Get Abs After The Holiday Feast

To get abs after the holidays can be a real challenge. After being stuck with all of the delicious food that the holidays bring, it can be difficult to get your motivation back up to get into the gym and get the workout your body desperately needs.

To get women abs can be even more difficult considering that women have a higher body fat percentage than men. However, we will cover both workouts for men and for women to get you back on track with your diet and exercise plan.


Lower abs can be quite difficult also, because your lower abs requires strategic exercises designed to hit the muscles at the bottom part of your stomach.To get abs it requires a lot of concentrated exercises designed to hit them at particular angles to get the best outcome and that sexy washboard stomach. Since most of us have had a good holiday feast you might not be in the mood to exercise today , tomorrow, or even next week. Regardless, you have to get back on track with your works again in order to get abs! Lets start out with several effective exercises.Remember these are workouts for men and women to get abs.


If you don’t have some of the required equipment to do the exercises try to be creative and improvise. You might have a bench or an exercise ball or some other piece of equipment that could be used to get your ab workout in.

Your core matters, it all starts with your core. When your core is in shape your whole body feels and looks like it’s in shape.

Without further ado here are some good exercises to do right after your holiday feast. Make sure to check out my “How To Get Abs” Flat stomach exercises for your own in dept copy of how to firm and tighten your core area the right way.


  1. 1. Side Plank

















2. Seated ab crunch

















3. Stability Ball ab crunch                                            4. Crunches                                                               5.Decline Crunch






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