Idiot Proof Diet – Is it Just Another Low Carb Plan?

low carb diet


We All Want A Fat Burning Diet!


We want a diet we can go on to lose our fat around our bellies, hips and thighs. We look into this diet plan and that diet plan and get tremendously overwhelmed, tired, and end up back where we started. So what is the answer? The Idiot Proof Diet by Neris and India gives their take on a low carb diet plan. Because it is low carb, it can be considered a fat burning diet as well. When you go on most low carb plans, you “trick” your body into burning fat as its first fuel source, rather than carbohydrates; there is quite a bit of debate about considering this is a healthy weight loss plan or not. What makes the Idiot Proof Diet any different than the other books on the market? It is the chapters dedicated to motivating you, keeping you upbeat and laughing, overcoming negative self talk, inspiring bits of wisdom, emphasis on keeping a journal, and importance of using the buddy system in losing weight. Furthermore, Neris and India have no claim to being an expert. Their claim to fame is that they are self-educated “real” women who put this diet to the test. They believe that if it worked for them, then it can also work for many other women as well. I personally think that this book is one worth taking a look at if you are considering a fat burning diet or low carb diet. It does have an emphasis on choosing healthy fats and continuing to eat in moderation to be able to eventually eat a range of healthy carbohydrates. Because of this and the other reasons mentioned above this book can be very helpful to those who have failed at diets in the past or who have never found a diet plan that has appealed to them. Also check out this diet planning book here.