Water Recipe

 Want to learn how to make detox water weight loss are you ready ladies? Let’s go! So this is incredibly simple. Please do not listen to these fad companies trying to sell you over priced recipes, etc. The reason is because you can make this stuff yourself easily and lose weight. All you do is combine filtered water with fruits vegetables or herbs that have Weight Loss Benefits. That’s it!


I’m going to use my detox water for weight loss as an example of how easy it is to make it and why I use the ingredients I use for weight loss toxins and it helps with digestion.  Mint 10 leaves helps with digestion and has a natural stimulant, Half of a cucumber helps remove toxins from kidneys and increases energy, 1/4 th grapefruit helps you feel full and curbs cravings ginger, 4 small shavings natural appetite suppressant, suppresses cortisol. Make your choice, do you prefer regular water or infused water. Combine the ingredients and let it sit for a while(a day) and you have detox water.


Detox water is an excellent cleansing drink that will detox the body and help you shed more pounds in no time at all. Water recipes varies a lot depending on your personal taste. Also feel free to pick up my flat stomach abs and fruit and veggie smoothie recipes books to get more weight lose gains. Remember weight loss is a journey that consists of repeated good habits after good habits. You won’t accomplish it immediately just like any thing else in life. It is a conscious effort over time that takes you one step at a time towards your ultimate goal of weight loss. Detox water is just another tool to help you in your quest for the ultimate goal of having a nice body and living a healthy lifestyle. Check back here for regular updates and more tools to help you beat the bulge and live the life you deserve. You can accomplish your goal in little or no time if you stay focus.