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Fitbit Flex

This water resistant calories burned calculator tracks your calories in style. There are many colors and brands of the Fitbit, even a Tory Burch wristband attachment.

When you are getting closer and closer toward your goals throughout the day, the LED lights from the device will light up in celebration of the close victory.

If you want to take a swim to get in shape there is no need to take off the flex as it is water resistant.

$99.99/Shipping Including


The current sold out Amiigo activity tracker has two sensors on the device. The second sensor was added to keep better track of multiple areas. The wristband sensor records upper body activity, while the shoe clip sensor records lower body activity.

The calculator is quite advanced. It records calories burned, but also tracks heart rate, blood oxygen saturation, skin temperature range, and pulse volume variations.

In addition, the Amiigo recognizes the activity you are doing at the time as well. While you are swimming, the Amiigo keeps track of how many stokes and laps are done. Not only that, but it will notice the style of swimming you are doing as well. If you decide to do the butterfly stroke, the amigo will pick up on that. It will recognize the backstroke, freestyle and breaststroke.

When at the gym, this device recognizes the type of lighting you are doing, whether you are doing bicep curls or rowing. It also picks up on the amount of weight you are lifting or pressing.

Put your device on your show before you go to cycling class and the device you duration, endurance, etc.


Fitbug Orb

This is a calorie counter and sleep tracker all in one. The device promises to get you moving more, sleeping better and eating better.

Fitbug Orb comes with a digital coach. Along with tracking you calories burned, Fitbug’s digital coach give its users encouraging messages in order to keep going. Phrases like “Nice work!” and even personalized messages like “Well done Sam!” are used when you have reached a fitness goal. Walking steps are tracked and aerobic steps as well.

The device and the digital coach show the user a scale of calories consumed. Throughout the day, the scale will change colors the closer the user gets to the caloric intake goal.

Fitbug Orb believes that proper sleep is a huge part of reaching fitness goals. So the device will let users know if they have reached the amount of sleep or if they are sleep deprived.