50 Top Notch Exercises To Transform You

50 Top Notch Exercises To Transform You



These are all 50 top notch hard body workout exercises.Do all of these exercises and I guarantee you will change your entire body composition. You will immediately start to lose fat and become toned and muscular. Your energy level will shoot through the roof. You will look and feel completely differently than you did before. Even if you are a professional and are accustomed to these exercises, just mixing them up will make a world of difference. Always strive to do a different workout with a combination of different exercises. But use these 50 exercises. Do 4 or 5 exercises one day, then do another 5 or 6 on another day. You should not become bore if your really mix things up.


Always try to do a warm up when starting any workout routine. Ease into your workouts so that you don’t end up tearing a muscle or injuring your self. Injury is often caused by not doing a proper warm up and not using the correct technique when working out. You should never be in a hurry to workout, gradually workout by starting with your warm up, then do your main exercises that you had planned for that day, then cool down and conclude your workout. Following these tips will reduce your chances of a painful and lengthy recovery at times. Check out my workout book here for ¬†more tips.¬†


Having different combination of exercises to do your body will not knowing which exercise you will do on which day. It will confuse your body and it react to the work out even better. The more confused your body get, the better results your will have quickly. I will list of exercises below. also remember that having good nutrition with your exercise plan will work out in your best interest with results. check out my 3 week diet plan here.





Bench Press

Back Flys

Leg RaisesLower Back RaisesLungesMilitary PressOblique CrunchesOblique Sit-UpsOverhead Triceps ExtensionPreacher CurlPull-UpsPush-Ups
Upright Barbell RowsCrunchesBench PressBarbell CurlRunnerRunning TreadmillSeated RowShoulder PressSide Dumbbell RaiseSingle Arm CurlSit-upsSquatsTriceps KickbackWalkingWide Grip Pull-DownLeg PressChin-UpsClose Grip BenchLeg ExtensionsClose Grip Lat Pull-DownDeadliftDecline Bench PressDipsDumbbell FlysDumbbell PressDumbbell ShrugsEllipticalExercise BikeFront Dumbbell RaisesIncline Bench PressIncline Chest FlyIncline Dumbbell PressIncline Reverse FlysJump RopeJumping JacksKnee Push-UpsLeg CurlsBikingCalf Raises

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