6 Simple Home Workout Routines

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Working Out At Home Will Also Give You Results

The six easy home exercise routines you will see below are ideal for those who might not have time for the gym. They suggest simple exercises, a few of which do not require the use of heavy equipment. First and foremost, they can be integrated into your daily routine with ease, because of the fact that you won’t have to leave the house, thus saving you time. Take a look at how you can get into shape without ever having to leave the comforts of home. Get the daily dose of cardio with walking, running and cycling. These are excellent exercise regimens to get the heart rate up; try doing at least one of these routines 3 times per week. Most likely you will need a treadmill or a stationary bicycle to do these exercise from inside your house. However, if you have a bike or you would rather jog, run or walk, you can use your neighborhood as you are playing ground for at least half an hour three times per week. Often individuals prefer to be outdoors instead of inside because it gives them more freedom and a constant change of scenery.

Build muscles by weight lifting. You do not have to go all out to buy expensive, advanced weights for a home gym. All you need to do is obtain a few dumbbells of varying weights. Start at a point where you feel comfortable and gradually work your way upwards. You can use the weights to build your arms, shoulders as well as your legs. Reduce the size of your stomach with abdominal exercises and a low fat diet to simply get more muscle definition in the stomach area. The best way to do this is to get a few exercise videos that get progressively harder. This will give you a structured regimen and most of all something to aspire to. Before you start doing abdominal training exercises it is essential that you research techniques or talk to your doctor about how to prevent straining your neck. If you are not careful you could end up with neck pain if you do not do crunches properly. Do not let this happen to you because it may mean sacrificing a couple of days of exercise.

Use lunges and squats to help tone your legs. These are an excellent way to trim the excess fat from the thigh areas. Lunges are especially good at shaping and toning your legs. Squats will build up the muscles in your legs fast, which speeds up your metabolism tremendously, which leads to constant automatic fat burning even while you are at rest. If you dedicate at least ten minutes per day to these methods, you will see visible results in a short amount of time. Your legs will appear more toned and smooth and maybe a lot of the fat you didn’t like to see will be gone.


Press/push ups are a good way to help develop the muscular tone in your upper body. This is particularly beneficial to the chest, arms and shoulders and can be done almost daily. Initially, these may be a little difficult; if that’s the case try doing them on your knees at first. This way you will still get the resistance training in the upper body. Eventually you will get enough strength to do regular push ups after a while.

Help to reduce stress with stretching. Stretching is important for warming up, warming down or just for relaxation purposes. Practice performing these before and after your workout simply because they will help to reduce your post pain related to your workouts. Ensure that you stretch all areas of your body, particularly the ones you concentrated on during your routine. The home workout routines given here are fairly easy to follow. They require doing simple exercises that everyone should be acquainted with if not look up some of my exercises here. Additionally, they provide convenience and show you that you have ways to get fit without ever leaving your home. Try to see which routines could work for you and do them at least three times per week to create the desired results. Know this, you can use exercises to shape your body into almost any way you desire it to be shaped. You are only limited by your mind and your lack of effort needed to get the exercises completed regularly enough to make a visible difference.

Workout Plan

Weight Machines

I have talked about getting leaner in the past. Getting leaner will help you to burn more fat. You will burn more fat while you eat, sleep, work out or anything else that you do. Getting leaner starts with working out regularly with some type of resistance training; at least 3 times a week.  Here is a workout plan to assist in getting to your ideal body image goal.


You do not have to workout like a professional bodybuilder to become lean. Doing any type of light weights for resistance training is a great start. Even using your own body weight or a fraction of it can be a really good start to building light, lean muscles to help to speed up your overall metabolism. In turn it will give you more energy and burn more fat. Whether you are needing to start working out for the 1st time, or if you are a seasoned pro and you just need a little variety in your routine try these 2 different weekly workout plans I have personally designed for you below. Remember to always check with your physician before starting any workout plan.


Do each of these weekly workouts for 4 weeks straight to start out(2 weekly workouts programs x 4 weeks = 8 weeks). Then on the 9th week start to alternate the workouts weekly for the next 8th week(workout 1 x 1 week, then workout 2 x 1 week for 8 weeks total) before going back to doing each weekly workout for 4 weeks each straight again. Here are the 2 different weekly work out programs and how they would work. This is assuming you have the necessary workout equipment or a local gym membership.


Workouts for women

Workout #1( 4 workouts per week, feel free to change the days to fit your own schedule):


shoulder press with dumbbells or barbell: 9-12 reps of 4 sets

bicep curl with a curl bar or dumbbells: 9-12 reps of 4 sets

tricep press with dumbbells or barbell behind the neck: 9-12 reps of 4 sets

forearm curls with dumbbells or barbells: 10-20 reps of 4 sets


squats with barbell: 10-15 reps of 5 sets

hamstring curls: 8-12 reps of 5 sets

seated or standing calf raise: 8-12 reps of 5 sets

laying leg raises on a bench: 60-80 reps in as few sets as possible


brench press with barbell or dumbbells: 8-12 reps of 4 sets

decline press with barbell or dumbbells: 8-12 reps of 4 sets

incline press with barbell or dumbbells: 8-12 reps of 4 sets


dead lift with barbell or dumbbell: 8-12 reps of 5 sets

chin ups or lateral pull downs: 8-12 reps of 4 sets

Shoulder shrugs: 10-15 resp of 4 sets.

workouts for men

Workout #2(4 workouts per week, Again you can change up the days to fit your plans)


Dumbbell or barbell rows: 8-12 reps of 4 sets

dead lift with barbell or dumbbell: 8-12 reps of 4 sets

shoulder press with dumbbell or barbell: 8-12 reps of 4 sets


push ups: do 50-70 reps in as few sets as possible

tricep dips: do 30-50 reps in as few sets as possible

sit ups: do 50-70 reps in as few sets as possible

seated or standing calf raises: do 50-70 reps in as few sets as possible


Lunges with barbell or dumbbell: 8-12 reps of 4 sets

stiff leg dead lift with barbell or dumbbells: 10-15 reps of 5 sets

internal and external rotation calf raise: 10-15 reps of 5 sets

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bicep curl with a curl bar or dumbbells: 9-12 reps of 4 sets

tricep press with dumbbells or barbell : 9-12 reps of 4 sets

forearm curls with dumbbells or barbells: 10-20 reps of 4 sets

shoulder shrugs with dumbbells or barbell: 10-15.

Follow my directions above and see a harder and firmer body in a short amount of time. Doing most or all of these exercises I mentioned above and dieting will bring you closer to your lean body goal in very little time. If you are not sure of what some of these exercises are just google them for a pictures to get ideas of how these various exercises look and work. Check out my ab focused workout book.

Best Ab Workouts for Men

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Getting elusive six packs has become a craze these days and guys are exploring all the new and innovative ways to get toned abs. When summer is around the corner,men want those perfectly toned abs to show off. Whether you are seriously involved in any sort of fitness training, it is important to use the right form and techniques to get the best results. Try the below mentioned ab workouts for men to to increase your efficiency and performance, and get faster effective results.


Workouts for abdominal muscles-
The key to get a flat sexy belly is to work out abdominal muscles. Some of the best ab workouts that help you lose your love handles and get flat toned midsection are- crunches, side bends, hip thrust workouts, hanging leg raise etc.

Oblique floor crunches and cross body crunches are the most effective abdominal exercises to tone ab muscles. Oblique crunches help to lose your love handles, obtain six pack abs and strengthen lateral abdominal muscles. To increase the difficulty level, you can also add variations, like twist crunches, crossed legs or rotating motions.


Flutter kicks-
This is one of the most effective ab exercises that hurts in just the right kind of way. Lie down on a mat with your legs straight. Support your gluteus region by placing hands under your lower back. Now, gradually raise your right leg off the ground and hold it there for few seconds. Lower the right leg and raise the left one to the same level. You can do as many number of reps till you simply cannot progress further.


Flexion and Extension-
The hanging leg raise-This is the most common type of ab exercise that focuses on rectus abdominus muscle. The goal of this workout is to flex and extend your core to work your abdominal region. You can also add variation (vertical leg raise) to target other core muscles including obliques, and is perhaps even better than the bicycle maneuver.

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Full body workout-

Flattening your midsection does not just involve only abdominal exercises; it includes a complete body workout. Complete body workout targets all the major muscle groups in the body. Squats, lunges and bench press are some of the advanced workouts for trimming your midsection and getting a firm belly.

Along with the above mentioned ab workouts for men, you need to take care of your nutrition as well as sleep to get effective results.




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