Sick And Tired Of Your Workout Routine To Build Muscle?


Exercise Tips For Building Muscles


Are your workouts to build muscle not living up to your expectations? Are you just simply sick and tired of  getting little or no results in the form of building muscles? Wonder why you’re doing everything right but there’s only a slight difference in your appearance after weeks of long training sessions in the gym. All that money you’ve spent on supplements and perhaps equipment and the promise of a sexy toned body has not materialized, leaving you frustrated and ready to give up!


Maybe it’s time to look at another form of generating muscle naturally without supplements, tiring workouts in the gym or buying expensive equipment to put in the spare bedroom, that will eventually end up collecting dust! You don’t need any of it. First a few facts on the fitness industry. Supplements consist of unhealthy ingredients, like rice flour, artificial flavors and sweeteners, plus sugars. They are not going to do your insides any good at all.


Illegal non-prescribed Steroids and other muscle enhancing drugs are dicey, they can become addictive, they are expensive at around 500 to 1000 dollars per month for steroids, even the prescribed ones. Their side effects include, high blood pressure; a very serious condition, baldness, acne, man boobs, enlarged heart; and the complications that can develop from that, and the list goes on and on – fancy them? I would pass on those regardless of their incredible short term gains. As soon as you stop using steroids for example, all of your short term gains goes right back out the window. With illegal non-prescription steroids or human growth hormones that are powerful, their short term benefits which causes fairly rapid physical change are all very temporary.  These physical changes are all very temporary and will quickly reverse all of your physical gains as soon as you stop popping the pills or end the injections.

All the fitness magazines are owned by supplement organizations; bet you didn’t know that! Basically, what you need are inexpensive wholesome, natural flavored foods to feed your muscles, which will work along side a sensible training guide. A Muscle Building plan will take you through everything you need to know from the must do to the don’t do. You do need to be committed, with a dose of self discipline and a few spoonfuls of sacrifice and incorporate a sensible training program. That’s the recipe to a workout routine to build muscle mass and you too can have that sexy toned up body that all of the ladies/guys are wanting to get their hands on you, starting now!


Following the physical exercise of pro body builders you’ll find in that magazine you’ve just bought does not mean that you will end up looking like them. Professional body builders put in around 4-6 hours a day, and 5-6 days a week at the gym; so that would partially explain why they look the way they do, at least that is one part of the equation for the way they look. Also you may not have the same genetics as any particular body builder, and that might be the reason that person became a body builder. Some individuals just  have freaky genetics that makes them excel in body building. The average individual like you and I might not need to spend every given moment in the gym, it’s could be a waste of time for many of us and is completely not necessary nor possible to work out for hours almost daily.


Body mass and hardness grows when you’re resting, not exercising. You put in the work and then you get the results some time after with proper workout, rest and diet. Anyone can see tremendous changes in their body if they are dedication and can put in the work outs and stick with a solid workout program. Perform two unique muscle crunching sets. Train each muscle once to twice weekly. It doesn’t matter if you are young or old, pot bellied or skinny, it will make a huge difference if you have a solid workout plan in place that you follow.

There are many different types of workouts depending on what you want your body to look like. . How does 5 to 8 hours of weight training per week sound – good I hope. Just completing these 2 exercises at least 1-2 times a week will seriously and radically change your body shaper, strength, energy level and your appearance for the better in literally a few short weeks you will get a big positive boost in your entire well being. These are the 2 most common exercise 90% of gym goers avoid like the plague, yet they yield the most and the best results for your body, mind and soul. Drum roll and they are Squats and dead lifts; these 2 multi movement exercises will make the most tremendous changes to your overall well being and appearance  in the shortest amount of time. Boy this just gets better and better. Start making those changes today!  I have attached a video of how these exercises with one with myself completing deadlift and another video of me completing a squat, so you can get a better understanding of how to perform these exercises if you are not familiar with them. You can also perfom these exercises by doing them with very light weights to start; in fact light weights are always recommended when first starting any training program and always check with your physician 1st to make sure you are healthy enough to perform any kind of exercise at all. Remember, injury is possible with exercise so always, always start out slowly and don’t put too much pressure on your body too quickly, instead build up your resistance level over time before ever considering lifting heavy weights and you should do fine.

Lose Weight Permanently – Learn The Best Training Tips

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My Training Routine Tips


No matter what your specific fitness goal is, one thing is universal. Everyone wants to know the best training routines. Everyone wants to get the best results as quickly as possible, and that is only possible when you train under the best routine. Although this is a widely asked question there is no definite perfect answer to this. Every individual considers their workout routine as the best and you will hear and see ‘a lot’ of different training regimes. We cannot choose one training routine to suit all people, this is not a one size fits all product. From beginner workout routines to the most advanced ones, all follow the same basic outline.


Most gym-goers who engage in regular training know that a good training routine consists of 4 imperative elements: Warm-up – Exercise Plan – Intensity – Rest/Cool-down: Like breakfast is the most important meal of the day, the warm-up is the most important part of the training routine.


Warm-up exercises are important to warm up the muscles and reduce incidents of injury. The warm up consists of light exercises like cycling, treadmill running, jumping jacks, pushups and skipping. Warm up exercises are important for muscles and ligaments to warm up and reach a prime state for heavy exercise.


Those of us who might have pulled a muscle or injured a tendon know that the warm-up is essential before inducing heavy exercise. Perspiring is the sign that your body is warmed up enough and is ready for stretching exercises. Stretching is just another part of the warm up, this involves stretching from head to toe.


Stretching exercises include neck circles, arm circles, groin stretch, hamstring stretch and trunk rotations. Stretching might sound like a waste but it protects against fatigue and injuries and must be taken seriously.


Exercise Plan: An experienced trainer can design a basic workout routine for you considering weight, height, stamina, muscle strength, etc. If you want to design your own routine it should not be more than 45 to 75 minutes long. The best training routines that have shown quick results are within this time frame. An important factor is the growth hormone, or the hormone that triggers muscle growth. The growth hormone is said to be maximized within a time frame of about 60 minutes into your workout.


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Intensity: Believe in the old cliché “no pain, no gain”, there is some truth to it. High intensity exercises are necessary for a good workout plan and obviously for those looking to get quick results. It’s not recommended to go and injure yourself on the first day of training though. Gradually increase the intensity and use advanced training routines as your muscle strength grows is what I advise. Intensity is increased by doing more exercise in less time or minimizing the rest time between reps, this is where your results can really begin to take off.


Rest: This is the secret ingredient of any training routine; rest. After a good high intensity workout it is essential to rest the body and mind. It’s not recommended to exercise everyday or multiple times during the day unless you are a professional athlete doing this to tweak or pinpoint your workout for specific results. The human body demands 2 to 3 days of proper rest after cardio or muscle training. When feeling fatigued and tired you should always quit the routine and rest for the day. If you are new to working out as you advance you will be able to read the signs your body is giving you better, and take the warning signs serious; again, this will help your fitness level to progress and you will avoid over training and injury.

Gym Routines – Three Levels of Intensity

The Benefits Of Training At Different Intensity



Contrary to popular belief, there is more than only one level of intensity you can train at in your gym routines. There is no requirement to constantly train at your maximal level, and in fact, believing that you must completely destroy yourself in the gym every workout will sabotage your gym routines severely. When you first start training, the intensity of your gym routines should be sufficiently mild enough that your body may adapt to the concept of constantly damaging and then repairing itself. If you have not trained for many years (or ever), then going full bore is a great way to permanently injure yourself.


So let’s look at the various intensities you may train at.


  • Intense Training


Intense training is when you take each set until the 2nd last rep you can complete in good form. This level of training, over the long term, will pack muscle onto your body, and is a very effective method of training in your gym routines. Obviously, it is very difficult to judge when the 2nd last rep has been reached, and you will actually have to train to failure first to know where it is.


  • Very Intense


Training Very intense training is when you take each set to failure. That is, when you can’t complete another rep with good form. This level of intensity will massively increase your strength and will pack on muscle. However, it is not very possible to consistently maintain this level of training. It requires immense mental fortitude, and will physically exhaust you. It is best to use this level in short bursts.


  • Brutal Training


Brutal training is when you train to failure, and complete a static isometric hold before completing the set. This level of intensity in your gym routines will completely exhaust you mentally and physically. You will actually not be able to move the targeted muscle for a few minutes. When training your legs in this method, you will be physically unable to walk for up to an hour.


While many people believe you must train brutally hard to build muscle, the truth is that no one can maintain training that tough over a long enough period to build muscle. More likely, they will injure themselves, or become too scared of the gym to continue. It is far more efficient to simply train with the long term in mind, and utilize intense training gym routines. When you find yourself becoming bored or complacent, you can turbo charge your workout with a very intense burst. Really take an honest look at your gym routines, and decide for yourself whether you are training correctly. You will get a good feel for training after doing it for years, if you are not yet at this point.

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Working out requires getting different kinds of workout in as it relates to different intensity levels. You can’t always train at the highest level for ever. You have to be able to alternate your workouts to achieve the body of your dreams. You might consider doing really high intensity workouts for 3 weeks straight; then you might take it down a few notches for the next 4 weeks and do low or moderate intensity workouts, then back up to a high intensity level for the next 6 weeks. The key is alternating your workouts from time to time to stimulate your body to become confused and change.