The Wonder of High Protein Low Carb Diet Plans


Having a good eating habit is compulsory if you want to shed that few extra pounds on your tummy. Once you do lose the weight, it’s important to not go back to eating carelessly. So many people have lost weight only to gain more than what they have initially lost, because they lacked the discipline to do their diet consistently. This consistency and choosing the right diet for you is the key to achieve that perfect figure.


One method that has been gaining popularity is to follow a high protein low carb diet plan. The high protein low carb diet plan encourages you to consume carbohydrates, albeit on a limited amount. The fact of the matter is, your body needs carbohydrates for its source of energy. By limiting the carbs, your body will be pushed to get its energy from your fat store instead, thus removing those flabs in the process.


It’d be even better if you combine the diet with regular exercises. That way it will shed the pounds even quicker. High protein low carb diet meal plans are not as strict as other. You are allowed to have brown rice or whole wheat bread, but moderation is key. Generally, it’s good to have your carbs in the morning and afternoon. From that point on, it’s better to limit the intake or stop them completely. For a replacement, you can increase your protein intake instead.


Proteins are a good source to build your muscle mass, which is very handy when it comes to calories burning during the night time. Here’s a recommended breakfast menu for your high protein low carb diet plan. You can start the day by having whole wheat waffles accompanied by your choice of turkey meats. Add some cheese for protein and a non-fat milk to complete it. The portion is up to you, as you know your body more. A tip would be to drink lots of water. That way it will speed up the metabolism system of your body. The recommended lunch menu for your high protein low carb diet plan is not that different from the breakfast. Have a whole wheat bread with your pick of meat, cheese and a glass of milk. Fruits are an option, though maybe not too much, as they are very rich in sugar. Since you have carbs for both breakfast and lunch, dinner should be carbs free. Vegetables and a piece of meat of your choice would suffice.


The eating example above is a  good guide of how to eat on this high protein low carb diet. Eliminating the carbs after lunch is a sure way to burn into your fat reserves and start seeing a much leaner body. You will transform your body into a fat burning and not a fat storing physique.