Roller Skating is a Fun Activity and A Good Workout


The issue of losing weight for both women and men has been a major challenge throughout the ages, and it will always remain an obstacle and will worsen. I will discuss diet and exercise for women who roller skate which is a fun activity that just so happens to speed up the weight loss process.This is because excess body fats causes increased high blood pressure which opens the door to many other diseases relating to the heart which accounts for a very high percentage of deaths. These deaths may have otherwise be avoided through engagement in physical exercise and practicing proper dietary behaviors. For women this goes beyond health concerns and spills over to how they look and feel about themselves in the society.


There are various ways that may be employed to achieve this goal which includes participation in sporting activities such as roller skating. Though this sport has been male dominated, women may find it really intriguing and fun as much as their male counterparts and at the same time use it to acquire the much needed health and physical fitness.


First and foremost, any woman intending to participate in this challenging sport needs to generate a keen interest in it, embrace it, love it and brace themselves with proper gear and finally go straight ahead and have fun with this activity. Roller skating is an aerobic activity that one may engage in in-order to burn up some calories and sweat off some extra pounds. It is really an efficient way of losing belly fat as well as help your legs also lose fat and possibly build some muscle. Like any aerobics, roller skating for women helps to raise the heart beat rates thereby burning calories which has a consequential desired effect of weight loss.

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While losing weight, the loss is distributed throughout the body. To pinpoint weight loss is practically impossible. Weight loss process is determined mainly by the amount of calories consumed against the amount burned, this means that if you reduce the intake of calories and maintain a steady routine of skating you will definitely loose a considerable amount of weight in the due process of time. Moving on wheels improves your coordination and flexibility while at the same time improves your muscle and respiratory endurance. Your legs will have that leaner look once you burn out excess weight;fat.During skating sessions it is very important to wear safety gear, such as the helmet and elbow, knee and wrist guards, to help prevent injury which can spoil the fun in roller skating.


The dietary requirements for a roller skater to be effective in weight reduction is, avoid foods rich in fats or otherwise take low fatty foods. Take higher amounts of vegetables as compared to carbohydrates. Red meats should be substituted by lower amounts of white meats. For an efficient metabolism to take place large volumes of clean water is highly recommendable as water plays a significant role in weight lose process as it acts as both a coolant and a solvent of waste matter that the body excretes, for this case fats. Complete fasting is not highly recommended since the body needs to be replenished but not starved and punished and also this may also bring about other medical complications and tricks you body into thinking there are no more meals coming and it needs to conserve; therefore slowing down your metabolism which has the opposite result of what you are trying to do which is to speed up your metabolism.

What you Need to Know About Low Carb Diet Plan

What you Need to Know About Low Carb Diet Plan


Low- carb diets recently are very popular since they’re considered very effective for weight loss purposes. Basically, the kinds of foods that are allowed in low- carb diets are normally confusing to know. It’s therefore important that in case you want to use a low- carb diet to reduce your weight, you make sure that you do a little bit of research so that you can be sure about the kinds of foods that you should use.


What Kind of Foods are Present in a Low- Carb Diet?




Vegetables are often considered an important food type for a low- carb diet. Generally, leafy veggies such as lettuce, spinach or cabbage are the best. Another good low- carb vegetable you can rely on when getting rid of your body weight is green beans also a vegetable, and so is nutritious packed asparagus. It’s recommended that you avoid starches such as corn and potatoes when attempting to get rid of your body weight using a low- carb and low fat diet.





Fruits are high in sugar and therefore you must make sure that you only consume low amounts of them. Berries such as strawberries, raspberries as well as blueberries are considered good fruits to consume when following a low- carb diet.




When it comes to grain, consider eating brown whole grains. Legumes, long grain rice, and whole wheat bread are all low- carb foods that you should consider when you’re following a low- carb diet plan.




Cheese such as goat cheese also is another ideal option that you should consider adding in your low- carb diet plan. However, not all bodies will respond well to cheese. It is therefore recommended that you seek the assistance of a qualified physician when you want to include cheese in your low- carb diet plan so that you can be advised appropriately.


Benefits of Low Fat Diet


There are numerous benefits you can gain by consuming low fat meals. Initially weight usually comes off quickly for most individuals who adhere to this kind of diet; giving them a positive and good start to seeing great weight reduction results fairly quickly. Also, this kind of diet is very satisfying and therefore it makes a person to feel full for long time duration.

It’s important that you also do a little bit of research concerning low carb recipes, so that you can be in a position to prepare meals that you’ll always enjoy when eating.


Last, but not least, if the following kind of diet fails to give you the weight reduction results that you wish to achieve, seek for the assistance of a qualified doctor so that you can be advised more about it any possible conditions exists such as thyroid disease. Regardless consuming a  low carb diet, low carb recipes and low fat meals will all assist your in your weight loss and maintenance goals. Also please check out my new book on flat core below: