How To Achieve Physical Fitness And Break Away From The Great American Diet

How to achieve physical fitness and break away from the great American diet is my first article in a belt-tightening series. There have been many books and articles written on this important topic. Since I am a goals and fitness oriented guy, I am going to jump into this one up to my big brown eyes! My goal here is to begin to convince my readers to start a safe and sensible food program.

I dislike the word “diet”, so I sometimes use the term “food program”. I am not going to try to convince you to live on “rabbit food” the rest of your life. However, you will find a fair amount of green vegetables in my Sensible Food Plan-but prepared with a very tasty combination of tantalizing ingredients! Let’s talk about the solutions to achieving physical fitness, and focus on positive methods to get back to a healthy weight. I’m proposing a combination of exercise and my sensible food plan, that when followed will lead most people to a slow but steady loss of weight.

Stay away from high fat fast foods, check out the fat and carbohydrate levels in a burger and fries next time you are in one. It’s going to put excess pounds on you and fast! I discovered during my quest to maintain a healthy weight range was to select a plate that is in a medium size range. I found myself eating less volume of food if the plate was around 9 inches in diameter. Another trick is to cut down on snacks between meals. This can be accomplished by two methods: first, don’t take the package of snacks into the living room, instead pour a modest amount into a smaller bowl or plate. Second, consider substituting a vegetable or fruit you enjoy instead of chips or cookies. It is paramount that you cut down on fat and carbohydrates, I will dig deeper into this in my next article.

Deciding to eat better has helped me to get on the road to achieve physical fitness. These small changes will make a big difference in your overall food intake over the first three months of my food program. Keep yourself accountable, weigh in at home at the same time of day every three days, then write it down on your calendar. Now you have taken the first steps to achieving physical fitness. Remember my message to you, “If You Believe You Will Achieve” always if you take action.

Securing A Physical Fitness Trainer Benefits Diet Planning

When striking out on a weight loss goal it is important that you get all the help that you can. One of the greatest benefits to initiate an exercise routine is to use the positive experience of a physical fitness trainer. In this way, you will find out exactly what needs to be done to lose the excess weight that has been weighing you down all these years and do so without facing serious injury or unnecessary delays.

Proactive Thinking

While it is important to be proactive and full of optimism when working out it is also just as important to do the routines correctly and without injury. Since physical fitness trainers have a great deal of knowledge about the human anatomy they will be a superb learning resource as well as a workout guide. No one says losing weight is an easy task and this will be something that will have many other positive effects on your healthy lifestyle in the future as long as you stick to it.

Knowledgeable In Human Anatomy

A physical fitness trainer will be vested in the types of exercises that an individual should do in order to lose the weight in the least time possible. Trainers know how to start an individual on a dietary regimen that will complement the exercise routine. The ability of a physical fitness trainer to push an individual harder and on a rising scale without forcing things and creating a serious injury is one of the many overall goals and benefits of a professional trainer.

All the Help 1 Can Get

From time to time individuals may think that they do not require the services of this kind of physical fitness professional. This is true for some, but for the majority of individuals that wish to strike hard and fast on a complete diet exercise plan, it is vitally important to have all the help one can accumulate. It may be that you only need a physical fitness trainer for a temporary time; until you get things rolling and then you can lose weight on your own and do so with a bona fide education from a serious professional in the world of physical fitness. That is always a great thing to have someone with experience at your own personal disposal for a hour at a time; their knowledge will help you to move ahead continuously while putting you on the right track for success.

Stay Focused

Motivation is essential for any type of weight loss goal and this is a good idea to team up with a physical fitness trainer for this overall result of losing weight. Make certain that you do a little bit of free word of mouth background checking of any physical fitness trainer so that a perfect fit can be achieved.  If you keep looking for a good trainer you will eventually find one to work with to accomplish your fitness goal. A good trainer can teach one a lost about fitness among other things to lay a good foundation for success.

A Personal Trainer Will Help You Lose Weight Easily

Motivation was never a concern. Discipline wasn’t either. I was without any excuses, and I wasn’t seeing any results. I exercised consistently working on my problem areas, but I didn’t notice changes. My weight didn’t fall on the scale, nor did my clothes sizes drop. Not until I started working out with a personal trainer. Now I’m doing squats with my trainer. My muscles squeeze and burn. A tiny voice in my head tells me to quit, enough is enough. But my trainer continues to encourage me. She says I will do 10 more reps and to push myself!

Before working with a personal trainer, I wasn’t slimming down. I was stuck. I hovered five to ten pounds over where I preferred to be, and I was never able to lower my weight. I was injuring myself from over-training. I was eating only at night after depriving myself all day. My way of life was counter-productive to the goals I wanted to achieve. At last, I thought maybe I should hire a personal trainer. First, she put me through a sequence of assessments so we could keep track of my progress in the future. Besides my weight – my own scorekeeper of my progress – she assessed a few other things as well. She measured my maximal oxygen consumption (the volume of oxygen my body uses for exercise) my anaerobic threshold (when muscles begin to produce lactic acid and burn more sugar than fat) and my body fat analysis. They were different kinds of measurements, but nonetheless, they offered me added motivation for getting into much better shape. My diet was also evaluated.

We concluded that my weight loss was failing because I pigged-out nightly after barely eating anything all day. We discussed how I could change my everyday eating habits into far better options, like replacing low-nutrient high carb foods with whole carbs and lean protein. I lost 25 lbs in the first six months of working out with a personal trainer.

My other stats improved significantly as well! Thanks to my personal trainer, I was forced out of and beyond my comfort zone. She was a true professional always staying positive with positive reinforcement, and she was never negative. I’ve made so many advances from where I was when I tried working out on my own.

The knowledge and encouragement provided to me by my personal trainer has boosted my weight loss and fitness to another level. Without my trainer, I might have quit. My trainer may force me to work a bit harder than I would like to – but overall, I’m proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish. All of this to say that considering to workout with a trainer is not a bad idea if you are needing that extra push to get you over a hump and move you closer towards your health goals; seriously this can be beneficial. Check out some of my other fitness articles, remember fitness is more mental that it is physical in many ways. You need to keep mentally motivated in order to continually push yourself forward and progress.

The Power of Sex – Promoting Fitness in More Ways Than One

sex and exercise

When people talk of fitness, they often associate the word with extensive dieting, workout sessions and denying oneself the pleasures of life. There is one thing, however, that can help promote fitness in more ways than one. Sex. That’s right, the simple joys of having sex with your partner is in itself an extensive workout program, and can help you in more ways than one: A physical experience The physical fitness benefits of sex are quite obvious for both men and women, as all the bucking and grinding definitely breaks any person into a sweat.

It is the more subtle effects of sex on the heart and lungs, however, that truly gives sex its powerful fitness benefits. The increased heart rate and deeper breathing helps stimulate the flow blood, which in turn strengthens both the respiratory and circulatory system – always a good thing for physical fitness. You could even add a couple of supplements like Excite Male Performance by Dymatize into the picture to really help boost not only your sexual prowess and libido, but your muscles as well.

A relaxing experience-

 A person who feels great is a person who is truly fit, as fitness is not just defined by bodily strength and toughness. Sex is the insertion of a man’s penis in a woman’s vagina, but great sex is the complete release of inhibitions and personal restraints. Such acts of “letting go” provides a great way for a person to relax, making them feel stronger, happier and more content and committed at the end of the day. Factor in the physical exercise that comes with sex, and you have one of the best ways to wind down and get rid of stress known to man.

A spiritual experience Sex is not limited to the realm of physical fitness and relaxation, however. Sex is not just a purely carnal act, as mainstream pornography or easy-come, easy-go relationships make it out to be. Engaging in a healthy sexual relationship, built on the foundations of intimacy and closeness, will provide both partners with somebody to invest their emotions in. Having a person to love and care for, so to speak, is one of the cornerstones of complete fitness, and can only be defined as a spiritual experience with another person.

Three experiences combined You may be wondering what, exactly, does relaxation and spiritual attachment in sex have to do with physical fitness. You can ask any doctor that keeps up with the times, and they will always confirm that the mind is delicately intertwined with the body. If one is neglected, the other will suffer. You can even see this for yourself. Notice how lousy you feel when you have a serious cold or migraine pulsing in your head, and notice how sluggish your body feels when you are sad and depressed. The same goes for sex – it becomes a great way to build fitness if you enjoy it and do it with somebody you care for. So remember, do it right and you’ll get it right. Just remember to stay safe, or fitness will be the least of your worries!

Motivation for Working Out


There should be some kind of motivation for people to work out as they do not put enough emphasis on its importance to health. Clubs and organizations could do well to start motivating people and their members to begin a physical fitness program and disseminate information on its effectiveness. Exercises are generally prescribed by doctors to patients. Even patients in the hospital are often advised to have physical therapy and mild exercises after suffering a stroke.

Before beginning a strenuous exercise, elders, pregnant women, and those who are hypertensive patients need to consult a physician for an exercise program. There are exercises for each category, but generally, 30 minutes of physical activity should be practiced daily for health maintenance, 60 minutes to prevent weight gain, and 90 minutes to maintain weight loss. The 30 minutes physical activity could be done in the house and/or in the office, and has no need to go to the gym if one is too busy.

A housewife can divide a 30 minute workout in different house chores; 10 minutes cleaning the house, 10 minutes gardening, 10 minutes stretching, or watching video exercises. To an employee, 30 minutes can be used by walking up to the bus stop and using the stairs instead of the elevator. Anyone could be imaginative in what kind of exercise to do, as long as 30 minutes of physical activity is consumed within the day. Dancing and aerobics aside from being a work out could be an outreach program in a community. It is also some kind of fellowship. It could be done on any day of the week, in the playground, in the church, or in the house of a member.

Doing exercise when someone is alone, can be monotonous, and one often loses motivation to continue. Group walking and jogging work outs could be done by clubs and organization as a physical fitness program at least once a week. As a family activity, all group levels could join here. Families could also visit malls, parks and museums on their free day. Aside from the benefits from exercise, any family will become happier and bonding will begin. The gym provides a systematic work out program. Records of physical weight and activities are done to follow up the program designed for an individual. Improvements are monitored until the desired outcome is obtained. Going into sports are not advised for pregnant women as changes in her body occurs. Pregnant women are heavy in the middle, and their balance is affected and might suffer a fall. Light exercises as in walking and stretching prepares the woman’s body to become flexible in anticipation for the delivery of the baby. It solves simple pregnancy problem like varicose veins, swollen legs and constipation. Exercises should also be done after delivery, to flex muscles, and help in losing weight faster. People should be properly motivated to do work outs. It is always a pleasure to join invitations coming from peer groups, family, and friends to do group activities. But this must be done regularly to become effective, for there is a saying: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Get Paid for Physical Fitness: Trainer Careers Offer Satisfaction and Profit

gym personal trainer

In the world of physical fitness, trainer careers are plentiful and necessary. Many people choose to work with a trainer, rather than alone, because the encouragement, structure, and accountability require more from them and help to make success more attainable. As a result, not only are trainers able to earn an income in an active way, but they also can help to reverse the effects of the current obesity epidemic.

Fitness activity is sorely needed, and a trainer helps individuals and groups correctly and effectively exercise, working with them to reach and maintain physical goals. The average salary for a trainer was about $45,000 in 2018, and the job outlook is good, presenting a solid opportunity for the right individuals. Just as there is a lot of variety in physical fitness, trainer careers also come in different packages. Some trainers work at gyms, hospitals, or schools, while others start their own businesses and work with clients independently. Some work with a broad range of clients, while others specialize in a particular type of exercise, higher-risk clients, or those with disabilities. Regardless of what you choose, it is important that someone seeking a position as a trainer has good interpersonal skills, an ability to motivate, and an affinity for organization.

A personal fitness trainer may have a bachelor’s degree in exercise physiology or a related field, but it is not necessary. Another way to pursue this career path is to earn a personal trainer certificate from one of the organizations that are accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA). You can find a list of these agencies at the NCCA website: If you already know which gym, or other venue, you would like to work for, it is best to ask there which organization’s certificate is preferred. Otherwise, make a list from NCCA, and review each option carefully. Different programs require different qualifications and levels of education, and you will want to choose the program that fits you best.

When you sign up for training and pay the fee, you will receive study materials. In many cases the work can be done online. After the training is completed, you must take and pass the exam. It’s important to remember that in order to maintain certification and excel in the field, you will need to take part in Continuing Education Units (CEUs) periodically after first acquiring the certification. A physical fitness trainer, with the right background, motivation, and training, can create a successful career while also positively affecting the health of others.

Injuries and You – Core Strength Training Safely

exercise injury

If you’re an avid exerciser, you might have experienced sore muscles, aching joints, and sometimes a stiff back. If you do regular Core Strength Training in conjunction with a full bodybuilding workout, you might have felt these symptoms in the past. Injuries occur because of too much bodily stress and incorrect form. Injuries do nothing to benefit your exercise routine. They can short-circuit your workouts, causing you to miss them entirely. Injuries also can interrupt your sleep routines, and cause you pain all throughout the day.

It’s important to recognize the symptoms of an injury, so that you can prevent further injury. Muscle strain is the result of over-stretching or otherwise overusing a particular muscle. When doing your core strength training, you must be sure to stretch appropriately and do a safe number of repetitions. It’s also possible to experience neck strain injuries, though this isn’t as common when performing core strength training. Back strain is common if you’re not performing the exercises with correct form. Improper form during lunges results in knee strain or sprains. Knee strain is apparent when you feel pain behind or below the knee joint, so pay close attention.

If you have delayed muscle soreness occurring between 24 and 48 hours and disappearing by 72, then you’ve probably experienced micro-tears in the muscle or build-up of lactic acid. The name of the game is to perform your Core Strength Training exercises with smarts. Forget the old adage ‘No pain, no gain’ – it won’t benefit you here! Preventing injury starts with preparing for the workout appropriately. Begin with a warm-up. Walk on the treadmill for 5 – 10 minutes to get your muscles warmed up. Once finished with your warm-up, start stretching the areas you’ll be working out. When stretching, hold the position for 30 seconds up to a minute. Keep focused when working out. Though it seems a simple piece of advice, it does need to be said! Many people have workout partners and get caught up in conversation while working out. If there is too much distraction, form suffers, and injury becomes more likely.

Make sure your diet has adequate nutrition – particularly protein – which will help build and tone muscle fiber. If you do happen to get injured, follow this simple advice. Don’t hesitate to see a doctor if things don’t seem to be improving. If the pain from the injury persists despite you resting the muscle, consider having the injury evaluated. Protect the injury as much as possible by avoiding using the muscle too much. Use your common sense and listen to your body most of all! Your body will send you messages which is often right. Don’t ignore those bodily hints as it may be telling your things such as don’t over your workout, always warm up fully and cooling down completely; doing so will avoid a lot of common injuries while working out. It’s always better to play it safe than to risk injury which will often sideline you for a while.

What Does The Word Fitness Really Means To You?

When you hear the word fitness, what images pop into your head? Do you see an attractive, slender, well-toned body with six-pack abs? Do you see a hulking muscle-bound weight lifter with a tan? Or maybe you see a group of people in a workout facility running on treadmills or doing aerobics. Does your image of fitness focus entirely below the neck? What Is The Definition Of Fitness? When I looked up the definition in an online dictionary, I got the following:

1) A state or a quality of being fit don’t you just love those kinds of definitions? I could write my own dictionary with those kinds of definitions like, baldness is the state or quality of being bald or wellness is the state or quality of being well! Thankfully, there was another definition for fitness listed that offered a little more substance as follows:

2) The ability of an organism to survive and pass on its genotype through reproduction as compared to other competing organisms: also: the addition of an allele (alternative genes) or genotype to the gene pool of later generations versus that of other alleles or genotypes Now that certainly isn’t the sexy image of attractive hard bodies I’d prefer to have when I hear the term fitness, but it did get me to thinking.

The mind and body can work independently. I’m a big believer that our minds and our bodies are able to function to some degree, independently from one another. Certainly, many changes take place in our bodies throughout our lives whether or not we devote any conscious thought to it or not. I am much taller today than when I was born and did not give one conscious thought to making that happen. My body just took care of it independently from my mind. By the same token, my mind has the ability to think of all kinds of things that have nothing to do with my body. Although the mind and body can operate independently they also have the power to exert great influence over one another. Experience an ongoing pain somewhere in your body, and your mind will probably be focused on doing something to alleviate that pain.

Mind and body together is total fitness so, what’s my point? Well first of all, since the mind and body can often function independently from one another, there must be a mental as well as a physical fitness. Now I know that’s not news to anyone, but I believe that total fitness is achieved only when the mind and the body come together and work towards the common goal.

The second definition for fitness mentioned above is basically covering the law of natural selection whereby the more physically fit organisms will survive longer to pass on their genes to be included in the gene pool. I believe there also exists a similar pool that deals with mental fitness. This mental side, or as I like to call it, the “mindset” pool is made up of the thoughts and emotions we put out each day. As of now, to my knowledge, there does not exist any microscopes that can study the makeup of the mindset pool like they can with the gene pool. The mindset pool remains unseen by human eyes but exerts a tremendous influence over the actions that we take in our lives. I cannot see the atoms that make up a steel girder, but they provide that girder with the strength to hold up and support incredible structures all over the world. Just because I can’t see them does not mean they are not there exerting tremendous influence.

There are many reasons why obesity has become a worldwide epidemic and why so many people find themselves unable to maintain and achieve positive results from their fitness program. I believe that a big part of the reason is not recognizing the role mental fitness plays in overall fitness. I think a conscious effort to pass on positive thoughts and encouragement to others will be a big step in overcoming these challenges.

Avoid Burning Out


What’s up guys and gals, Cory here, and I wanted to tell you about 3 simple things that you can do to avoid burning out when training for physical fitness, and therefore keep making gains.

1.Don’t max out all the time. That’s right, no need to go all out every time you workout. No need to use heavy weights all the time, no need to train to failure all the time, or push yourself till you’re shattered. You need to keep mixing it up. Some days you should really go for it while other days you should hold back a little. Normally what I do is really go for it on Monday and Tuesday, take it a little easier on Wednesday and then have even easier days on Thursday and Friday when a little fatigue has set in. For example I can do fewer sets, use lighter weights, and finish my cardio earlier.

2. Mix it up. Don’t keep following the same workout all the time. This will make you bored and boredom is not a good thing when you’re trying to work out. Keep changing things and trying different exercises and methods of working out so that 7 times out of 10, you’re looking forward to training rather than dreading it.

3. Learn the difference between fatigue and laziness. This is not something that’s really easy to explain and it only comes with experience. Eventually you will figure it out for yourself as long as you stay aware and notice your habits. Sometimes you won’t have a good training session because you’re just feeling lazy, distracted, have other things on your mind. This is where you’ve got to stay disciplined and focus.

Don’t let anything distract you. Other times your mind will be willing to train hard, you’ll be motivated and ready to go but your body will be feeling a little tired, and if you try and test it out, you’ll find that it’s not responding the way it would at it’ peak. In that case, you’re fatigued and you need to step off the gas a little, take it easy or rest completely. Like I said, you’ll figure out the difference for yourself eventually.

I will Segway into Different Places To Exercise: Exercise Outside The Gym

A lot of people lead extremely busy lives and cannot devote as much time to their personal fitness as they would like to and as they would need to. The results of this widespread, worldwide trend are nearly catastrophic, as more and more people every day suffer from a range of ailments due to living an inactive lifestyle without any real type of exercise. It is true that experts suggest to anyone serious about physical fitness that at least thirty minutes a day should be devoted to strenuous exercise workouts, but for many people, finding the right time and right space for that can be very difficult and hard to manage. There are many local gyms where people can manage a personal care routine and devote their time to fitness but a lot of people find the idea that they have to pay a monthly fee and sign a difficult to get around contract off-putting. In fact, there have been cases of people unable to continue attending such a place and still having to pay the same monthly fee. For this reason, many people may be looking for a way to get healthier and stay slimmer outside of a dedicated place such as that. Luckily, for many great ways there does not need to be any dedicated equipment, or even any payments whatsoever.

Walking is a great way to become healthier and burn calories that almost anyone can do and that can be done during the everyday activities. For example, many people have found to their surprise that parking their car just a few dozen feet away from the door of their workplace can add hundreds of burned calories to their monthly total. Even keeping in mind that stairs are a great way to burn off those extra pounds can seem to add little at first, but a lot in the long run as the entire body will get a quick, sudden burst of activity.

For people with a bit more time on their hand taking long walks at a set time during the day can entirely turn around their life and how they looks. In times of inclement weather, there is no reason to give up on being healthy.

For people with a little time, searching the internet for a few beginning steps of a low impact stretching or aerobics workout can do wonders, and there is no reason not to do those steps from the comfort of your own home or bedroom.

Many people may find it hard to pay the money or commute to a place where they can work on their health, and some people may even find that they do not want to as such places can feel impersonal or unwelcoming to a novice. For this reason, starting a routine that can be kept up at the home or while going about a person’s daily tasks can truly make a large difference over a period of time and make the entire person healthier, happier, and slimmer. Bring out the inner healthier you!

4 Secrets to Mental Toughness In Winning in a Game of Virtually Any Sport- Secret #3

pop sport

Creating Physical Intensity comes in two forms: MENTAL and PHYSICAL. AND both are equally important to maintain in a match whether it’s a game of basketball, soccer, or virtually any other high intensity exercise or sport competition. The player who can maintain a high level of intensity throughout a match will have success playing aggressively, and will be hard to beat. His stroke consistency, placement, pace, and shot variety will be affected by his intensity level, as well as his ability to compete, to self-coach, and to develop a strategy for winning points.

Physical intensity, which derives from the player’s physical movements, is another component of his intensity level. The player can have perfect stroke technique, but he will not win points if he cannot get to the ball. The more quickly he gets to the ball, the more preparation time he will have. With more time to prepare, he will find it easier to time his shots. Good physical movement includes quickness, body agility, hustle, stamina, and good footwork. The player’s level of physical intensity will be determined by the strength of these five elements.

1 QUICKNESS It is difficult to make a genetically slow person fast, but his quickness can be improved with the proper instruction and training. It is important to incorporate speed work into drills and conditioning exercises. Players must combine quickness with good footwork so they do not overrun balls and create errors. Quickness adds confidence and will be a great asset to a player’s game. mHis opponent will fear the player’s speed and will feel as if he has to hit a batter shot all the time to win each point. This will result in more unforced errors by his opponent. The player can appear to be quick if he combines average speed with good footwork and a good reading of the ball.

2 BODY AGILITY Body agility is the skillful control of body movements. A good sense of balance and the ability to change direction quickly are both essential for the player who might find his legs moving in one direction while his upper body needs to move in the opposite direction. The need for agility becomes most apparent at the net, where quick responses are necessary continuously. The player can improve his body agility with proper conditioning exercises.

3 HUSTLE is the player’s use of maximum physical effort. He competes physically through an optimal use of hustle, especially on the big points. The player who hustles has his muscles working at peak capacity. He is further energized by the thought that he was able to reach a particularly difficult shot, and his physical intensity increases even further. All players have the ability to hustle, but they have to be in excellent shape to continue at a high level throughout a match. The smart player knows that hustle can make the difference in four to six points in a match, and these points should help win at least one game. Points won through hustle might occur in a crucial game and might provide the difference in a very close match.

4 STAMINA provides the player with the capability to compete at a high level of physical intensity throughout the match. It is developed through hard play and a strenuous conditioning program of the many different muscle groups in the body that are essential in competitive tennis. One of the most overlooked muscle groups is the eye muscles. They must be developed and conditioned so they will be able to continue focusing on the ball during a long rally and a long match. Patience alone is not sufficient to win long baseline rallies. The eye muscles must be able to concentrate on the ball continuously. Strong eye muscles can be developed through reading the ball and playing long rallies in practice.

5 GOOD FOOTWORK Good footwork is essential. Movement stimulates the brain and keeps the player more aggressive physically and mentally. When movement precedes ball contact, the timing of the shot improves. It is important for players to keep their feet moving in preparation for every shot they are about to receive. And the ‘split-step’ is a very important aspect of proper footwork. Players must bounce lightly on the balls of their feet every time an opponent strikes the ball. This movement helps prepare a player for whatever shot his opponent might hit next.