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Choosing The Right Workout Routine For 2018!



Another new year is just a few short hours away; so here comes 2018. Getting ready for the new year 2018, means getting your health in order. Make your resolution for the new year to get in the best shape of your life. I don’t mean start out off working out tomorrow January 1st, 2018 and completely end your fitness dream and quit before spring time. Start your workout program and stick with it for the long run, believe me it’s worth it. Get a structured workout program in place, it will work wonders. If you are not currently following a structured workout program, you are most likely not seeing the results that you are looking for. A professionally developed workout program will help you to stay on track with your goals and to make sure you are not over-training. Workout programs will also help to ensure that you are hitting each muscle group consistently which will allow for proper full body growth.


So which type of workout program is the best?

Well, this depends on what you like to do the most. If you are an avid weight-lifter, then obviously weight-lifting is going to give you the greatest results because you will enjoy it enough to stick with it. On the other hand, if you hate lifting weights you will dread each workout and will more than likely quit before you have a chance to experience any results.


If you are interested in achieving or maintaining better overall health, workout routines that target the entire body are the ones that you will want to focus on as a part of your workout program. When you combine the benefits of full body strength training and cardiovascular fitness, you are bound to see great lasting results; in fact, that is the type of workout that will give you the fastest and most satisfying workout of any workout program around.


These types of full body workouts may include weight-lifting, bodyweight routines or calisthenics, sports involvement or any other type of physical activity that interests you. Including resistance training and cardio type workout programs are far more superior than just doing one or the other. Also, you have to keep in mind that by doing things that you love to do, you will help to increase your chances of success. When you are working out for better health, it becomes fun.

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Fun workouts are the types of workout programs that you can stick with over the long term and also provide the greatest results. In fact, fun workouts won’t even feel like workouts simply because they are more enjoyable and they don’t feel like a chore. People often wonder how physically fit people can consistently workout day after day to maintain their high level of fitness. This is exactly how they do it, they really enjoy it.


You see, once you understand that working out doesn’t have to be so mundane and boring activity, you will begin to live a truly healthy life and fulfilling lifestyle. Beyond working out, you should also make sure you are following a nutritious lifestyle that will support your overall health. You have to feed your body the necessary nutrients needed to replenish it after you break it down with a good workout program. This means more fresh vegetables, fruits and lean protein sources and less junk food like processed meals, fast food, sodas, sweets, artificial ingredients and other unhealthy items.


Just remember that you only have one body to last you a life time; that’s it period! You must take care of your body for it to last you a lifetime. Your body is only as good as the food you put into it. What you put into your body today will affect its performance tomorrow and the day after. If you are putting in junk, then you can’t expect to be completely well and healthy most of your life. Therefore, load up on natural, healthy foods such as superfoods, you can see a free pdf of some of the best superfoods available on the planet here. This is very important for anyone who is concerned with their health workout and eat right.

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Working out for better health doesn’t have to be difficult but it does require a great deal of commitment. You have to prioritize your health and make sure that all things you do in life are consistent with this choice. Your health is your most important asset you have and if you don’t use it, you can easily lose it in the form of illnesses and premature death; it’s all around us daily. People die early from health related illnesses constantly and it does not have to be that way. Over the years I’ve personally known a fair amount of people who’ve passed away prematurely due to health related illnesses, which could have been prevented with those individuals choosing a healthy lifestyle. Again, it’s the lifestyle you decide to lead, or not to lead. The choice is yours! I personally love to exercise, it’s a life calling for me. I may take a break from working out from time to time, but I always get back into it in no time at all. It’s almost like I never took a break at all, it’s something I really enjoy doing.


Here are some great exercises to begin with here. Always check with your physician before starting any exercise program; that is very important to do first! Then start or continue an effective workout program. Also, pick up a copy of my book below, it is a good workout guide for anyone.

7 Things To Think About In Order To Stay Motivated About Working Out

7 Things To Think About In Order To Stay Motivated About Working Out


Staying motivated to workout is really important. Without the motivation you could be at risk of falling back into your same old habits that will lead you astray. You do not want that. You must find ways to keep your workout motivation going strong. Here are a few things you might want to consider before stopping a perfectly good workout routine for no good reason.


1. Think of how long it took you to get your flat or partially flat stomach, and all of your hard work done to make it this far to just throw it all away. You did not get in shape or start to get in shape by accident. It took time, planning, dedication and lots of hard work.


2. Consider all of the diseases and illnesses you may get from not staying in shape and not being healthy. It’s a fact staying in shape and keeping unwanted fat at bay will keep you well protected from diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, early heart disease, among other illnesses.


3. You will feel a lot better physically if you continue exercising. There is no doubt that when you workout you become strong, and studies in New England Medical journal have shows that stronger people live longer.


4. You will keep looking good physically. There is a good chance that if you see 2 individual and 1 person works out regularly, and the other person has never seen the inside a gym, nor ever seen a piece of exercise equipment. Chances are you will be able to look and tell which person works out and which one does not fairly easily.


5. You will not feel your age when you are in shape, you will tend to feel younger and stronger. Being in shape makes you feel younger. You are more likely to feel you age or worse if you don’t workout regularly.


6. Your medical bills will likely stay lower if you workout regularly as opposed to not working out and aging. Working out will keep a lot of unwanted diseases from developing in your body. When you don’t have fat clogging up your arteries you are certain to be healthier than if you did have it.


7. You are full of energy all of the time. Exercising by nature will give you more energy. If you do not workout try doing so for a few weeks and see what a difference it makes. Your energy level will shoot through the roof. You would not be able to contain yourself as you did in the past.


The purpose of this article is to show you some of the benefits of getting your 3 or more regular weekly workouts in. Exercise challenges your body, it breaks it down and rebuilds it stronger and leaner. Your motto should be you are never too old to do physical exercise. Certainly, a 60 yr old person will exercise differently than a 20 yr old person, but they can both benefit tremendously from working out. Always check with your physician before getting started in any physical exercise program to make sure your body is healthy enough for it.
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