5 Top Reasons for Better Health Through Juicing!

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Top Reasons for Juicing!



This article outlines just 5 of the number of reasons why green smoothies can help in providing over all better health including more energy. Each reason is listed in turn and then discussed. The specific reasons that we focus on in this article are: cravings for snack foods, improve your skin, eliminating waste from our body and also help in losing weight. Here I have listed some of the main reasons why juicing benefits can provide better health and more energy. You can check out more of my other articles and books on juicing tips. Let’s look at each in turn and see what benefits are associated with each reason:


Reason #1: Loose cravings for snack foods Benefits: The fact that your body will be getting so many of the nutrients it requires you will eventually lose the daily cravings for junk foods such as snacks.


Reason #2: Improve your skin. Benefits: By just drinking just one smoothie drink per day it will improve your digestive system, which will in turn will help you to have much better skin.


Reason #3: Eliminating waste from our body Benefits: Fruit and vegetables are have tons of fiber which is so important for the elimination of waste from our bodies.


Reason #4: Help in losing weight. Benefits: With proper daily exercise and diet incorporating a green smoothie will do wonders for weight loss.


Reason #5: Energy. Benefits: People have found after drinking green smoothies daily, they have more steady and reliable energy to carry them through the day.


This article has provided an overview of the 5 reasons why juicing benefits provide better health and more energy. For each reason the associated list of benefits has been provided but keep researching and reading to get more tips on some of the best habits for juicing, and the best juicing tips.


Drink Your Greens: 10 Top Tips for Juicing Greens and Wheatgrass



Let’s learn some important green leafy vegetable and wheatgrass juicing tips to get the most from our home juicers. Not all juicers can accommodate green leafy vegetables or wheatgrass, so the first step is choosing the right juicer. For leafy green vegetables, a masticating or triturating (twin gear) juicer is the way to go. These are the only types that can efficiently juice greens. Triturating juicers are very efficient but are also quite expensive. For wheatgrass, the choice is between a masticating juicer, a more expensive triturating (twin gear) juicer or a wheatgrass-only juicer. Wheatgrass-only juicers come in manual and electric models. The manual ones can be relatively inexpensive. So now you are ready to get juicin’!

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Here are our top green leafy vegetable and wheatgrass juicing tips:


  1. The most versatile and affordable juicer for both wheatgrass and leafy greens as well as all other fruits and vegetables is the single-gear masticating juicer. However, if you can afford one, a triturating juicer is excellent at extracting every last bit of juice from fruits and vegetables.


  1. One of our favorite wheatgrass juicing tips also works with sprouts and some herbs. Wrap a bundle of wheatgrass in a larger green leafy vegetable, such as kale or lettuce. You will find it is easier to feed into the juicer’s chute now that it is in a compact “package.”


  1. Wheatgrass juice and green leafy vegetable juice are both very high in chlorophyll. To get the most from your green juices, drink them within half an hour of juicing. Heat and oxidation can damage chlorophyll; you need this in your quest for a healthier you.


  1. Wheatgrass is incredibly easy to grow indoors. However, did you know how easy it is to grow leafy green vegetables like lettuce and Swiss chard? Try growing your own organic vegetables for juicing.


  1. Clean your juicer as soon as you use it. Wheatgrass and leafy greens can leave difficult-to-remove pieces that get dried onto the inner workings of the juicer, becoming hard to clean.


  1. Some of the most important wheatgrass juicing tips are actually wheatgrass growing tips. Cut wheatgrass approximately half an inch from the soil, and allow the grass to re-grow at least once before mixing the roots back into the soil and starting fresh with new seeds.


  1. If you don’t like the taste of wheatgrass, try mixing it with carrot juice, bell pepper juice, lemon juice, ginger, or apple juice. It may be palatable when mixed with other juices to mask the flavor.


  1. Leafy green vegetable juices are known for giving drinkers a burst of energy. Try kale juice mixed with apple juice, spinach juice and cucumber juice with a little bit of ginger juice to add a punch.


  1. If you’re just starting out with green juices, start out slowly. Drink just a very small glass per day until you know how your body reacts to it. Green juices are extremely potent and powerful, and are generally recommended in small doses.


  1. If you care about the color of the juice you’re drinking and prefer that it not be brown, try juicing your greens separately from any red or orange juices. If you only mix green juices with other green, yellow or clear juices, your juice will stay a more appealing color.


Get more juicing tips below!


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Among others.

3 Techniques for Juicing Wheatgrass

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You can’t help be impressed with what juicing wheatgrass can do for you. The benefits are truly amazing. That’s more than theory or at least from my perspective, because I have seen the results first hand. Both my wife and I started juicing wheatgrass a while back and although our results were not exactly the most amazing at first. The first benefit we observed was increased energy and steadier nerves.


After about 3 weeks into our juicing regimen my wife claimed that her eyesight had improved dramatically. In fact, she shed her contact lenses and could thread a tiny needle effortlessly. That’s even more impressive considering she is (I’ll get in trouble for this) almost 60. Other benefits include better sleep, reduced inflammation, fewer cravings, improved mental clarity, and a boosted immune system. Wheatgrass juice also provides cellular level detoxification. And that’s just a sampling of the incredible benefits. It’s no wonder that more and more people are seeking more information about this healthy alternative.


The more difficult issue in regard to wheatgrass juicing is properly and effectively extracting the juice. A conventional juicer is not the best choice for juicing. Juicing will also play a role in your weight loss in a positive way. A diet consisting on juices will minimize your caloric intake.. Juicing with your existing juicer is next to impossible although there is a method that I will share with you later in this article. Here, then, are 3 methods for extracting the juice from wheatgrass:

1) Using a device called a “juicing masticator” is by far the most effective method for juicing wheatgrass. These machines resemble a meat grinder and work by grinding and pressing the juice from the blades of wheatgrass. Masticators range in price from $30 upwards to $1000. A midrange unit should serve your needs the best. The resulting juice from the masticating machine can then be mixed with other recipes involving your regular juicing. Yes, maybe it’s a little more trouble but the healthy benefits are definitely worth the extra effort. Wheatgrass juice has a strong taste that is a little bit difficult to tolerate so mixing it with more flavorful juice is a considerable improvement.


2) A blender can be used for juicing wheatgrass. To accomplish this task add wheatgrass, water to cover the wheatgrass, and a couple of handfuls of ice. Turn your blender on high speed and emulsify the ingredients. Then you will need to strain the resulting mush through a tiny meshed strainer or suitable cloth. The idea is to extract just the liquid.


3) This method makes use of your existing juicer but it is definitely the least effective of the previous technique. Wrap wheatgrass in spinach leaves and then insert them in your juicer. Add pineapple or apple chunks to aid in breaking down the wheatgrass and for added flavor.


Again, this is not the preferred method but it will work until you can invest in a good blender or juicing masticator. To make the process easier we often freeze extra juice in ice trays. This cuts down on the use of multiple devices for juicing and also enables us to use wheatgrass at its maximum potency. Juicing can make a huge difference in your health and well-being and juicing wheatgrass really brings it all together. I sincerely hope that your results are as dramatic as ours and that you feel better than ever.