Injuries and You – Core Strength Training Safely

exercise injury

If you’re an avid exerciser, you might have experienced sore muscles, aching joints, and sometimes a stiff back. If you do regular Core Strength Training in conjunction with a full bodybuilding workout, you might have felt these symptoms in the past. Injuries occur because of too much bodily stress and incorrect form. Injuries do nothing to benefit your exercise routine. They can short-circuit your workouts, causing you to miss them entirely. Injuries also can interrupt your sleep routines, and cause you pain all throughout the day.

It’s important to recognize the symptoms of an injury, so that you can prevent further injury. Muscle strain is the result of over-stretching or otherwise overusing a particular muscle. When doing your core strength training, you must be sure to stretch appropriately and do a safe number of repetitions. It’s also possible to experience neck strain injuries, though this isn’t as common when performing core strength training. Back strain is common if you’re not performing the exercises with correct form. Improper form during lunges results in knee strain or sprains. Knee strain is apparent when you feel pain behind or below the knee joint, so pay close attention.

If you have delayed muscle soreness occurring between 24 and 48 hours and disappearing by 72, then you’ve probably experienced micro-tears in the muscle or build-up of lactic acid. The name of the game is to perform your Core Strength Training exercises with smarts. Forget the old adage ‘No pain, no gain’ – it won’t benefit you here! Preventing injury starts with preparing for the workout appropriately. Begin with a warm-up. Walk on the treadmill for 5 – 10 minutes to get your muscles warmed up. Once finished with your warm-up, start stretching the areas you’ll be working out. When stretching, hold the position for 30 seconds up to a minute. Keep focused when working out. Though it seems a simple piece of advice, it does need to be said! Many people have workout partners and get caught up in conversation while working out. If there is too much distraction, form suffers, and injury becomes more likely.

Make sure your diet has adequate nutrition – particularly protein – which will help build and tone muscle fiber. If you do happen to get injured, follow this simple advice. Don’t hesitate to see a doctor if things don’t seem to be improving. If the pain from the injury persists despite you resting the muscle, consider having the injury evaluated. Protect the injury as much as possible by avoiding using the muscle too much. Use your common sense and listen to your body most of all! Your body will send you messages which is often right. Don’t ignore those bodily hints as it may be telling your things such as don’t over your workout, always warm up fully and cooling down completely; doing so will avoid a lot of common injuries while working out. It’s always better to play it safe than to risk injury which will often sideline you for a while.

Foods That Burn Belly Fat

For The Foods That Burn Belly Fat we Will Touch on Why it is Important Know Them Intimately

Your core strength is going to improve with exercise, but dieting is an intricate part of the weight loss process too. Choosing the right allies in your fight against belly fat will help you out tremendously along the way, this is because dieting counts for a large portion of your weight loss success. Exercise alone will only take you so far without eating the right foods. This is where foods that help to burn fat gives you the extra push and gets you to your ideal weight; which will also help in flattening your tummy and help to build your core strength. Losing weight will definitely help your self image. Anyone that has gained a few extra pounds over the years would certainly feel better it they were able to lose some of that weight they’ve gained, it make sense. You will feel so much healthier you can’t help but to feel better about yourself. But there are innumerable diets out there which is difficult to continue and how we will know if they work or not. So the Richardsons Smoke House blogs presents the key diet tips and steps to lose weight.

This blog will cover some of the foods that will make your battle to lose weight easier while getting a flat tummy. For the health benifit of the food visit Foodie.  These foods will make losing belly fat a whole lot easier. Think about it, it would not make sense for someone to be exercising to slim down and tone up yet they are eating all the wrong foods; foods such as: pizza, donuts, french fries, big mac and soda on a regular basis. It would defeat the purpose of getting in shape and trimming down. I’m not saying you have to cut those kinds of foods out 100% completely, but you certainly should not be partaking in such eating habits on the regular. Here are some of the best foods to help you with weight loss and they have other benefits.

soup for dinner

Soup can be loaded with high nutrient and have lots of low fat ingredients such as all you favorite vegetables, lean meat and flavoring that fits your taste. Plus you can throw in all of the ingredients you have always wanted to eat all at once such as celery, carrots, beans, noodles and more. It is filing and can be make for a quick and delicious meal that is low on



They are sweet and they smell so good when cut up. Eating cantaloupes will save you a lot of calories and they make a great snack to take on the go in a container. High in fiber to get your digestive system working at it’s best. There is nothing like fresh cantaloupes on a warm summer day, the smell, the taste is hard to resist. Or you can mix it with other fruits, and make a fruit cocktail mixed with low fat yogurt.

Green Tea


Most experts would agree that green tea is full of weight loss benefits and is definitely a super food. It is loaded with antioxidants that will detoxify your entire body. It certainly sits atop of the superfoods alongside a few other foods. It will purge your body of contaminants and clean you out. You can grow your own or buy them in the store. Just boil some water and add some of the leaves or a teabag stir and drink. Good for winding down before going to bed at nights.


food-669249_640A really good source of protein yet low in bad fat such as saturated fat. One of it’s best benefit is omega-3 which is apart of the good fat needed for a healthy heart and other important benefits. This is a good food to have in your diet because it will allow you to stay learn even when you consume a lot of it. It’s have a lot of protein.

Yogurt(especially Greek)


Yogurt is fairly low in fat and is high in nutrients such as vitamin D,  protein, calcium. It makes for a good snack and the protein will make you feel full longer. You can cook with it, and it’s lighter in calories than sour cream and is a dairy product. Yogurt goes nicely with fruits, or you can sprinkle chopped nuts all over your yogurt.

Chicken or Turkey Breast


These are other terrific sources of protein. High in protein to give you that feeling of fullness that lasts a long time yet super low in fat and calories. Replace whole chicken with skinless chicken or turkey breast. Eating like that regularly will contribute to you becoming lean and limit your caloric intake significantly.