Are Home Workouts the Right Way For You to Workout?


Are Your a Candidate for A Home Workout Set Up Or Not?


Exercise has been shown to prevent cancer, osteoporosis, diabetes, and other diseases; because of this working out is important to your overall health. Many times people choose to get their exercise by working out at home, but is it right for you? The first thing you should think about is your personality. There are many people who find that working out with weights or on a treadmill at home works great for them. But some people get lonely and can’t stay motivated. In that case, it is better to go a gym or take a class. The reason for this is working out at home is not for everyone. To workout at home requires someone to be focused, creative and a natural self motivator. In other words, if you get distracted easily and find yourself getting bored quickly, then working out elsewhere such as a gym might be your best option. What will work best for you depends on whether or not you prefer to be around a lot of people or if you prefer solitude while you are exercising. If you are crunched for time and prefer solitude, then working out at home is probably where you want to be.


The next thing that you should do is figure out what kind of exercise you actually enjoy doing. I have found that I love to lift weights. In my opinion nothing will get you in shape faster than including resistance training in your workout. Resistance training will work you harder, build more lean body mass which will increase your metabolism and energy level; all of these things will lead you to your ideal body that much faster. So I use a weight bench and adjustable dumbbells to exercise with. Sometimes people also find that working out at home works better for them when they are doing something like the Wii Fit or Dance, dance revolution. These types of electronics will get you moving and give you motivation at the same time. The key here is to avoid being bored and staying motivated in a way which works best for you. Try some of these exercises.

gym equipment

Finally, you should consider when you are going to do your exercise. Most exercise programs work best when you have a set time and day to work on them. It is much easier to stick to it that way. Let us face it, we are creatures of habit. Habits feels normal and natural and so it’s a lot easier to do them than something that feels foreign to us, as long as we do not become bored with our workouts. A habit can be formed in about 3 weeks based on studies conducted. Test the notion, do anything repeatedly for 3 weeks whether it’s taking a walk after work every evening at 7pm for 30 minutes, waking up every morning at 6am to eat breakfast, or reading to your children nightly at 9pm before putting them to bed and see if after a while doing any one of these activities won’t feel completely normal to do; and if you end up not doing one of your daily activities for a few days tell me that will not suddenly have your feeling like you have not done all that you should have done for the day. And you should feel that way, because you suddenly changed a normal habit that you have been doing for some time now. Is getting your exercise in at home the right thing for you?home gym It very well could be you have to decide based on you as person. Just make sure that you do some kind of exercise that you enjoy and that you set a specific time to work out. So before you load up and buy a lot of workout equipment for your home base gym, add a few pieces of workout equipment at a time and see how working out at home feels for a few weeks or months at first. Do so before jumping in and buying too much equipment that will eventually gather dust in the corner of a room. Take it a step at a time and ease into working out at home to see if it is for you, or if the gym would more likely work better for you. If you are new to working out, or have been out of the exercise realm for a while, here is a good book to get back into exercising.  Now go get your workout in!

Kettlebell Workout For Fitness

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Workouts are necessary for maintaining that perfect body and to develop body strength and endurance capabilities. Kettlebell workout routines are best suited to develop your body and keep it in that perfect shape. There are a variety of different ways to work out, and this is just another good way to do so. I have covered many different types of workouts in detail in other blogs that will get you on the right track to becoming fit or maintaining your fitness; whether you are a casual weight lifter, fitness model,  gym rat, or just someone looking to lose a few extra pounds and become fit.  There are several exercises that you can do with Kettlebells and each one is designed specifically to help you tone your body and gain strength and muscle power.


Kettlebell workout routines can be used in various ways to improve your overall body fitness and to improve your performance in several activities. It will help you in excelling in several sports activities and in various strenuous physical situations. Following the routines regularly will help you in reducing weight and gaining agility in every activity of your life. However, the kind of routine that you follow will decide the end result. There are several routines available and you must follow a particular type of routine that best fits your body type and your requirements.

  diet and exercise

Kettlebell workout routines are designed scientifically to help you effectively lose weight and gain strength. If you seek to develop your arm muscles then you have to follow a specific type of routine, while if you seek to develop your leg muscles, then there is another different type of routine that you would have to follow that targets your legs. Initially, it was the Russians who had started using Kettlebells to develop their muscles and bulk up. They used cast iron cannon balls that could be used in various swinging techniques for developing muscles and building strength.


The Kettlebell workout routines have been utilized ever since by weight lifters, body builders and wrestlers the world over to increase their muscle power and gain strength. When Kettlebell workouts were first introduced in America, it created huge excitement and ever since it has been used by power lifters for training exercises. Kettlebell workout routines can also be created on your own. You can form your own workout techniques that best fits your requirements and include Kettlebell in them so that you can effectively lose weight and tone up your muscles.

    kettle bell

Within a few days of following this routine you can see for yourself that there has been a marked difference in the development of your muscles. Workouts are essential for your body and you should not lag behind the rest in this department. Today, looking good in any field of work is of paramount importance so workout regularly to climb the ladders of success within a very short span of time. There are many different types of successes in life, and being fit and getting in the best shape of your life is certainly one of the many successes that is achievable.

Proper Workout Tips

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A Proper Workout

  So you’ve decide that you want to get start a workout program and get into shape. Maybe because if you missed getting in shape this summer, then next summer will be approaching again soon and you want to bare it all on the beach, but you don’t know the proper workout to get it done effectively. It is really not all that difficult to learn how to get the body you want.   There really is just a few things that you are going to have to make sure to do if you want to really start a proper workout program. Most trainers agree that warming up before each workout is important. When you warm up, you pump blood through your muscles and raise their temperature. This makes them less prone to injury. You should start out with a warm up before any proper workout.  


Most people were taught to stretch first thing before starting a workout, But really they shouldn’t. To start a proper workout, you should first do some light aerobics to warm up. This warms up the muscles first. Next you will want to do some static stretches. That is stretches that slowly stretch the muscles through their full range of motion. Do each stretch at least twice, holding the maximum position 10 seconds. Don’t bounce while stretching. This will cause you to pull or tear the muscles.



The best way to start any proper workout is with some aerobics. You can start off on a treadmill or bike for ten or so minutes. Do some light jogging or a fast walk while carrying hand weights. Aerobics will also help you lose weight and show off all the muscles you will be building by sticking with your workout routines.


Light weights

Do the exercises that you are going to be doing in your proper workout, but only use half the weight. This will allow you to stretch the muscles in the exact way that you will be using them and this will warm you up quickly. Or you can use your own body weight and start off with some push ups, sit ups or pull ups. Warming up is a very important part of a proper workout so be sure to put in the few extra minutes it takes before your workout.


Your Core Workout

When you are doing your core workout that is the time to get up to your optimal workout level. Remember, your will gradually increase your workout from warm up to a more intense level for at least 45 minutes. In this workout period is when you will get all of your hard work done whether you are going to be working with free weights or machine weight to really target muscle development and definition, or whatever your goal is for building the body you want. You are the master of shaping your body however you want it to look based on a proper workout plan. Heavy weights with fewer reps of around 5-8 reps will make you look more stockier, muscular and heavier in appearance. While lighter weights with lots of reps usually in the range of 15-25 reps will give you a longer, leaner and more defined look.  Again, workout out at a level where your body feels like it is getting a good workout in, and it will materialize itself based on the work load placed on it in a short amount of time; gauge your workout regarding reps and the weights used for a more precise look that you are seeking. There is a science to working out, and anyone working out regularly for a decent amount of time will start to figure the formula out. Your body will talk to you and tell you what it wants at times, and after you’ve do a workout it requires, it will respond by changing its appearance gradually. Doing a proper workout does not have to be hard, there is a strategy to it as mentioned above. You must plan for a proper workout and execute to see the gains of your hard work.


Cooling Down

Cooling down is just as important as warming up. During any workout there is an increase of blood flow to your muscles. This is what gives you that “pumped up” look. You will want to get that blood flowing again and not just centralized in your muscles. To do this simply do some light aerobics like walking or a few light reps with a small amount of free weights. This will squeeze the blood out of your muscles and get it flowing towards your heart once again. You should always cool down at least for five minutes after every proper workout.

Secret To Losing Weight


Creating a fool proof diet plan can be unnerving. It’s about keeping your palate interested by varying your food choices, while keeping in mind your daily caloric and nutritional needs, and having a good grasp of which food items are better able to provide you these needs. Luckily, there’s an easy way for you to address all these concerns and it’s to Strip That Fat. It provides simple, easy-to-follow ways to create the ultimate diet plan to strip the fat off your body and keep it off for good.   If you’re someone who is into practicality and cannot afford to spend time diving into concepts, then you will love How To Get Abs. The manual goes straight to the practical applications and simplifies your exercise and food selection. It simply skips the lengthy explanations on various food concepts, calorie counts and glycemic indexes of food items. This is because if you’ve heard of How To Get Abs : Flat Stomach Exercises, you’re probably already familiar with these concepts. Simple ways to fine tune your daily movements and turn them into calorie-burning activities, portion control secrets you can use whether you’re eating in or out and tips to keep you motivated in your diet and exercise goals are provided in How To Get Abs main guide. Perhaps the edge the product has over its competitors is its personal guide with regarding how to do the exercise that really defines you. You can easily customize a diet plan that suits your body type and appetite through your personal preference. You only need to pick food items you like and it takes care of the rest with great exercises. It makes counting calories easier because you end up not really needing to do so with the program. The diet exercise combinations you can get you into the best shape of your life if you commit to stick to the plan. What’s more is that you can gain access to all the tips with the click of a mouse. It is that simple. Now, if you would like to explore other methods of losing weight like fasting, or exercising and fasting at the same time, these are not recommended ways to lose weight. Fasting has your body on guard and in conservation mode, it’s not effective for long term weight loss.   Your weight loss efforts can be more effective doing it the right way as opposed to just attempting to do anything to lose weight. Diet by itself can only take you so far, so can exercise. However, diet and exercise will give you the best possible weight loss lean body results you can imagine. You can exercise and become harder and gain lean body tissue, yet still have ample layers of fat covering your muscles. Likewise, you can diet and eat far too little protein and end up with mostly a strong heart and a mildly toned body. Incorporating the right amount of exercise, eating the right protein right and a balanced diet will get you lean and very toned faster; which is the best way to be. Being lean will speed up your metabolism and regular exercising will keep your fat burning hours after a good workout session has ended. That is the benefits of exercising, it keep on giving and it make you feel so darn good long after it’s over it.   diet and exercise If you exercise regularly you will notice you get a certain exercise high(endorphin kicking in) after a certain amount of time exercising. It a is a great feeling, it makes you love exercising and makes it feel like you could keep exercising for hours. You can practically fall deeply in love with exercising, because of the good experience and the way your body feels afterwards. It’s like pleasure and pain all mixed together. Then on top of that you get to watch your body practically change, and become harder and leaner right before your eyes. You can find a lot of body firming and toning exercises here.   If you are new to working out you will want to start out slowly so your body can adjust to the new demand being placed upon it. Eventually your body will adapt and you will need to introduce more exercises and different variation of exercises to keep improving and morphing your body into the kind of body you are seeking. If you start to become too hard and muscular you can always adjust your workout. You can cut back on your weekly workouts, which can often somewhat soften your body. Exercising more often with weights can lean out your body faster than exercising less often.   After exercising for a while you will know exactly what makes your body tick and how to make minor adjustments to see big differences in your overall appearance. Getting started is the most important first step though. Once you have started you have to find different ways to keep motivated years down the road assuming you can last for years. You should look at exercise as a life long lifestyle choice, there are so many benefit that you will get from working out, it’s a no brainer. You just have to make time for exercise and have a plan of action. There are tons of diet and exercise tips throughout this website which is updated frequently. If you have not already started working out, get started and give your self at least 2-3 month of steady exercising and see if you still want to quit at that point. In my years of experience with people who workout you will not want to quit, you will want to keep up with your workout progress; but as you might already know we are creatures of habit and tend to fall back into our same old bad habits because it’s easy to do so, even if we realize and feel some of the great benefits of exercise. So it comes back to being motivated and doing things that will keep you motivated and pushing forward. Don’t quit, keep at it and it can become a lifestyle for you.

Successful Muscle Building Habits While Burning Fat

fat loss


Fat Burning Muscle Building tips

  There is no shortcut for success, so if you are serious about your muscle building and fat burning goals follow along. You will need to develop habits that can help you reach your goals. Having the right muscle building habits can lead to the fat loss that you want and help you build the muscles that you also want. It is very important that you are focus on your goals if you want to be successful at fat burning and muscle building.   Here are a few habits that will help you accomplish the physical fitness that many covet. To start with, you have to be persuaded. You need to give yourself a purpose behind needing to go to the gym. Some people search for reasons not to go to the gym for a good workout when it is simply one of the best ways to get in shape. That kind of thought process can prompt those individual to not set off to the gym which can hinder any health goals. Furthermore, the most ideal approach to persuade yourself to workout is concentrate on it 100% and think of the end results.   Accomplishing your workout objectives can help you feel awesome about what you are doing and push you into accomplishing far more than you ever expected. It can have compounding results. You have to workout and include some resistance training to make your body lean and strong. You can’t get lean and strong sitting on the couch every evening nor by hitting up the bar every weekend; you can’t maintain a nice for long with those habits, these habits will catch up to you. You must have some kind of discipline to get into shape. Doing a little bit of workout can have a lot of benefits, so you don’t necessarily have to workout too hard at first because you can burn out if you can’t maintain a steady workout pace over time.   If you are new to fitness once you are really comfortable with working out, then you will figure out what works for your body based on how you feel after your workouts. Workout at your own pace and know that recovering within 48 hours of your workout is considered ideal.This is where you feel like your muscles have healed and you are ready to go at it again in the gym. If your muscle recovery is taking longer than 48 hours you might consider slowing down a bit with your exercise program. Similarly, if you are not getting any kind of muscle soreness or fatigue after your workouts you might need to pick up the pace a bit to get better results faster. That is your decision though, and this should be based on your exercise goal. Your muscles can also be sore for a long period of time because of a lack of rest and proper nutrition. By knowing your body you will be able to tell precisely what is wrong with you after your workouts, or what your body needs if anything.     restTo be effective in fitness, rest is fundamental. Rest is required by the muscles to repair and develop. Not permitting your muscles time to recover is one of the greatest oversight of wanting to increase lean muscles, as this will diminish your ability to grow muscles. Workout well but listen to your body for clues. Your body will let you know when something is wrong, you will feel it.    Another vital muscle building habits that you ought to observe is eating the perfect sum and the right kind of nourishment. You have to concentrate on eating common, sound sustenance, for example, fish, chicken, egg, whole meal bread/rice/pasta. Additionally you need to consume the perfect measure of protein; 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight is often recommended.For example, if you weigh 210 pounds and are looking to build up or maintain your muscles, you will need to eat around 210 grams of protein, or fairly close to that amount of protein daily to succeed. What’s more, above all, you must be reliable in your workout schedule. Try not to waste time contemplating whether to go or not to go to the gym; simply go! When you are in the gym, put the majority of your energy into your objectives. You need to take action to succeed in your fitness goals.  

Muscle Pain

Muscle Pain and Soreness Relief

  Having muscle pain and sore muscles can be a fixable thing. Working out hard enough will cause you to have sore muscles. Muscle pain will occur from time to time with a good workout. There is really no way to avoid becoming sore if you are working out hard enough. However, as your body becomes more and more used to doing a certain exercise it will Plateau. Mean and your body will adjust to the physical task being placed upon it where it will have little effect as far as making your muscles sore in the future. The goal of working out so is tricking your muscles, confusing your muscles comma forcing your muscles to work harder so it doesn’t just do a workout. The more confusion you cause your muscles the greater muscle gain you will get. or if you are not into gaining muscle weight which can be a good thing in moderation, you still need to confuse your muscles by throwing different workouts at it from time to time.     Don’t worry too much about muscle pain and muscle soreness. Just know that there are some relief for muscle ache. Muscle pain relief can come in the form of just getting enough sleep and consuming enough protein. If you can not consume enough protein through your diet, there is protein powder that will get you the extra protein you need for muscle pain recovery. Proper nutrition is one of the most common way to solve muscle pain issues as it relates to working out or doing resistance training.   sport training When you do resistance training you sometimes have delayed onset muscle soreness which can take a day or two before you actually feel your muscle pain and muscle soreness from your prior workout. For example, you might have done a leg workout earlier in the day, but it could take a day or two before the soreness really sets in to your muscles; that is a very common thing when it comes to working out hard. With delayed onset muscle soreness your muscles were damaged from the workout you did, however it can take a day or two before you actually start to feel your muscle ache from the workout you did 24 to 48 hours earlier. Delayed onset muscle soreness is what you feel when your muscle soreness does not take place until, up to several days after a good sweaty hardcore workout you did prior. It’s almost as if your body is playing a trick on you, especially if you have not done any more workout since your last workout and have been resting since, and suddenly the soreness hits you around 48hrs or so later.     stretching Again, fixing any delayed onset muscle soreness is usually controlled with enough sleep and proper nutrition. In addition to proper rest and nutrition after a workout, you can also use over the counter medication to relieve muscle pain(bengay comes to mind), you can take warm baths, and you can also get a massages to increase the blood flow to the area affected for a speedy recovery. Please know if you have an injury that’s a different situation, this may require medical attention. Injuries do occur from time to time especially when you are working out but not properly warming up your muscles before you actually get into the work load placed on your muscles. You have to remember that your muscles needs blood flow and you will get blood flow by warming up gradually and stretching properly. stretching is a very important part of working out, you need to stretch before you workout to loosen up your muscles and get the blood flowing to them. Blood brings the nutrients and energy to your muscle need to do resistance training. Never just jump straight into it exercise and start going heavy on resistance training without properly warming up your muscles,  that’s one of the quickest ways to become injured which may need medical attention and put you out of commission for a while. Not to mention, you may become less interested in working out due to an injury that was unnecessarily. Besides injury you will get muscle soreness from time to time when there is resistance training involved, you can get muscle soreness even by doing aerobics. Your muscles will recover in about 48 hours if you are not over exercising where the recovery time can take longer.

7 Things To Think About In Order To Stay Motivated About Working Out

7 Things To Think About In Order To Stay Motivated About Working Out

  Staying motivated to workout is really important. Without the motivation you could be at risk of falling back into your same old habits that will lead you astray. You do not want that. You must find ways to keep your workout motivation going strong. Here are a few things you might want to consider before stopping a perfectly good workout routine for no good reason.   1. Think of how long it took you to get your flat or partially flat stomach, and all of your hard work done to make it this far to just throw it all away. You did not get in shape or start to get in shape by accident. It took time, planning, dedication and lots of hard work.   2. Consider all of the diseases and illnesses you may get from not staying in shape and not being healthy. It’s a fact staying in shape and keeping unwanted fat at bay will keep you well protected from diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, early heart disease, among other illnesses.   3. You will feel a lot better physically if you continue exercising. There is no doubt that when you workout you become strong, and studies in New England Medical journal have shows that stronger people live longer.   4. You will keep looking good physically. There is a good chance that if you see 2 individual and 1 person works out regularly, and the other person has never seen the inside a gym, nor ever seen a piece of exercise equipment. Chances are you will be able to look and tell which person works out and which one does not fairly easily.   5. You will not feel your age when you are in shape, you will tend to feel younger and stronger. Being in shape makes you feel younger. You are more likely to feel you age or worse if you don’t workout regularly.   6. Your medical bills will likely stay lower if you workout regularly as opposed to not working out and aging. Working out will keep a lot of unwanted diseases from developing in your body. When you don’t have fat clogging up your arteries you are certain to be healthier than if you did have it.   7. You are full of energy all of the time. Exercising by nature will give you more energy. If you do not workout try doing so for a few weeks and see what a difference it makes. Your energy level will shoot through the roof. You would not be able to contain yourself as you did in the past.   The purpose of this article is to show you some of the benefits of getting your 3 or more regular weekly workouts in. Exercise challenges your body, it breaks it down and rebuilds it stronger and leaner. Your motto should be you are never too old to do physical exercise. Certainly, a 60 yr old person will exercise differently than a 20 yr old person, but they can both benefit tremendously from working out. Always check with your physician before getting started in any physical exercise program to make sure your body is healthy enough for it. Check out a copy of my latest Ebook:

50 Top Notch Exercises To Transform You

50 Top Notch Exercises To Transform You


These are all 50 top notch hard body workout exercises.Do all of these exercises and I guarantee you will change your entire body composition. You will immediately start to lose fat and become toned and muscular. Your energy level will shoot through the roof. You will look and feel completely differently than you did before. Even if you are a professional and are accustomed to these exercises, just mixing them up will make a world of difference. Always strive to do a different workout with a combination of different exercises. But use these 50 exercises. Do 4 or 5 exercises one day, then do another 5 or 6 on another day. You should not become bore if your really mix things up.


Always try to do a warm up when starting any workout routine. Ease into your workouts so that you don’t end up tearing a muscle or injuring your self. Injury is often caused by not doing a proper warm up and not using the correct technique when working out. You should never be in a hurry to workout, gradually workout by starting with your warm up, then do your main exercises that you had planned for that day, then cool down and conclude your workout. Following these tips will reduce your chances of a painful and lengthy recovery at times. Check out my workout book here for  more tips. 


Having different combination of exercises to do your body will not knowing which exercise you will do on which day. It will confuse your body and it react to the work out even better. The more confused your body get, the better results your will have quickly. I will list of exercises below. also remember that having good nutrition with your exercise plan will work out in your best interest with results. check out my 3 week diet plan here.

        Bench Press Back Flys Leg RaisesLower Back RaisesLungesMilitary PressOblique CrunchesOblique Sit-UpsOverhead Triceps ExtensionPreacher CurlPull-UpsPush-Ups Upright Barbell RowsCrunchesBench PressBarbell CurlRunnerRunning TreadmillSeated RowShoulder PressSide Dumbbell RaiseSingle Arm CurlSit-upsSquatsTriceps KickbackWalkingWide Grip Pull-DownLeg PressChin-UpsClose Grip BenchLeg ExtensionsClose Grip Lat Pull-DownDeadliftDecline Bench PressDipsDumbbell FlysDumbbell PressDumbbell ShrugsEllipticalExercise BikeFront Dumbbell RaisesIncline Bench PressIncline Chest FlyIncline Dumbbell PressIncline Reverse FlysJump RopeJumping JacksKnee Push-UpsLeg CurlsBikingCalf Raises

Workout Routine In The Winter

Workout routine in the winter can be more difficult that in the warmer months. If you are going to start a workout program to lose weight in the fall or in the summer, it would be more challenging to lose weight in the fall depending on where you live, than in the summer. For example, living in North Dakota would be more difficult for most people to stay focused, do their workouts and lose weight than if they lived in say Southern Florida or California.    Lets face it, you can never be too fit and when you live in a warmer climate your body is more acclimated to becoming physically active easier and quicker than if you were living in a colder climate. Or even when the seasons change you get ups and downs in your motivation to complete your basic workout routine. Take your car for example; on a 80 degree day you can start it up and take off in a minute or so, but you would not be able to take of that quickly after started it in 20 degree weather. You would have to warm it up and raise the internal temperature of the vehicle first; the same thing goes for your body when you try to exercise in colder weather. It takes more time to get warmed up and to be in the mood to exercise. So you have to be mentally and physically committed to your workout routines. You must really have the motivation and drive necessary in order to lose weight and exercise the way you need to, or else the change in the seasons and in the temperature can really be a bummer if you don’t prepare and stay motivated.
ab rollout

ab rollout

  Muscle workout is essential to see and feel real progress. When you are lean as you can possible be, and you continuously exercise your muscles your
ab rollout on knees

ab rollout on knees

whole body will become a calorie burning machine
end position of ab rollout

end position of ab rollout

and you will be loaded with more energy that you can possibly imagine. You will have the energy to get a lot of important things done in no time without feeling tired and sluggish compared to someone who does not workout. Remember workout is not just to look good,
floor crunch

floor crunch

which is fine. But working out does so much more than
vertical pedaling

vertical pedaling

that, and it has many positive impact on your overall well being, mood and health. It increases your self esteem, gives you more purpose in your daily life, not to mention it makes you feel
abdominal bench sit ups

abdominal bench sit ups

like a million bucks, it is burns fat away long after you leave the gym, it makes you more alert and mentally sharp, and the list goes on and on. Exercise will make your life feel so much more fulfilling.Try some of the exercises I have outlined below and see what a difference it makes for you if you are not already doing them. Remember, you can never be too fit.    

Squats An Exercise Icon

      You are not truly complete when it comes to being physically mature and well developed in the lower body region without squats. Squats are considered a top notch super power exercise that can’t be ignored. Ladies tend to think that if they perform squats they will develop these huge manly muscles and that is not necessarily the case. You can perform squat and get a highly shredded lower body and yet lean and feminine enough in appearance. If you are into becoming really muscular and bulky like a bodybuilder then you would most likely do heavy weight with low reps; for example doing 6-10 sets of 5-8 reps per set would bulk you up in a fairly short amount of time. As opposed to you trying to get lean, strong and shredded; to get that well defined lean appearance you have to focus on light weights and doing high reps, for example 3-6 set of 10-15 reps per set. Doing such a workout regularly will keep a woman lean yet feminine not to mention the boost in self confidence. Being physically fit give you a good feeling the sense of physical proudness and we have not even begun to talk about the release of endorphins during and after a good set of squats; performing deadlift gives you a similar feeling which is unlike any other type of strenght training exercise except possibly the clean and jerk movement. These are some of the most anabolical exercises know to man. They will make you physical strong, lean, and energetic more that any other strength building exercise. The point of this article is to tell that if you do these exercises: squats, deadlift, clean and jerk you will be on a physical level that most gym goers never get to. If you already do these exercises or some of these exercises you know exactly what I am speaking of. If you have never done these types of physical exercises, try them, and you will know too in time. Just remember to always check with your physician before starting any type of workout and start slowly and in no time you will be at a level you can really be proud of. I will cover other similar articles in the near future.