General Information About Using An Exercise Ball

stabalizer ball

There are a number of different types of machines and other equipment that can be used to do thorough and targeted exercises to improve the body’s fitness, strength and endurance. The exercise cycle, cross-trainer and treadmill are used in cardiovascular regimes to improve endurance and stamina.


There are certain machines that are usually used in weight training regimes. Each of these machines serves its own purpose and target different parts of the body. The exercise ball is also a great piece of equipment. It mostly helps with balance for targeted exercise routines. These balls are used by beginners to regularize their skill and form. As the levels of fitness and skill improve the regimes can be altered. Your fitness level will dictate the use of the ball.


If you are a beginner and you have never used an exercise ball before then you must start out with basic exercises that will help you attain the proper technique required. Do not attempt to overload yourself on these because doing more than a couple of sets can put serious strain on your body.


Once you get the hang of the basics you will be able to streamline the form of the exercises and you can add other variations to the workout plan that you have in mind. When using the ball you can try following an instruction video so that you will be able to not only workout with better form and precision, but also be more regular.


When starting out you need to figure out which are the muscles you want to target so that the regime can be set up as such. Anexercise ball is typically used to target the abdominal and back muscles, but there are some routines that help to strengthen your chest, arms as well as you shoulders and legs.


Setting your fitness goals is imperative to all regimes and it is no different when using the ball. The repetitions and sets must be designed according to the goals you set for yourself. There are also some safety tips that need to be followed so that you do not end up hurt.

You should place the exercise ball on an exercise mat so that the ball is stable and balanced. If the exercises feel too easy then you can add weights to increase the resistance but you must always remember to listen to your body and if the pain gets too much then you must stop immediately and let your body rest. Specify days into your regime when the ball should be used so that the body can get ample rest in between. You can talk to trainers and professionals so that you will use the ball in the right manner.


The exercise ball is another really helpful piece of equipment if you want to call it as such, which you can add to your arsenal of workout equipment that can help your get in shape more precisely and efficiently.


Do not hesitate to add different pieces of workout equipment gradually, and if it is something that fits your budget that will help you in your fitness goal. Plus remember, buying pieces of gym equipment a little at a time will not disrupt your budget as much as paying for a regular monthly gym membership, you will save money in the end because your purchases will be occasionally and not ongoing.

Exercise Ball Body Toning Workout.

Exercise balls have been around for some time now. They have various different names but they’re still exercise balls. They may be called Yoga, fitness, gym and other types of balls, but they are still fitness balls.The exercise ball started out as treatment balls for newborn babies but have somehow evolved into workout apparatuses for adults and young adults. There are a variety of exercises that can be done using the ball. Including exercises for the legs back shoulders, arms, stomach, calves.



I will cover some of the various types of exercises that can be done to get your body in shape using an exercise ball. In addition to that I will give you examples of what the exercises will look like when done correctly.  The exercises will help to tighten and tone your muscles, speed up your metabolism, and get you into the best shape of your life. Practice these exercises at least three times a week to see visible improvements. Exercising should be a lifestyle choice and not a fad. We will cover the exercises below to do for some quick results.



push up exercise with an exercise ball

Push Ups


Place the ball on the ground and get down on your knees and get your feet up onto the ball. Then you want to place your palms on the floor about shoulder width apart, and get into an upright position with your arm locked out all the way. The next motion would be to lower your upper body down to the floor and push back up using your arm chest and back muscles. Do three to four sets of as many reps as you can do. If you are not use to doing push ups or don’t already have a strong upper body you will not be able to do many at first but you will start to improve in a very short time. After you do this exercise you should start feeling your chest and arms begin to burn slightly.



lumbar exercise

Lumbar Flex


Using a similar position with the ball you will begin to do a lumbar flex. It will be the same concept with palms about shoulder width apart or a little wider on the floor, and your legs extended straight back in a line. With your body at about a 180 degree angle. Then you will use your back muscles and bring your feet from 180 degree angle up to a valve A 150 degree angle by flexing your feet back up with your back muscles, then go back to 180 degrees(a straight line with your body. You will start to feel the burn in your lumbar region of the back. This is a great overall back exercise for strengthening and toning. Again do what you can at first until you can do many, but always try to do three to four sets to begin.



squat exercise with a ball



Place the exercise ball against a wall and stand with your feet about shoulder-width apart. You will then use your back to roll the ball down as you squat down to where your knees and hips are in line, or about at a 90 degree angle then you will use your leg muscles and press back up until you are standing fully upright. You will repeat this exercise for 3 to 4 sets of as many reps as you can do, especially if you are a beginner. This is a powerful exercise which you will begin to see fast results if you do this exercise one or twice a week. This will also really harden your legs and speed up your metabolism more than most other exercises.




Not to overwhelm you  if you are new to working out or if you have not worked out in some time, but these are a few good exercises to start doing using an exercise ball. There are many other exercises to cover in the future. Keep checking out this website for updates on stand fit and healthy. Please also check out my book on diet and exercise focused on flat stomach exercises.