How to Lose Weight and Succeed

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Let’s start of by saying first, it’s not easy to lose weight and you will need a weight loss plan. You must be motivated and you probably are if you are reading this article. Then you have to be determined if you want to succeed. Why do you want to weigh less and how much weight do you want to lose you must ask these questions of yourself to start with? You are maybe asking yourself is this affecting my health, carrying unwanted lbs of unnecessary fat, not a glamorous word by any stretch of the imagination but that is exactly what it is pure fat. Who in their right minds wants to be associated with the above word, okay let’s say it again, fat? I guess it would be safe to say no one. You weight loss will require a plan in order to really make it a reality.


Take a look in your cupboards and see what it is like to pick it up a bag of sugar say roughly 2 lbs in weight, heavy! I hear you say then why would you want to carry multiple bags of fat around all day with you it does not make sense. If that’s not a starting block to get motivated then I don’t know what is. If you do decide to lose that fat then you could call this a lifestyle choice. Your next step is determination to lose the lbs of fat that you have accumulated over the years.


You have to look forward and the occasional glance back to remind you of how you looked and remember also how you felt before you started the quest to lose the lbs and have a healthier lifestyle into the bargain. Where do I start? To coin a phrase let’s start at the very beginning a very good place to start. Portion sized meals, it’s amazing by cutting down slowly the amount of food you put onto your plate your stomach get’s used to the smaller portions and also it will shrink slowly and in time you will find that your stomach doesn’t require so much food, which is one of your goals.


Next is calorie counting it is a must if you are really going to succeed. Calorie counting might sound like a tedious task for someone else not you, but keeping an eye on your calories can make a big difference in your weight loss outcome. Check the contents on the foods you buy as nearly all have a check list for this, some easier to find than others but they are there never the less. I think you will be surprised at the amount of sugar salt, fat, saturates and calories that you have been eating for all these years without ever realizing it.

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Dieting may sound gruesome but you can make it fun by eating healthy nutritional food. Food such as boring old salads with other vegetables can be made up to taste and look impressive. I am sure if you were to type in healthy nutritional recipe meals into the search engine you will be over whelmed at the amount of choices out there to help your diet plan. How about exercising? It cannot be ignored as it is the next part of losing weight effectively. If you swim then you will know you move all the body as you swim, and if done often enough you are certainly guaranteed to be supple and fit, and you will see some weight loss; unwanted fat. Core exercises for your mid region is a must to help to tighten the stomach muscles which will emphasize your flat stomach when combining both dieting. Cycling is another good exercise if you have a bicycle or cycle machine, and it is a good for example of how to strengthen your leg muscles while also strengthening your heart. You might also consider going to a gym and getting an exercise program to suit your needs. If you are not experienced enough in the gym, then you can always use a fitness trainer to start out until you’ve got a good feel of the exercises and can do them on your own.



There are lots more ways to keep fit and if you seriously want to shed the fat then you will find some fat burning exercise tailored to your needs. Remember to always seek medical advice before you undertake any form of weight loss or exercise programs.

Which Diet Plans Work – How to Prepare For Successful Weight Loss


Well, the ones that are easy to stick with; of course. Diet plans that are too restrictive don’t work because they leave us feeling hungry or deprived most of the time. It takes incredible will power to follow a restrictive diet. Years ago, even doctors did not really understand the “mechanics” of weight loss. The best “diet advice” that anybody could offer was to “eat less and move more”. Truly, that is still good advice today; as any effective weight loss plan must create a situation wherein we burn more calories than we consume; but the difference between then and now is that today; we understand how the body responds to dieting. Today, in determining which diet plans work, we know that highly restrictive diets that greatly reduce calorie consumption will result in a “metabolic slow down”; with the metabolism being the furnace within us that burns calories.


A restrictive diet is good but most people can’t keep up with the restrictions for very long without going back to their same old ways. Face it  as humans we are creatures of habit. In time most of us will go back to what is normal, comfortable and easiest for us. There are some true warriors out there but they are few that will stick with the program long term and see all the fruit of their labor. We live in a society where we often get what we want from day to day. So if we choose to be fat and lazy we can get it easily, but it is certainly not a healthy or desirable way to live life. People want to get in shape around the first part of each year and right before vacation. Let’s face it, weight loss does not just happen overnight. We have to work at it little by little just like anything else we want to become a reality for us. Think of weight loss and diet as a lifestyle choice because that’s exactly what it is. You can eat unhealthy and not exercise, but you can also choose to do the exact opposite of that and live a longer healthier life. It comes down to choice.


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We are programmed to maintain; not to lose; and when we reduce our calorie intake in an effort to lose weight; our bodies respond by slowing our metabolic rate, in order to conserve weight! So, which diet plans work? Those plans that are built around the scientific facts about how the body responds to dieting are the ones that truly work. Fortunately, these same plans offer certain advantages that make them easier to follow: They require you to eat often, which means that you never feel “deprived”. You must eat a balanced diet, partaking in proper measure of all of the food groups. You are not denied foods that you particularly enjoy; you simply fit them into the plan.



There are allowances for those situations wherein you have to “grab a meal on the go”. They allow you some “off days” wherein you enjoy zero dietary restrictions without negative impact on your over all progress. I would like for you to see one of the most effective and most popular weight control programs available today; I have used it with great success; and I know that you can too.


I have spent much time researching which diet plans work, and why they work, and this one seems to work well across a broad segment of society, in the U.S. and abroad. I encourage you to follow a diet plan that is fairly lenient but allows you to actually enjoy some of the foods that you eat regularly and can incorporated into your normal daily diet. Being too restrictive will cause you to fail at your weight loss goal. You don’t want to be eating donuts, chocolate, calorie packed foods that will make you fat. However, at the same time you want to make sure that you’re eating food in a similar eating pattern you normally would eat, but with a slight twist that is geared more towards a healthier diet plan.


Food substitution would be your best bet. Substitute fatty or unhealthy foods with similar foods that does not have all that excess calories and fat in it. Gradually start substituting your own food choices and replacing them with healthier choices. For example, instead of eating french fries go with baked potato with low fat butter and sour cream, and skip the cheese; or it could be brown rice over buttery mashed potatoes,  or baked chicken instead of fried chicken. And the list goes on and on. These small daily food choices can add up to big results in a very short amount of time. The main thing here is consistency, by consistently eating right it will add up to be something big in the end. You just have to keep at it and keep making smarter choices when it comes to your diet. It will become a way of life for you and think of all the benefits of being trim. Without your health nothing else in life matter. Your health is your greatest asset.



Don’t forget to hit the gym at least 3 times a week this can also become a lifetime choice with some really terrific health benefits.

resistance trainingIf you’re not a gym person, if you’re intimidated by the gym or the people in the gym, or whether you are just too lazy to go or whatever your reason is. Also remember that you can build a gym at your home too. It may not be at gym like the one at your workout facility, but it’s better than nothing; and working out no matter where it is at will bring your health benefits just the same. It doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to put together some workout equipment and get your sweat on. You just need some free weights, a piece of workout equipment and a little bit of room somewhere in your house or apartment and you are ready to start improving your health one day at a time. Free weight can do wonders for your body, only if you knew and it does not have to be heavy weights either. You can check out workout programs here or anywhere online for that matter, and get exercise ideas if you are unsure of how to sculpt and transform your body with free weights. Check out my free PDF on superfoods and eat like the gods of yesteryear.


Remember you can do it, and check out some of my many other blogs that focus on topics related to living a healthy lifestyle.