5 Myths To Avoid When Aiming For The Best Ab Workout

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Avoid These Ab Workout Myths


Every day we are bombarded with images of well-toned, healthy bodies from ads claiming that we too can have rock hard abs by buying their secret but proven formula. Beyond the hype, good ab workout routines will always involve a proper diet and exercise designed to burn away the layers of body fat that conceal our muscular physique. So, as we explore all the various diets and workout routines that promise to quickly and easily transform our bodies into the likeness of statuesque Greek gods and goddesses, it’s a good idea to be aware of the myths that are sometimes put forward to achieve these goals.

Let us start on the right track by exposing the 5 myths that should be avoided.

Myth 1: The best ab workouts require abdominal focused exercises. Truth: The best ab workout routines should focus first on discussing which foods you may be eating that are sabotaging your efforts to lose fat, while promoting the foods that will support a fat burning metabolism. Proper food intake and heart-rate elevated cardio exercises are the most efficient means to reducing the layers of body fat that cover the abs.

Myth 2: You can get six-pack abs in just 10 minutes a day. Truth: Wouldn’t everyone have six-pack abs if that were the case? The fact is your six-pack abs will reveal themselves with a well developed nutritional and cardio exercising plan. Your optimum aerobic heart rate zone must be calculated, monitored and sustained over a longer period of time to achieve best results.

Myth 3: You can eliminate problem fat areas with spot fat exercises. Truth: Remember the belt machines that were placed over the belly or butt to vibrate the fat away? We now know that spot fat reduction is simply a myth. While it is true you can develop specific muscle groups with spot training, you cannot burn away fat from specific parts of the body. You must reduce total body fat.

Myth 4: You need to buy equipment like electric contraction belts, sweat suits, ab rockers and twisters to get six-pack abs. Truth: We would all love to have a machine melt away our fat, preferably while we sleep, but the reality is that we need to reduce our overall body fat composition to expose those sought after six-pack abs. Fortunately there are natural fat burning diets along with effective cardio exercises that will help reduce body fat composition faster.

Myth 5: Ab exercises are good cardio exercises. Truth: As stated previously, good cardio exercises require sustaining an elevated heart rate over a given period of time. You would be better off working your body’s larger muscle groups with true cardio exercises like biking, swimming, low impact aerobics, power walking, lunges, squats, sprint runs and resistance or weight training. Focusing on larger muscle groups coupled with a proper diet will burn your fat faster and over a longer period of time.

What about pills you ask? Well, many of today’s so-called diet pills simply provide a temporary energy boost by stimulating the adrenal glands, which can cause problems with prolonged use. While most of today’s diet pills are ineffectual, there are a few respected researchers doing some promising work in this area. We may well see a pill that mimics aerobic exercise in the future, but as of this writing, these are merely experiments in a lab.

To get true 6 pack abs that will stick around for a while requires both exercise and dieting. You have to sweat it out, you can’t buy a perfect body the healthy way. Yes you can pay for surgeries to fix a problem area or to lose weight, you can take diet pills, or try a host of other gimmicky attempts to look fit and become fits; but the healthy long lasting way to acquire 6 pack abs is to work for it and make it a lifestyle choice.

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