Effective ways of losing stomach fat

  Losing stomach fat has been a challenge to many dieters; it has been very challenging to lose stubborn fat that hide in the stomach and lower belly region. There are many weight loss regimens that are designed for this type of challenge, and in many instances we witness the Read More

A Glass of Red Wine is similar to 1 hours of exercise

  Moderate drinking of red wine has many benefits as revealed by various research findings. According to recent research findings, a glass of wine is similar to 1 hour of exercise but most people still struggle when it comes to losing extra weight because they yet to discover this secret. Read More

How To Burn Belly Fat

Ok, so you want to trim your tummy? Well, provided you are determined and willing to take advice, you’ll surely trim your tummy. Belly fat is undeniably the biggest problem facing many individuals today. You may think, “I’m not thin. I don’t have belly fat!” The reality is that even Read More

fiber is good

Clean Up Your Diet and Reduce Fat Around Your Middle

            Being overweight is not healthy, we know that. But excess belly fat can be especially dangerous and put us at risk for all kinds of health issues including insulin resistance, diabetes and heart disease (just to name a few). Gaining weight in the middle Read More

Commonly Practiced Tummy Exercises

Commonly Practiced Tummy Exercises Tummy exercises are aimed at achieving a toned belly by burning fat from the stomach. These exercises work best when combined with appropriate food intake and resistance training exercise. The combination of these three factors enables the body to turn into a fat burning machine, thus Read More

Fitness Tips with a focus on Abdominal exercises

I am Oswin Dacosta a fitness Expert and Amazon author and best seller of “How To Get Abs” and I also blog on topics like yoga to Pilates to Zumba, there’s one to fit your goals. Chances are, there’s one to fit your schedule perfectly. Even better, they’re packed with motivated, not-afraid-to-sweat Read More