Burning Body Fat and Lose Weight Without Going to the Gym


Fitness Goals

There are a lot of activities for burning body fat the best ones are those involve cardiovascular exercise. Cardio exercises are activities that involve large muscles of the body such as the legs, these activities aim to give you a stronger heart and lungs. Cardio exercises does not only have the benefit of burning body fat but also can lower your blood pressure. The next section lists down a number of things that are described as cardio activities, which are what you should do consistently every day to lose weight.

  1. Housework

Doing things such as dusting, vacuuming, and mopping. These are activities that burn approximately 75 calories in 30 minutes. It may be totally unheard of to you but if you want to speed up your metabolism, stop being a couch potato and ditch the junk food from the fridge, and get to moving. You’re probably thinking upping your metabolism by doing housework is impossible, but if you perform more house chores with regularity, the more energy is required therefore higher metabolism and more calories burned.

  1. Walking

Doing a lot of walking is a great activity for burning body fat because there are no difficult equipment to use, you can do it anytime you wish, and any person of any age can benefit from this. If you do this regularly, you’ll see yourself transforming into a thinner version of yourself. Start doing it for maybe 10 minutes per day then as your legs grow stronger gradually include one or two gentle slopes and a steep slope. Walk with your arms swinging, this is called brisk walking which can burn up to 180 calories in 30 minutes. The idea here is to set aside time to walk every day, steadily increasing the time intervals and walking faster.

  1. Jogging

After trying out walking activities, you can now start upping the ante by doing an easy jogging routine say, 10 to 15 minutes a day. As your lungs and legs get used to this, steadily move the time up to 30 minutes per day without causing strain to your body or over exertion in your muscles. This activity burns over 300 calories in 30 minutes.


This is a great exercise for burning body fat which you can do indoors while watching TV or outdoors while enjoying the scenery. Either way, you will be burning 250 to 500 calories per hour. If you want to try riding an e-bike for your exercise, you may check out the latest models on this page https://www.aventon.com/collections/electric-hybrid-bikes-aventon.

  1. Playing

With Your Children If you have children devote 30 to 60 minutes of playing with them and you get to burn 100 to 216 calories. This is a great way to bond with kids establishing a good parent-child relationships with them. In addition to the fact that you don’t need to enroll at the gym, these activities are really easy to do what you need is to motivate yourself to do any or a combination of these regularly in conjunction with properly balanced meals. Also before performing number 2 to 5 for burning body fat, you should invest in good shoes to prevent injuries to your feet, don’t do too much too soon, and most of all do stretching exercises first to prevent injuries to your muscles.

How You Can Naturally Lose 10 Pounds Fast!

slim body

A reducing diet that enjoys temporary popularity is harmful to your body and oftentimes ineffective. Therefore, losing weight and regaining it cannot afford you nice ab definition. If you desire to naturally lose 10 pounds fast and maintain a slim body fitness you ought to change your food habits.

Your initial step to losing weight is exercise but not such that you can be hit the gym for several hours a day on a weekly basis. Well you can start out slowly. You should engage in some kind of cardio activity that boosts your heart rate for about twenty five minutes a day, 4 days per week consistently to get good result in real-time. Cardio exercises are not extra ordinary but your usual activities like swimming, running, biking, dancing, playing sports or even jump roping can improve your health. Also any form of workout that increases your heart beats and makes your breathing hard is very good for you.

It is very necessary to for you to be changing your workouts regularly because, if your body get accustomed to a particular type of exercise, it builds up in your muscle memory and your body might not be responding effectively to it anymore. Always mix up your workout routine after a while to confuse your muscles, and force your body to change. Endeavor doing weight lifting exercises and follow it next with a cardio workout. Changing your activities often will help you burn off your calories quickly and you can naturally lose 10 pounds fast.

In conclusion, how you can naturally lose 10 pounds fast is by including these methods in your daily schedule. Regardless of how you choose to change your way of life in respect to your dieting and workout, ensure that you get yourself on a good multivitamin supplement for constant detoxification of your system, or else you may not realize your desired six pack abs.