How to Get Abs in a Week

How to Get Abs in a Week – Quick Solution or Long Term Fix?

When you look in the mirror at your abs, are you happy with what you see? If the answer is no then you are not alone. Many of us are unhappy with what we see in the mirror, which means that we start to look for miracle promises. If you search online, then you will find plenty of people telling you how to get abs in a week. However, it probably comes as no surprise to you that these schemes are often fruitless. Getting rid of belly fat is a lot trickier than that.


The truth is; if you want to get a flat stomach fast then you probably won’t lose weight in the long run; it has been shown that most people who go on fad diets and diets that are designed to make you drop weight fast are not sustainable in the long run. This just means that once you fall off the diet wagon, you end up putting back on more weight than you lost in the first place.


Instead, what you should concentrate on is making changes to the foods that you eat to lose belly fat and weight from the rest of your body. Lots of us get stuck in a rut with the foods that we eat and end up eating more or less out of habit rather than eating foods that we want. Busy life styles mean that we don’t always have time to prepare fresh and healthy food, or at least that is the excuse that we make. That’s not exactly the best way to get abs.
The truth is that rather than looking at how to get a six pack fast we should look at how to eat better in the long run. Taking time out to prepare healthy meals in advance can help. That way you have no excuse when it comes to eating your meal because it is already prepared. Plan meals in advance so when you go shopping you know what you are buying already and are not tempted just to grab microwave meals and foods which are quick to prepare that have little or no good nutritional value.


You can lose weight, however asking yourself how to get abs in a week will likely only end up with disappointment. Rather than thinking of it in this way, think of the long run and how you can improve your life, your health, and your weight forever rather than just a quick fix solution which will not do you any good.


Building a great set of abs is something that takes time and effort to achieve. Most people will simply give up hope after the first couple of things fail that they try. Remember the old saying “quitters never win, and winners never quit”  instead of getting mad and quitting; you should simply keep trying until something does work for you. People are different and one thing that works for one person, might not work for another. So if your friend was overweight and suddenly he/she became toned with flat abs and it only took them 2 months to do so, the results for you could take more time or even less time. The time it takes you to become slim and toned is going to be partially based on your body type and your habits. Judge your progress based on your own contribution to your weight loss goals, not based on someone else’s experience. However, you may use someone’s experience to get an idea of how long it could take you to firm and tone your own body. Remember there are a lot of other factors that can come into play when you judge your success based on someone else’s experience. Believe you can be trim, do what you need to do as outlined in this and other articles and do it.

Why Dancing is a Good Way to Exercise

Dancing Weight Loss Programs


Dancing became a good way to exercise because not only does it offer a comprehensive workout, it also uplifts the spirit. It works for those who hate working out in a gym and for those who do not have enough time to spend an hour or two for a regular sport. A few minutes of dancing can be equivalent to an hour on a treadmill, depending on the type of dance one does.

Recommended by Doctors

One of the main reasons why dancing is a good way to exercise and why it is recommended by doctors, even for the elderly is because it is a form of aerobic and anaerobic exercise. Two types of exercise exist that our body needs to remain healthy and strong. Aerobic exercises list as the exercises that require movement, such as jumping, while anaerobic exercise list as exercises that does not require much movement but spends one’s energy, such as lifting weights. It takes both to comprise a complete body workout.


Aerobic exercises help one’s health because it strengthens the joints. At the same time, it increases flexibility. Dancing every day can make one’s joints healthy if done safely. This is why it is good for those who spend hours doing repetitive tasks at work and for those who have limited physical activities. Anaerobic exercises on the other hand builds muscle strength. When doing anaerobic exercise, which is basically a high intensity exercise, the muscles over exert and are strengthened. It improves one’s overall health and endurance by increasing circulation. The body burns many calories when doing aerobic exercises. This works for those individuals who want to burn fat and lose weight. Dancing offers both the benefits of aerobic and anaerobic exercise, but it is not as difficult as doing aerobics workout and working out by lifting weights in a gym.


More than Physical

Another reason why dancing became a good way to exercise is it lifts one’s spirit. In other words, it makes one feel great mentally and spiritually. This is not just because the body is exercising. Dance functions as an art in such a way that when one dances, it actually involves expressing emotion and contemplating interpretation. It becomes a creative expression or outlet for the person to communicate their feelings. Just like any other form of art, it is personal, so it does not matter on proficiency. It is enough for one to just dance and still feel the benefits of creativity.

Aside from being a tool for communicating ones emotions, dancing can be said to be particularly good for exercise because it breaks the kind of monotony evident in the other forms of exercise,thereby opening room for higher achievement. This is because the dancer can venture into different dynamics of dancing and still keep their eye on the goal [exercise].

In conclusion, we can see that dancing is a good way to exercise because it allows one to be the creator of art and at the same time its recipient, both of which can improve health and make one feel good mentally and emotionally.