Building Mass To Your Arms And Your Entire Body

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Build Solid Mass



So you are looking to build bigger arms and a bigger more muscular rest of your body as well? It can be achieved but you have to know a few of the best techniques, strategies and exercises to help you get to where you want to be in terms of building mass. Building mass in your arms or building massive chest, even though they are completely different muscle groups, they both will require you to do some of the same techniques.


The focus here will be to talk about building muscular arms. The following will be a set of high-intensity exercises that you can do but they have to be done with you completely giving your all if you are looking for the best results. Some tips: If you measure your arms in the morning before you work out, this will give you a true reading of your size before working out or even just the daily activity that can plump up your muscles which leads to building mass.


Some trainers that have done a lot of research, believe that you should only train your arms twice a week so that you give your arms the best chance of recovery and muscle growth.

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Exercises Examples: Biceps Curl with Barbell – You want to focus on a little lighter weight for this exercise. The key here is that you do not want to pause at the bottom of the exercise. You want to have the exercise be one continuous motion from the lowering of the weight to the lifting of the weight to keep the bicep continuously working. Add this technique to the amount of reps that you are doing with your workout which will help in building mass.


Slowest Possible Chinup – The idea here is that you want to lift your body weight and lower your body weight with the slowest possible movement that you can do. The goal is to compete both the up and the down putting the most strain on the muscle to build mass size to your arms. Try to shoot for 25 to 30 seconds on both the raising and lowering of your body.



Slowest Possible Dips – The idea here is the same as the chinup. You want to do your dip as slow as possible to put the same amount of strain on the arm muscles to gain the muscle size you are looking to achieve.


Single Arms Triceps Extensions – Use a moderate amount of weight and you want to put the focus on your triceps. Keeping the weight close to your ears, raise the weight above your head. Slowly lower the weight behind your head by bending at the elbows but keeping your elbows facing forward. Do 8 to 12 of these reps or do the amount you are currently working with in your program.


Those are just a few of the exercises that you can rotate into your mass building muscle workout if this is your goal for now. To build biceps and to sculpt the muscle, you have to make sure that you are isolating the exercise to the muscle group that you are focusing on. To build muscle in your arms, you have to know that it will take a toll on your body, so make sure you are giving your body the rest and high protein diet it needs for muscle growth and recovery. Practice these exercises for a least a few months and you will see some big gains in packing on some solid muscles mass quickly.

For Quick Weight Loss You Must Try a Boot-Camp Workout!

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High Intensity Boot-Camp Workout

If you’re looking to lose some weight obviously you don’t want this process to take too long. Rapid results are great, but of course you want to be safe as well. This is where a boot-camp workout can really come into play; you lose weight quickly but also safely as well. While results of course most likely vary, some report losing a clothing size in a month or more and losing several inches around their waist, hips, thighs, arms, and everywhere else at the same time. You don’t just shed water weight at a boot-camp workout but really tone up at the same time. So what is involved in a boot-camp workout and why should you consider it for your weight loss goals? Usually a boot-camp workout is a concentrated form of an exercise routine that involves both aerobic workouts and resistance training as well. They are designed to start you slowly and at a manageable pace but to challenge you as well.


Only if you push yourself physically will you actually burn calories and tone your muscles for the best results. Following the program of a boot-camp workout is the best way to really spark your metabolism as it needs to meet those demands put upon the muscles and the circulatory and respiratory systems. The body will need to burn up the fat reserves you have in order to meet the new demands dumped upon it. Typically a boot-camp workout will also include a good diet to follow or guidelines on what to eat as well. These diets usually include high levels of protein so that your muscles can be fed and maintained. You may see that they also cut out sugar and starches or carbohydrates so that your body will be forced to use up your stored fat for the energy it needs. If you follow the diet or eating program outlined in a boot-camp workout you may see faster results and may feel healthier overall. If you don’t, you may feel tired and sluggish as you follow the workout routine.


A good boot-camp workout can also energize you and motivate you to keep up with exercise and good nutrition for the long-term as well. When you lose weight and see results you want to keep doing the things that get you those results. As you feel lighter, healthier, and more energized when following the boot-camp workout, you’ll realize that you want to feel this way all the time. You may not follow a routine that is as intense as your boot-camp workout, but you may follow a routine that helps to keep those results permanent. You’ll be so determined to keep the pounds off that you’ll do whatever it takes to keep yourself in great shape with regular physical exercise. This can mean making those results permanent, whatever it takes! So keep these points in mind and sign up for boot-camp if you’re looking for quick and effective weight loss.


Boot-camp exercise classes are often offered at any local gym with a gym membership of course. If you don’t see any signs for a boot-camp at your gym, you may simply need to ask someone there and I’m sure they will lead you in the right direction. If they have no boot-camp classes available they will typically have other classes that they offer such as dance, aerobic, or other types of exercise classes that will give you similar results; which in turn will give you weight loss for a leaner body that is packed with tons of energy. Happy boot-camping or whatever else it is that you do to stay in top shape.


6 Simple Home Workout Routines

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Working Out At Home Will Also Give You Results

The six easy home exercise routines you will see below are ideal for those who might not have time for the gym. They suggest simple exercises, a few of which do not require the use of heavy equipment. First and foremost, they can be integrated into your daily routine with ease, because of the fact that you won’t have to leave the house, thus saving you time. Take a look at how you can get into shape without ever having to leave the comforts of home. Get the daily dose of cardio with walking, running and cycling. These are excellent exercise regimens to get the heart rate up; try doing at least one of these routines 3 times per week. Most likely you will need a treadmill or a stationary bicycle to do these exercise from inside your house. However, if you have a bike or you would rather jog, run or walk, you can use your neighborhood as you are playing ground for at least half an hour three times per week. Often individuals prefer to be outdoors instead of inside because it gives them more freedom and a constant change of scenery.

Build muscles by weight lifting. You do not have to go all out to buy expensive, advanced weights for a home gym. All you need to do is obtain a few dumbbells of varying weights. Start at a point where you feel comfortable and gradually work your way upwards. You can use the weights to build your arms, shoulders as well as your legs. Reduce the size of your stomach with abdominal exercises and a low fat diet to simply get more muscle definition in the stomach area. The best way to do this is to get a few exercise videos that get progressively harder. This will give you a structured regimen and most of all something to aspire to. Before you start doing abdominal training exercises it is essential that you research techniques or talk to your doctor about how to prevent straining your neck. If you are not careful you could end up with neck pain if you do not do crunches properly. Do not let this happen to you because it may mean sacrificing a couple of days of exercise.

Use lunges and squats to help tone your legs. These are an excellent way to trim the excess fat from the thigh areas. Lunges are especially good at shaping and toning your legs. Squats will build up the muscles in your legs fast, which speeds up your metabolism tremendously, which leads to constant automatic fat burning even while you are at rest. If you dedicate at least ten minutes per day to these methods, you will see visible results in a short amount of time. Your legs will appear more toned and smooth and maybe a lot of the fat you didn’t like to see will be gone.


Press/push ups are a good way to help develop the muscular tone in your upper body. This is particularly beneficial to the chest, arms and shoulders and can be done almost daily. Initially, these may be a little difficult; if that’s the case try doing them on your knees at first. This way you will still get the resistance training in the upper body. Eventually you will get enough strength to do regular push ups after a while.

Help to reduce stress with stretching. Stretching is important for warming up, warming down or just for relaxation purposes. Practice performing these before and after your workout simply because they will help to reduce your post pain related to your workouts. Ensure that you stretch all areas of your body, particularly the ones you concentrated on during your routine. The home workout routines given here are fairly easy to follow. They require doing simple exercises that everyone should be acquainted with if not look up some of my exercises here. Additionally, they provide convenience and show you that you have ways to get fit without ever leaving your home. Try to see which routines could work for you and do them at least three times per week to create the desired results. Know this, you can use exercises to shape your body into almost any way you desire it to be shaped. You are only limited by your mind and your lack of effort needed to get the exercises completed regularly enough to make a visible difference.

Gym Routines – Three Levels of Intensity

The Benefits Of Training At Different Intensity



Contrary to popular belief, there is more than only one level of intensity you can train at in your gym routines. There is no requirement to constantly train at your maximal level, and in fact, believing that you must completely destroy yourself in the gym every workout will sabotage your gym routines severely. When you first start training, the intensity of your gym routines should be sufficiently mild enough that your body may adapt to the concept of constantly damaging and then repairing itself. If you have not trained for many years (or ever), then going full bore is a great way to permanently injure yourself.


So let’s look at the various intensities you may train at.


  • Intense Training


Intense training is when you take each set until the 2nd last rep you can complete in good form. This level of training, over the long term, will pack muscle onto your body, and is a very effective method of training in your gym routines. Obviously, it is very difficult to judge when the 2nd last rep has been reached, and you will actually have to train to failure first to know where it is.


  • Very Intense


Training Very intense training is when you take each set to failure. That is, when you can’t complete another rep with good form. This level of intensity will massively increase your strength and will pack on muscle. However, it is not very possible to consistently maintain this level of training. It requires immense mental fortitude, and will physically exhaust you. It is best to use this level in short bursts.


  • Brutal Training


Brutal training is when you train to failure, and complete a static isometric hold before completing the set. This level of intensity in your gym routines will completely exhaust you mentally and physically. You will actually not be able to move the targeted muscle for a few minutes. When training your legs in this method, you will be physically unable to walk for up to an hour.


While many people believe you must train brutally hard to build muscle, the truth is that no one can maintain training that tough over a long enough period to build muscle. More likely, they will injure themselves, or become too scared of the gym to continue. It is far more efficient to simply train with the long term in mind, and utilize intense training gym routines. When you find yourself becoming bored or complacent, you can turbo charge your workout with a very intense burst. Really take an honest look at your gym routines, and decide for yourself whether you are training correctly. You will get a good feel for training after doing it for years, if you are not yet at this point.

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Working out requires getting different kinds of workout in as it relates to different intensity levels. You can’t always train at the highest level for ever. You have to be able to alternate your workouts to achieve the body of your dreams. You might consider doing really high intensity workouts for 3 weeks straight; then you might take it down a few notches for the next 4 weeks and do low or moderate intensity workouts, then back up to a high intensity level for the next 6 weeks. The key is alternating your workouts from time to time to stimulate your body to become confused and change.

Quick Tips For Getting More Cardio Workouts Without Really Trying!

Let’s face it, everyone could probably stand to get in more cardio workouts these days. Even if you have a gym membership you may struggle to actually get there and stay there long enough to make a difference. Very often working out at a gym becomes very boring very quickly, and certainly there is the added problem of crowds and classes that just don’t fit your schedule. And this doesn’t even factor in the cost of a gym membership!


While going to a gym and working out at a health club can be very beneficial and can offer you the cardio activities you need, there are somewhat sneaky ways of adding in additional time being active without even really trying. Let’s take a look at what this might mean for you. For one thing, remember that cardio doesn’t necessarily mean just using exercise equipment. Getting yourself up and active and increasing your heart rate and respiratory rate can be done in many different ways.


Have you considered joining a team sport that would keep you active? This can be baseball, basketball, Soccer, hockey, or even bowling. In your local area there are probably many such sports that are organized through your community center or high school. You can get a great cardio when you’re active in such a sport and being part of it also means not neglecting your regular activity, since you need to show up for practice and for play on a regular basis! You can also check with your employer to see if there is a sport they sponsor, and you can get in a good cardio workout that way.

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Another way to sneak in some cardio is to find active choices for your hobbies. When was the last time you went out dancing with friends or your partner? When you spend time with your kids, are you all active or do you play video games and watch movies? Being active with the family or with friends can mean increasing your cardio workouts. Get everyone to the park to toss a ball around or play Frisbee. Take the kids out to play tennis or basketball. Buy a badminton net and set it up in the backyard. Think of a trampoline as an investment in everyone’s good health since this can mean increased cardio activity for the kids as well as the adults.