Squat Properly

Today we’re going to talk about one very important exercise, it’s called the squat which you can do anywhere, anytime.  Now you’ve got me to tell you how to squat, I will do the demo. Make sure your squat properly. Alright, what we are going to do is a standard squat – so what we’re going to do is put your feet out as far out as your shoulders, good, first things first get your posture in again, shoulders back a little bit, chest out, abs in, very good.  Now I am going to squat, I’m going to put a chair here first so that I know how low to go.  Go to about parallel, ok – so that your hands are forward, remember to keep your posture open, so your shoulder doesn’t come forward like you are going to pick something up off the ground – alright as you go down, your knees do not go beyond your toes.  So make sure you’re not doing that.  Ok now slowly, drop it down slowly, then go down- and up. Alright, ok, so, get it, right now we’re going to try it again.  Now he’s going to control, don’t sit down, okay, down slowly, keep your knees, yep, so you can see his thighs powering his legs up.  There we go, so we work the quads, hamstrings and glutes.  Now to bring in the breathing, inhale through the nose, exhale through the mouth.  Inhale, exhale blow and inhale down, exhale blow.  Once you’re ready you can remove the chair – and give it a try once you are comfortable. You can lean a little bit forward to counter balance, keep going, just keep going down, and inhale, then exhale as you rise back up.


The squat is great because it works the full lower part of your body, brings your cardio vascular up and is very good to do for your overall strength and stamina.  Now if you change and stop to make it harder you can put your hands behind your head, again keep your abs connected- and go.  Inhale slow down, exhale up.  Keep going, do about 3-5 sets of 10-12 reps at first until you get use to the movement.  if you want to intensify it a little bit you can give a full isometric hold for five seconds. Now drop to the bottom and hold, five, four, three, two and up.  So you can mix and match your routines.  Now if you reach the advanced level you can use weights.  Hang onto the weights in the bicep hold, again keeping your posture up, tighten the abs very well and drop down- and exhale up, nice, and go – and blow, good and down.  Power up. Exhale up, inhale deep and exhale fully and then take a break.  That’s it, ok? And that’s how you do a standard squat. Again, make sure you squat properly.

Get a Bigger Butt With Exercise

 This is a good butt exercise you can do at homeon your table or bed and as you can see I’m raising my legs up and down at a normal pace that’s not too fastand not too slow.  Now ladies, If all you want is a firmer butt that’s a little bit bigger then just do 2-to-6 setsof 15-to-30 reps 3-to-5 days per week. You can also do this exercise which is actually called reversereverse hyper extensions at your gym on a hyper extension bench just like this Now once 15-to-30 reps of thisexercise gets rather easy you want to hold each rep for 2-to-5 seconds and during those 2-to-5 seconds you wanna really squeeze your butt muscles tight as if you’re trying to crush a grape between your butt muscles As I already said this butt exercise will only give a nice looking butt that’s little bit bigger & rounder so. . . 


If you want a much bigger butt like Kim Kardashian,CoCo, Beyonce or even big like mines then you’ll need to work this and other butt exercises but there is a way you can use this exercise to help you get a bigger butt just like mine or like Kim Kardashian, CoCo and Beyoncé and you do that by doing 1-3 sets of 15-to-30reps of this exercise before you begin your bigger buttworkouts that include exercises like hip thrust, butt bridgesand/or squats to pre-exhaust your butt muscles or your glutes to get an awesome butt workout where you’ll definitely really feel it more in your butt make sure whatever table or bed you use is strong enough to support youNow I weigh about 205 and this flimsy table is strong enough for me but to be extra safe in may be a good idea to have someone hold down the other end of the tableor put a weight at the other end of the table.