Things To Do So As To Lose Belly Fat In A Week

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Things To Do So As To Lose Belly Fat In A Week 

Belly fat is the kind of harmful fats said to be sitting around your organs. Below are some of the tips that when applied correctly, will help you to lose belly fat in a weeks’ time span:

1. Change your diet. A lot of people are attracted to salty foods. Taking in higher levels of salt tends to make one to take in more fluid which will contribute to the puffy appearance caused by the extra water. The best thing to do if you are a victim of salty foods is to avoid these kinds of salty foods, over processed foods and excessive intake of water.

2. Trim down your curbs. Minimize the intake of heavy carbs like pasta and bagels. Decreasing the mentioned carbs will help your body to adjust itself to access the stored carbohydrates and in the process help to burn your excessive fats and also eliminate the excess stored fluids.

3. Introduce fruits to your diet, not all fruits are friendly to belly. Try eating berries, citrus which are said to have an almost equal ratio of sugar fructose and glucose making them to be easily digested compared to other fruits such as apples and pears.

4. Avoid alcohol. Alcohol tends to make a person consume more water and food. For more effective weight loss, make sure that you don’t drink for a few days so as to allow your belly flattening capabilities. Excessive consumption of alcohol irritates a person’s GI tract as these beverages are high acid.

5. Walking and running are effective ways to burn fat as it not only burns fat on your body but also concentrates on the whole body. Walk for at list 40 minutes every day. This exercise seams simple but it is very effective as it helps in increasing ones metabolism and also ones heart rate.

6. Introduce fat burning foods, some of this foods include, garlic, onion, ginger, pepper, cabbage, cinnamon and mustard. Introduce garlic in your daily diet. You can eat one clove of garlic every morning so as to increase your metabolism which is an effective way of increasing your metabolism.

7. Enough sleep. Study shows that for every person to keep fit, he/she needs at list six to seven hours of sleep minimum. The research concluded that lack of enough sleep could lead to weight gain.

8. Vitamin C is essential for secretion of carnitine. Carnitine is a compound that helps your body to convert its fats to energy. Also remember that Stress is among the main causes of having belly fat. Vitamin C will help block secretion of cortisol hormone that is produced when one is under pressure or stress. Cortisol is responsible for that belly fat hence its advised for any person to control his/her stress levels by trying to find something useful to do so as to keep his/her mind busy.

9. Don’t skip breakfast. A lot of people think that skipping breakfast helps them to lose weight faster. this is very wrong as skipping breakfast increases bloating as you are pushing your body to starvation mode hence increasing that body fat gain.