My trip to Austin entailed a lot of walking and doing  outdoor activities earlier this week. I have posted some of the pictures and videos down below showing a few things I did while I was there. I must say that I did not eat the best possible way I should have, I ate pizza from one of my favorite pizza joint Gattis pizza; I must admit I had pizza twice while in Austin. Tx. I was staying at the hotel for a few days while vacationing and visiting the University of Texas in Austin for my daughter who just completed her junior year in high school and she is looking forward to going to college soon.   I must say my trip there was pretty exhausting consisting of lots of walking while doing different activities in Austin.  I  must have lost 5 pounds of unwanted fat from walking; which is always a good thing. Anyhow the weather there was pretty hot. One day it was 97 degree, the next day about 102 degrees, 95 degrees and then 98 degrees.  So it was quite toasty there, but fun nonetheless.   While traveling the only exercise I got was walking for a few days and going to the hotel gym on two separate occasions using their treadmill and free weights which is minimal at best. Since I am back in Houston looking forward to hitting the gym here and getting back into my regular exercise routine which covers at least 3 to 4 days a week most of the time, that should be fun. Regardless, I enjoyed the little break from not having such a set routine as I usually do as it relates to working out, dieting and trying to live the clean lifestyle when it comes to Health and wellness.   Anyhow here are some of the pictures and videos from my trip to Austin while hanging out there. It’s just a collection of different random photos and videos. Don’t forget to check out my blog for regular exercise and diet tips that are coming up soon.  

Gluten Free Pizza

Gluten Free Eating Can Be Possible

  When people decide to embrace a gluten free lifestyle in their diet, they often assume that items such as bread, muffins, and pizza are off limits. However, many soon discover just how many exciting options there are for flour blends that work in all of these food items that can be incorporated in your diet in moderation. If you’re looking for gluten free pizza ideas, you ought to realize that today, like never before, you can appreciate chewy, fresh pizza. Obviously, none of these pizza recipes will be produced using grains that contain glutens – these forbidden substances incorporate wheat, grain, and rye. The best pizzas will highlight outside layers produced using other food items, including quinoa flour, psyllium seed husks, potato starches, and that’s just the beginning.   A great deal of pizza batters can be made at home, without the major expense of money or time. Sometimes, fixings known as fasteners are utilized to ensure the flexibility and particular surface of customary pizza coverings. Eggs, water, yeast, and flour mixes are consolidated in a dish – batter may need to rest for an hour or thereabouts before it is taken off and prepared. Frequently, gluten free pizza hulls are cooked in extremely hot stoves, at temperatures of 400 to 500 degrees. Now and again, a pizza stone is utilized to guarantee notwithstanding cooking and an engaging taste. Gluten free pizza coverings ought to be heated until they are brilliant chestnut, much the same as normal pizza outside layers.   Other mainstream flour mixes for heavenly pizzas incorporate blends of tapioca, white rice, chickpea, and sorghum flours. By and large, a xanthum gum folio will be utilized to give the finished result an additionally satisfying composition. More basic included for gluten free pizza recipes include: characteristic ocean salts, milk, and additional virgin olive oil. Typically, dynamic dry yeast will be the right decision for raising gluten free mixture and incorporating it into your diet.   calazoneThe flours you utilize ought to rely upon your own taste. For instance, quinoa flour is supplement rich, yet is has an unmistakable, intense taste – for some individuals, this kind of fixing won’t generally impersonate the kind of wheat-based pizza. White rice and sorghum flours will most likely give a more customary result. On the other hand, for gourmets, the uncommon taste of quinoa can be an impeccable supplement to gentle pizza fixings, for example, pineapple, nectar ham, or sweet peppers.   For the individuals who despise heating, there are some great quality premade pizza shells available – these are regularly sold at bigger markets with a natural concentrate, for example, Whole Foods. These shells can be prepared, finished with cheddar and fixings, and popped once more into the broiler until warmed through.   With gluten free pizza, you must be sure that the sauces, cheeses, and different fixings you utilize are really gluten free. Now and then, tomato sauces can be thickened with gluten-based flours. Check the fixings before you purchase any sauces for your pizza; you might otherwise need to utilize your electric blender to make hand crafted tomato sauces from new tomatoes, garlic, olive oil, oregano, and basil. Prepared meats might contain fillers from wheat, rye, or grain – search for meat items that are obviously marked “gluten free”. Safe fixing decisions that are truly flavorful; incorporate most sun-dried tomatoes, crisp mozzarella, Feta cheddar, red and green peppers, onions, and Kalamata olives; and have yourself a delicious homemade gluten free pizza.