Best Way to Build a Six Pack – 3 Killer Ab Exercises to Get Ripped Six Pack Abs


If you are looking to build your six pack abs then you need to know the best ab exercises to include into your workouts. We will cover the best way to build a six pack. There are loads of ab exercises out there, and below I will reveal to you 3 of the top ab exercises you should be doing to build your six pack abs.


Hanging cork screws. Simply put, hanging cork screws are basically leg raises but to the sides instead out in front of you. These are absolutely awesome for building your lower abs. You start by hanging on a pull up bar or a scaffold bar then you raise your legs up to one side then back down again then raise your legs up on the opposite side. This is one rep. When you do these though make sure you keep your legs as straight as you can, if you bend your legs too much you wont get the full benefit of the exercise.


Planks. Planks are another great exercise to do to build a rock hard set of abs. Doing planks will also help to build your core strength too. They are very simple, all you do is lay down on your front with your arms in front of you, but with your forearms on the floor. You need to be in a fixed position so you are off the floor with just your forearms and toes touching the floor and supporting you. You stay in that position for as long as you can, it really works your core and is awesome for building a six pack.



Side planks. Side planks are pretty much the same as normal planks accept you are on your side instead of your front. With side planks you turn on your side using the side of your forearm as support. Keep in a nice fixed straight position and hold it there for as long as you can. These are also great for building a strong core and will really engage your abs.


A good workout using the front planks and side planks is to hold it first in the front plank position for as long as you can and then change to the side plank position when you can’t hold it any longer. Then again change to your other side when you can’t hold the position any longer. These plank exercises are killer workouts for your abs so make sure you start including them in your workouts at least once a week. Doing just these 3 exercises will give you rock hard abs; a plank is one of the best way to build a six pack