum and you’re looking for some exercises that’ll get you there? Well, the good news is that you’re in the right place – you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for. The bad news however is that toning your bum – and losing body fat in general – is never as easy as it seems. Actually, let me rephrase that – it’s never as easy as the advertisers would have you believe. But instead of rambling on and on about all the scams within the industry, I’ll just get right into the bum toning exercises..

How To Tone Your Bum In my opinion – which is based solely on the results I’ve been able to deliver for my clients in the past- these are the most effective bum toning exercises available:

Smith Machine Lunges: Smith machine lunges – and lunges in general – are an amazing exercise to tone your glutes (bum). In order to maximize the recruitment of the glutes, you can position your lead foot a little further forward and rest your rear leg atop an exercise bench. Actually, now that I think about it, I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that smith machine lunges with your back foot placed atop a bench is the best bum toning exercise you can possibly do. Seriously, give this one a try!

Squats: No mystery here. Squats are a great exercise for the entire lower body so it should come to no surprise that they make the list of the top bum toning exercises either. They can be a little tricky to perform at first, but after a few attempts, you’ll get used to the movement. It really helps a lot if you put a bench behind you as doing so will give you the reassurance that you’re not going to fall over as you squat down.

Glute Kickbacks: The glute kickback exercise is great because it can be done at home. You don’t need any equipment at all. You can even increase the resistance by wearing a heavy boot or by straightening your leg. This is an isolation exercise so I’d recommend that it be performed after the lunges and the squats.

Keep mixing up your exercises and incorporating new exercise regularly into your workout routine and you will see success soon. What are you waiting for? Go get that body of your dreams, not to mention the new found confidence it brings.

3 Toning Exercises For Women

Ladies, if you want to improve how your body looks give these 3 toning exercises for women a try. One of the most common areas that women are concerned about is their arms, specifically the triceps area. If your arms look a little flabby or just need to be toned up start using these toning exercises. Don’t forget though that the most important thing in achieving results is to couple proper nutrition with consistent exercise. You Will Not Bulk Up Like A Bodybuilder. Contrary to popular belief you will not bulk up like a bodybuilder by doing resistance training. It just is not going to happen unless you take supplements galore and train like a maniac for several years. What you really want is to tone up what you already have.

More than likely the muscle you have is perfectly fine, it’s just covered up by fat or not fully developed. Try these toning exercises to get your muscles back into shape.

Chair Dips. Use any chair that you have available in your house. Sit on the edge of the chair then place your hand on the front edge. Your feet should be together and out in front of you. Now bend your knees and lift your butt off the chair. Dip your body down keeping your back as close to the chair as possible. Repeat for 10 to 15 reps for 3 sets.

Ball Push-Ups. A little variation on traditional push-ups, ball push-ups really target your triceps and chest. Get a small ball and place both hands on it. Now do regular push-ups remembering to keep your body in that plank position the whole time. Do these on your knees and really focus on your arms, core and chest as you do the movement. Keep your arms close to your body and make sure you lock out your arms at the top.

Triceps Kick Backs. You can do this move either bent over or on all fours. Using a dumbbell, straighten out your arm from a bent position and back again. Keep your elbow high enough so that you get a full range of motion. Don’t make the weight too heavy as you want to do 12-15 reps for 3 sets on each arm. Make Sure You Address Your Nutrition While You Exercise.

Even if you do all the exercises correctly remember the old saying: you can’t out exercise a bad diet. Cut out the junk food, the sugary drinks and those carb heavy snacks. Getting proper nutrition is the most critical thing you can do to help you get the body you want, it’s literally half the battle. Eat a lot of raw leafy green, unprocessed natural foods and avoid junk food. Plan your meals in advance to avoid the temptation of grabbing a quick unhealthy meal. Once you do get your nutrition in order these 3 toning exercises for women will help you get that look you’re after. It is just a matter of committing and doing the work needed to get to that ideal health that is so important for a long and healthy life. You can do it!

Forbidden Weight Loss Techniques

Hello my friend, if your reading this then you, like many, are searching for an effective way to lose weight the safe, effective, and easiest way possible without it costing you an arm and leg – just as I was. Before I reveal the techniques that other diets don’t want you to know let me tell you my story. I was a struggling single father who found it very stressful to raise a new born, go to school, work at a full time job and find time to work out.

After about four months I noticed I’d gained 21 pounds and my weight gain was still on the rise. I couldn’t button up my pants and had to stretch out my shirts so they would cover my new larger body. I decided that I needed help, but I didn’t have a lot of money to spend on a trainer regularly. I was searching for products and comparing multiple programs when a co-worker suggested I check out the truth about abs. I then explained to him I didn’t very much time or money to put into this, then he asked me what I was going to have for dinner that night, and I told him I will probably get some take out, and he explained to me that for the same price of a large pizza I can change my life. I needed a good program to get back to my old self of being in shape.

So I thought about it throughout the day and decided to give it a try. I went the website and read the testimonials but I don’t normally trust testimonials, I mean come on what site is going to put anything but good words about their product on it? I did some research on the web and found that there wasn’t really anything but good reviews. I purchased the product and followed the program and after 5 months I am 200lbs pounds and loving it. I have created a somewhat similar programs, here is a good one.

I feel better and have 10 times the energy for my child and best of all it didn’t take hours at the gym, I was able to do everything right at my own home; even though I went to the gym when I felt like it I often worked out at home when I just needed a quick workout without driving a few miles to the gym. The program taught me to eat better, that way I could actually burn fat with the different food I ate. I highly recommend any type of good product, workout out program or a combination of the two that does not involve pills, or hours of cardio.  If you don’t already know it, cardio alone for very long periods of time will eat away at all your hard earned muscle tissue and as we all know muscles play a vital role is the fat burning process.

Muscles naturally speeds up your metabolism, burns fat faster even hours after you have worked out your muscles will continue to burn calories and melt away fat in increments. Cardio is good for your cardiovascular system in moderation. I usually perform about 15-20 minutes of cardio on the days that I workout. I will not be one of those guys doing a cardio for 90 minutes, it will deplete your muscles substantially over time. Lower muscle to fat percentage will helps to create more fat. It’s much better to strive to become leaner by incorporating some resistance training in all of your workout programs. Resistance training is the only thing to constantly improve or maintain muscle mass and leanness; It is a vital part of maintaining a lean body, always incorporate weight training when you workout even if it is just your body weight. It makes a huge difference. Feel free to join my facebook group here.