Varying Your Workout Routines To Build Muscle Faster

Muscles Training Tips to Bulk Up Faster


Varying your workout routines to build muscle faster is a good strategy to follow. Don’t just keep doing the same old workout and keep wondering why your training has plateaued. The key is adding in different exercises and changing up the order that you do them in during your workout. The same exercises in the same order day after day will only get you so far. Mix it up and get the results that you are after faster and build muscle faster.


Your muscles will grow faster if you change up your routine. If you only did one type of exercise all the time you’ll probably get pretty strong at it. Let’s say that you only did the bench press for your chest. You could get very strong at that movement and build up some muscle mass in that part of your chest where the muscles are flexing to a certain extent. But is doing just that move going to maximize the amount of muscle that you can build? Wouldn’t it be smarter to do other exercises like incline bench press, dumbbell bench press, dumbbell flyes push-ups? Absolutely it is.

Adding various other exercises in will make your muscles work in different ways and make them grow faster. So how many exercises should you do during your workout routine? I think that if you do two (or at the most three) exercises per body part per workout you will have enough variety.


So if on the first day you work on your chest, triceps and shoulders you will do anywhere from six to nine exercises total. Some exercises (compound movements like dead lifts and overhead squats) work multiple muscle groups at the same time. So you will probably do less exercises when including those.

For isolation exercises (like curls, tricept extension and calf raises) you will probably do three different variations of essentially the same movement working the same muscle. Don’t work the same muscle group on consecutive days either. If you worked your chest, triceps and shoulders on day one, work your legs, back and abs the next day. Or have a skip day in between that. Then work the opposite muscles groups the next workout (so hit your back and biceps here).


Keep the exercises the same for no more than 4 weeks then mix in some new moves to challenge your muscles in a new way. Remember Proper Nutrition And To Eat Enough Food. Don’t do all those workout routine to build muscle for nothing. You have to have the proper nutrition and make sure that you get enough calories if your body is going to convert all that work into muscle.


Cutting out the junk food and sugar will go a long way. Get plenty of protein and make sure you get plenty of rest too. Consume a fairly balance diet and don’t forget to takin in a lot of water.  Most of all have fun training, listen to your body and be safe.

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