Lose Stomach Fat in a Week – Try These 7 Simple Tricks to Lose Your Belly Fat!

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It is not as hard as you think to lose stomach fat. Here are seven simple ways that you can reduce the size of your waist rather quickly:


1. Cut High Calorie Foods Out of Your Diet! The fat that makes you have a bigger stomach is fat that the body has stored. In order to force the body to burn this fat, you have to cut down on the number of calories that you eat so that the body burns more than what it takes from your food. You don’t have to starve, but you do need to eliminate certain items such as fast food, bars, chips, beer and alcoholic drinks, pop and fried foods. Eat more fruits and vegetables that cause the body to work harder to digest them.


2. Eliminate Bad Carbs From Your Diet! The body does need carbohydrates for energy, but there are two kinds of carbs – good carbs and bad carbs. The bad carbs are ones that you eat in refined or processed food. Examples are white rice, white breads, sugared cereal, sweetened drinks and soda pop. Fruits, vegetables and whole grains are examples of good carbs.


3. Reduce the Amount of Alcohol You Consume! There is no nutritional value in alcoholic beverages and the calories you consume in the drinks are stored as fat. You must be able to work them off.


4. Exercise on a Regular Basis! When you want to reduce belly fat, you do need to exercise on a regular basis in addition to making sure that you control the foods you eat. How To Get Abs is a good source of information about the best exercises you can do to reduce your belly fat.


5. Don’t Eat Late at Night! Usually when people eat late at night they go to bed soon afterward. When they do this the body does not burn off the calories because it doesn’t need to produce energy and as a result late night snacking causes weight gain.


6. Add Power Foods to Your Diet! One of the best ways to lose weight and belly fat is to make sure you have certain foods in your diet. These include proteins, nuts, eggs, berries fat-free drinks and dressings, Whey powder, fruits and vegetables.


7. Give Up Smoking! Smoking is an unhealthy habit that increases your risk of getting cancer. It also raises your blood sugar levels because it stimulates your response to stress.


Follow these tips and you can Lose Stomach Fat in a Week, it is partially that simple. Check out of my weight loss podcast.