Find out if stretching can cause you to get in shape and be An anti aging fix

Find out if stretching can cause you to get in shape and be An anti aging fix. When you do your core exercises you want to make sure you have already stretched prior to your workout. As you age your joints and muscles start to become stiff. There have been studies that actually shows that aging will make your body stiffer and slower.You will not have the flexibility as you did in your younger years without stretching and exercising.



Here is a true scenario, an active and flexible 38 year old man or woman could appear to be more youthful in their movements and appearance then a 28 year old man or woman who has a lifestyle with little to no activities on a regular basis.

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You will be older if your body is not flexible and is rigid.

Stretching regularly will give your body the nutrients needed from your food to have a lot of energy. Being more flexible physically will help to get the nutrients transported more easily throughout the body. The blood carries nutrients all over your body. If you are not stretching there are parts of your body where the nutrients will not be transported effectively through the blood vessels. So when this happens you will be low on energy and feel sluggish all day long. Being more flexible will get more nutrients to the places where they would not normally reach if you were stiffer and lived a less active life. Having some good core exercises to do after your stretching session is key.




To slow down the aging process make sure that you are stretching well before exercising, getting seven to eight hours of sleep a night, drink plenty of fluids: especially water, reduce your sugar and salt intake, eat plenty of fruits ad vegetables. This will get you on track to looking better, reversing the effects of aging, and becoming more energized. You can often tell a person who exercises regularly when compared to someone who does very little activities just by looking at their posture and how they move.


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Stretching and staying properly aligned will make you appear and feel younger. It will alleviate normal aches and pain associated with getting older. Always take deep breaths while stretching and try to step stretch your entire body for at least 10 minutes prior to working out. Really hold your stretches and feel your muscles loosen up.


Stretching well should always be a ritual done prior to good core exercises. When stretching is done safety,  it will help you to avoid injuries while working out. You should never begin a serious workout without properly stretching. You will notice that when you stretch your energy level will sharply increase prior to and during exercising. Try some of these stretching exercises on this page to give you some ideas of good stretches to do before you do your regular workout routine.


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