Workout Plan

A Workout Plan For You

You need to have a good workout plan when it is time for your workout routine. You should already have your workout plan mentally outlined at a minimum for the upcoming week. That way when you get to your workout machines or to the gym, you already have an idea of what work loan you will be doing for that day. I will cover several different workouts that will help you to develop your upper body along with some cardio movements for your heart as well. I have discussed several times why cardio and strength training together is a killer recipe for success in slimming and hardening your body. They work perfectly together because one is just right for your heart and building your endurance, while the other will make you leaner; which has many benefits including speeding up your fat burning rate while resting.

The biggest byproduct of working out is having a lot of energy, looking better, and being healthier. Having the energy to do the things you need to do in your daily life is certainly a plus. Looking better never hurts either. Being healthier is the best thing that could come from anyone’s workout regimen. We workout primarily for our health. Working out is definitely a positive for both you and your family  for many obvious reasons. As you may already know a lot of help issues can overtake our bodies if we don’t workout or do little to no physical activities in our daily lives; with that being said I will outline a good workout plan for you that will cover various types of exercises in this workout plan.


deadliftThere may be days where you are more interested in hitting weights for muscle gain instead of cardio. Then again there may be days where you’re more interested in doing cardio for heart strengthening and fat burn and purposes too. The workout plan below will have exercises where you will get both strength building and fat burning all together in one workout session. It is always important to make sure that you do both of them weekly either together in your workout plan, or separately. For example, one day you may want to do all cardio exercises where you get both heart straightening and fat burning all together in one workout session. The next day you might want to do all free weights for your workout; or you can do any percentage you want for either cardio or free weights, it does not have to be a 50/50 percentage mix. It is always important though to make sure that you do both cardio and resistance training weekly either together in your workout session, or separately. They both have tremendous benefits and will transform your body in little time. Not to mention all the other health benefits that comes along with being in shape like a strong heart, body and mind.


Always try to make sure you include a little of both types of workout in your exercises for the best possible results. Cardio alone is not the most effective way to slim down and lean up your body. The combination approach is the best way to get in shape fast. You always want to have a thin layer of muscles, if you will, underneath; which is a good fat burning foundation that will speeds up the fat burning process even when you are at rest. Here are some of the exercises I do in my workout plan



Workout Plans For Your Upper Body

These exercises are some good to help you build a lot of upper body strength. With this workout plan you will see some impressive physical gains fast. Just make sure that you follow the steps as outlined to make the most of your workout sessions.

With this workout plan you will start out by by doing 5 sets of flat bench press with comfortable weights. Lay on your back and lower the bar to the middle of your chest and push the weigh back up until you are elbows are locked out. Now this is considered one rep try to do with 8 to 12 reps, and do around 5 sets. This is for the middle part of your chest.


Now you are going to do incline bench press which targets the upper part of the chest. you want to get comfortable weights the bar and do about 8 – 12 reps, and about three to five sets. Do not try to load up the bar with too much heavy weigh at first, your strength will come naturally in a short amount of time.

Using your own body weight do 8 – 15 reps, and four to six sets. This exercise will really hit the lower portion of your chest just above your rib cage.This exercise is also good for your triceps and front deltoid muscle.

You can also do military presses by sitting down in front of a smith machine and put on comfortable weights on each side of the barbell. Then you want to pick up the barbell and  press the weights up until you have locked your elbows out and the weight is above your head, then lower the weight slowly towards your shoulders; the barbell can either be lowered to your chin or to the back of your neck. Do 8 to 12 reps and 3-5 sets. This will give you solid, broad and strong shoulder muscles.


The next exercise to round out your upper body exercises would be for your traps. You want to get a barbell and load it up with comfortable weights. Take the weight off the bar, then step back slowly and lower the weights towards your knees while holding the barbell in your hands. You’re then going to pull the barbell up using your trapezius muscles; almost as if you’re trying to raise your shoulders to your ears. Do 8 – 12 reps and 4 to 6 sets.

These muscles in your upper body will become strengthened and toned even with modest weights just by doing them regularly. You want to hit each body part at least once per week and twice per week if possible. This will give you the greatest results as far as muscle strength, definition, and visible muscles development. Also feel free to check out mine flat stomach exercises book which was an Amazon bestseller pack with tons of exercise tips for developing the core muscles.

Workout Plan

Weight Machines

I have talked about getting leaner in the past. Getting leaner will help you to burn more fat. You will burn more fat while you eat, sleep, work out or anything else that you do. Getting leaner starts with working out regularly with some type of resistance training; at least 3 times a week.  Here is a workout plan to assist in getting to your ideal body image goal.


You do not have to workout like a professional bodybuilder to become lean. Doing any type of light weights for resistance training is a great start. Even using your own body weight or a fraction of it can be a really good start to building light, lean muscles to help to speed up your overall metabolism. In turn it will give you more energy and burn more fat. Whether you are needing to start working out for the 1st time, or if you are a seasoned pro and you just need a little variety in your routine try these 2 different weekly workout plans I have personally designed for you below. Remember to always check with your physician before starting any workout plan.


Do each of these weekly workouts for 4 weeks straight to start out(2 weekly workouts programs x 4 weeks = 8 weeks). Then on the 9th week start to alternate the workouts weekly for the next 8th week(workout 1 x 1 week, then workout 2 x 1 week for 8 weeks total) before going back to doing each weekly workout for 4 weeks each straight again. Here are the 2 different weekly work out programs and how they would work. This is assuming you have the necessary workout equipment or a local gym membership.


Workouts for women

Workout #1( 4 workouts per week, feel free to change the days to fit your own schedule):


shoulder press with dumbbells or barbell: 9-12 reps of 4 sets

bicep curl with a curl bar or dumbbells: 9-12 reps of 4 sets

tricep press with dumbbells or barbell behind the neck: 9-12 reps of 4 sets

forearm curls with dumbbells or barbells: 10-20 reps of 4 sets


squats with barbell: 10-15 reps of 5 sets

hamstring curls: 8-12 reps of 5 sets

seated or standing calf raise: 8-12 reps of 5 sets

laying leg raises on a bench: 60-80 reps in as few sets as possible


brench press with barbell or dumbbells: 8-12 reps of 4 sets

decline press with barbell or dumbbells: 8-12 reps of 4 sets

incline press with barbell or dumbbells: 8-12 reps of 4 sets


dead lift with barbell or dumbbell: 8-12 reps of 5 sets

chin ups or lateral pull downs: 8-12 reps of 4 sets

Shoulder shrugs: 10-15 resp of 4 sets.

workouts for men

Workout #2(4 workouts per week, Again you can change up the days to fit your plans)


Dumbbell or barbell rows: 8-12 reps of 4 sets

dead lift with barbell or dumbbell: 8-12 reps of 4 sets

shoulder press with dumbbell or barbell: 8-12 reps of 4 sets


push ups: do 50-70 reps in as few sets as possible

tricep dips: do 30-50 reps in as few sets as possible

sit ups: do 50-70 reps in as few sets as possible

seated or standing calf raises: do 50-70 reps in as few sets as possible


Lunges with barbell or dumbbell: 8-12 reps of 4 sets

stiff leg dead lift with barbell or dumbbells: 10-15 reps of 5 sets

internal and external rotation calf raise: 10-15 reps of 5 sets

home workout


bicep curl with a curl bar or dumbbells: 9-12 reps of 4 sets

tricep press with dumbbells or barbell : 9-12 reps of 4 sets

forearm curls with dumbbells or barbells: 10-20 reps of 4 sets

shoulder shrugs with dumbbells or barbell: 10-15.

Follow my directions above and see a harder and firmer body in a short amount of time. Doing most or all of these exercises I mentioned above and dieting will bring you closer to your lean body goal in very little time. If you are not sure of what some of these exercises are just google them for a pictures to get ideas of how these various exercises look and work. Check out my ab focused workout book.