Losing That Stubborn Weight. What Are You Doing Wrong?

Summer is coming, and you’re getting more and more stressed that all your dieting efforts have had minimal effects. You’ve tried several trending methods, but nothing is giving you the results you want. So what are you doing wrong? Losing weight is no easy feat, especially when metabolism slows as we all get older. There are a vast number of easy changes to your lifestyle you can make that will make those numbers on the scale more pleasant.

If you’re constantly trying out the newest trends in weight loss involving pills, gimmicks, or drastic measures, stop yourself right there! There is no miracle inducing pill that’s going to magically shed those pounds. What is going to be effective is making minor tweaks to your lifestyle that will have long-lasting healthy effects.

Start by analyzing your current diet. How many times a week do you eat out at restaurants? We all need a break here and there, but if you’re going out multiple times a week to a restaurant you could be hindering yourself from losing that stubborn weight. Eat at home for dinner and bring your lunch to work during the week. Allow yourself one day a week to go out and have a meal. Even when you do go out that one time a week, try something on the healthier side. Who knows, you may like it!

What about junk food? Do you have a sweet tooth for salty and sweet treats like ice cream, potato chips, or candy? Processed junk food offers no real nutritional value, so don’t allow yourself to rationalize eating these foods. If you can limit your intake of these foods or find a healthy alternative you can make bigger strides towards your goal in less time.

Surely at some point you’ve heard the saying ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’. While this isn’t literally true, the saying has a point. By eating natural foods like fruits and veggies you not only receive important vitamins, but will also ingest less calories. Yes, that’s right for all you calorie counters out there. Instead of a bagel or bready breakfast item, start your day with an apple, some grapes or even carrots. It only takes 21 days to form a habit, so why not give it a try?

Last but not least, let’s burn some calories the old-fashioned way with some exercise. It may not be what you want to hear, but ultimately if you’re looking to lose weight in the fastest manner you will have to do some physical exercise. Before you start dragging your feet towards the nearest gym, consider the wide variety of alternative options for exercise. Anyone can be a mall-walker, and you could get friends involved for a light cardio workout. If you’re a gamer there are dancing games out for the Xbox and PlayStation consoles that are easy to use and entertaining as well. Whatever method you choose, go with cardio. Cardio is known to tighten the skin and get you back to your old toned self by killing that stubborn belly fat.

Change takes time. You may pick and choose between any of these methods for weight loss, but by adopting several healthier alternatives in your lifestyle you will accelerate your path to weight loss and personal victory!



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