Body Weight Workouts

Body weight workouts can be beneficial to anyone who just wants to be lean and don’t want to spend too much money on expensive machines or workout equipment. You may be on a budget and just want to be able to workout the least expensive way possible at home or at a low cost gym. Getting these equipment does not have to cost you much, if anything at all. You can usually find a lot of these equipment used in your local news paper, on craigslist, and else where around town or online. You might can find people who are just trying to get of small machines they they may be to old to use at this point in their life or their now grown children might have left them behind and they just want to get rid of these items. I guarantee if you look around you can find these items, or buy them inexpensively.


Body weight workouts may be the ideal type of work out for you. You can get in shape, get lean and muscular all at the same time without breaking the bank; or you may want to get in shape without becoming that muscular because free weights can tend to make you more muscular than body weight workouts with little or no free weights.Depending on the type of workout equipment you have they can sometimes be bulky and take up a lot of space. Unless you’re able to get smaller yet effective workout equipment for small spaces. These smaller workout equipment can be perfect for your home or on your patio if you have one.


If you are working out to be lean it does not necessarily mean you are into bodybuilding. You can work out and become stronger and leaner without being a bodybuilder. In fact being muscular and lean is the healthiest way to be, in moderation. Well tapered lean muscles are ideal for most people. We will cover some of the weight training exercises below that can get you leaner.

Body weight exercises will work similar to weight training, yet not that extreme. Remember you can only go as high as your body weight unless you add additional resistance. Here are a group of body weight workouts that are also good fitness exercises:



This one arm pull up may look hard but doing 2 arm pull ups will build you up to doing a one arm pull if you chose to tackle this unique exercise. If not stick to the typical 2 arm pull up using your body weight. This is a good exercise for both your biceps and back muscles. muscles. 

One arm pull up













Muscle ups will work your back, biceps and triceps really well. You will need a stable chin up bar which is fairly inexpensive depending on the features. I have one I picked up at for $129 from academy sports and outdoor. Also, I do not get paid anything by Academy to mention that. However, this a somewhat priceless piece of workout equipment; a mini gym if you will. 













Roman Chair Back Extension. A great overall full back workout machine for toning, tightening and strengthening the overall back with a focus on building your lower back muscles which so many people, even the ones in the gym lack. Strong lower back muscles can be useful. 














Bench dips for your triceps and shoulders. You need a stable bench and a table, bar, or something stable and solid to put you palms onto for pressing up. You could use a bench and a stable yet wide enough chair or something low to the ground for your palms to rest on as you dip down. The start and ending positions are below.

















Body Rows are good mid to upper back workout to harden you back and build it up some, not to mention your biceps also get a good burn. You will need a solid bar that is a few feet off the ground and that you can use to pull and lower your body down with. The start and finish positions are below. 















The body bridge, a good body weight workout for your back and core region. No workout equipment needed for this one. Again the start and finish diagrams are below.  Please feel free to check out my best selling Amazon book for some top notch ab workouts if you are into getting a flat and awesome looking mid section. 

body Bridge