5 Top Reasons for Better Health Through Juicing!

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Top Reasons for Juicing!

    This article outlines just 5 of the number of reasons why green smoothies can help in providing over all better health including more energy. Each reason is listed in turn and then discussed. The specific reasons that we focus on in this article are: cravings for snack foods, improve your skin, eliminating waste from our body and also help in losing weight. Here I have listed some of the main reasons why juicing benefits can provide better health and more energy. You can check out more of my other articles and books on juicing tips. Let’s look at each in turn and see what benefits are associated with each reason:   Reason #1: Loose cravings for snack foods Benefits: The fact that your body will be getting so many of the nutrients it requires you will eventually lose the daily cravings for junk foods such as snacks.   Reason #2: Improve your skin. Benefits: By just drinking just one smoothie drink per day it will improve your digestive system, which will in turn will help you to have much better skin.   Reason #3: Eliminating waste from our body Benefits: Fruit and vegetables are have tons of fiber which is so important for the elimination of waste from our bodies.   Reason #4: Help in losing weight. Benefits: With proper daily exercise and diet incorporating a green smoothie will do wonders for weight loss.   Reason #5: Energy. Benefits: People have found after drinking green smoothies daily, they have more steady and reliable energy to carry them through the day.   This article has provided an overview of the 5 reasons why juicing benefits provide better health and more energy. For each reason the associated list of benefits has been provided but keep researching and reading to get more tips on some of the best habits for juicing, and the best juicing tips.  

Drink Your Greens: 10 Top Tips for Juicing Greens and Wheatgrass

    Let’s learn some important green leafy vegetable and wheatgrass juicing tips to get the most from our home juicers. Not all juicers can accommodate green leafy vegetables or wheatgrass, so the first step is choosing the right juicer. For leafy green vegetables, a masticating or triturating (twin gear) juicer is the way to go. These are the only types that can efficiently juice greens. Triturating juicers are very efficient but are also quite expensive. For wheatgrass, the choice is between a masticating juicer, a more expensive triturating (twin gear) juicer or a wheatgrass-only juicer. Wheatgrass-only juicers come in manual and electric models. The manual ones can be relatively inexpensive. So now you are ready to get juicin’! liquid vegetable Here are our top green leafy vegetable and wheatgrass juicing tips:  
  1. The most versatile and affordable juicer for both wheatgrass and leafy greens as well as all other fruits and vegetables is the single-gear masticating juicer. However, if you can afford one, a triturating juicer is excellent at extracting every last bit of juice from fruits and vegetables.
  1. One of our favorite wheatgrass juicing tips also works with sprouts and some herbs. Wrap a bundle of wheatgrass in a larger green leafy vegetable, such as kale or lettuce. You will find it is easier to feed into the juicer’s chute now that it is in a compact “package.”
  1. Wheatgrass juice and green leafy vegetable juice are both very high in chlorophyll. To get the most from your green juices, drink them within half an hour of juicing. Heat and oxidation can damage chlorophyll; you need this in your quest for a healthier you.
  1. Wheatgrass is incredibly easy to grow indoors. However, did you know how easy it is to grow leafy green vegetables like lettuce and Swiss chard? Try growing your own organic vegetables for juicing.
  1. Clean your juicer as soon as you use it. Wheatgrass and leafy greens can leave difficult-to-remove pieces that get dried onto the inner workings of the juicer, becoming hard to clean.
  1. Some of the most important wheatgrass juicing tips are actually wheatgrass growing tips. Cut wheatgrass approximately half an inch from the soil, and allow the grass to re-grow at least once before mixing the roots back into the soil and starting fresh with new seeds.
  1. If you don’t like the taste of wheatgrass, try mixing it with carrot juice, bell pepper juice, lemon juice, ginger, or apple juice. It may be palatable when mixed with other juices to mask the flavor.
  1. Leafy green vegetable juices are known for giving drinkers a burst of energy. Try kale juice mixed with apple juice, spinach juice and cucumber juice with a little bit of ginger juice to add a punch.
  1. If you’re just starting out with green juices, start out slowly. Drink just a very small glass per day until you know how your body reacts to it. Green juices are extremely potent and powerful, and are generally recommended in small doses.
  1. If you care about the color of the juice you’re drinking and prefer that it not be brown, try juicing your greens separately from any red or orange juices. If you only mix green juices with other green, yellow or clear juices, your juice will stay a more appealing color.
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Hidden Smoothie Recipe That will Keep You in Crop Top Shape

Bikini and crop top season is finally here, while the warm weather calls for a some ab showing outfit, you are actively looking the best ways to feel good about yourself and not be too exposed at the same time. Therefore we are going to get into shape and look and feel our best. Here are some tips form supermodel Adriana Lima who shares four insider tips to get into crop top shape, along with some secret smoothie recipes as a bonus.   You’ve Got to Work for it “You might already know, there is no miracle anything for looking good. You must put in hours at the gym or some place similar to look good, there is no way around it,” Lima says. Half-hour running and riding around the park or in your own neighborhood, and she also some Crossfit classes (she just started that recently!) and frequent boxing lessons, to work for her, but she will tell you that  finding any activity that you and a friend might enjoy is good as long as it has you moving around and getting your heart rate is exercise.   You Must Hydrate, Hydrate & Hydrate The hydration process for Lima is two-fold. One, your complexion: “Fill your stomach with water to have nice skin!” As a plus, it takes away your craving for unhealthy snacking which starts when you are thirsty. “I drive a lot and doing thing such as– heading to the gym, doing errands, and transporting my children—it is easy to hit up a drive-through or grab some chips or something sweet from the corner store,” she says. “I like to keep a cooler filled with water and sliced fresh fruit in my ride so when i’m low on energy or need a snack, I have a quick fix instead.”   Dress the Skin You are In A dab of moisturizing body cream or special oil along your mid section and obliques is fast complement to any crop top. “Consuming plenty of water will make you glow, but while you wear clothes that shows off some skin, I like to use moisturizers or body lotions with shimmer to keep it silky smooth,” she says this is a classy sun-kissed formulas. Eat yourself to beauty.   Adriana Lima   Jump Start Your Morning Metabolism Start with an early morning smoothie, fixed with fresh organic produce, is a great way to sky rocket your energy and jump start your metabolism as a pre–crop top routine. “This is my favorite wake up time smoothie that is a simple water based honey and avocado blend,” Lima says. “The days when I want something heavier, I do a milk and yogurt base to start my morning off the right way.” Here,  Adriana Lima shares her recipe of choice, below:   A cup of water 1/2 avocado Honey to taste Measurements are not set—blend to taste, adding more or less of each ingredient, as desired.   Add about a cup of cold water to the blender. Halve and pit a new avocado, then scoop out the middle of the avocado into the blender. Pulse until the mixture blends and grows creamy, then add a small amount of organic honey to fit your taste. For a creamier and richer base, use a cup of milk and a 1/2 cup of plain yogurt for water instead, blend it up well, enjoy, and get your burst of healthy energy early in the morning.

Tropical smoothie

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Tropical Smoothie For 2016

  For people who are health conscious in today’s world. Tropical smoothies are a great way to stay fit, healthy and lose weight. A tropical smoothie can be a tasty choice. You can control the ingredients used in a smoothie and choose organic and fresh ingredients such as tropical fruits and anti-oxidant berries. These are considered real super-foods that can make a perfect choice for nutrient rich and low-calorie natural ingredients capable of helping you to better manage your optimal weight goal by keeping you full for a long period of time.   By combining the best natural ingredients such as anti-oxidant rich berries, nuts, various fruits, wheat germ, honey and ice cubes all  blended up in a thick gooey glass of deliciousness, that is creating a healthy alternative. You can create a tropical smoothie that helps you boost your metabolism, burn fat, lose weight, yet tastes great. Preparing a tropical smoothie is relatively easy and it’s true that it shouldn’t take long to learn how to choose the right ingredients combination. A lot of this is based on your personal taste. Be creative, fruits are delicious and good for us all.   The reason why a tropical smoothie can actually lead to better weight control and weight loss is that it incorporates all of your necessary nutrients in just one glass of refreshing and delicious beverage. All this while it ensures you never add empty or excessive calories. When you learn how to prepare a balanced tropical smoothie with the best natural ingredients you will achieve the best balance of complex carbs, protein, and healthy fats, as well as minerals, vitamins and other nutrients.  
mango drink

mango drink

  Besides all these basics, without any extra calories you can include super-foods and powerhouse ingredients that improve the nutritional value of your smoothie. Weight conscious individuals can also include elements that boost the metabolic rate and, therefore, enhance their weight loss while filling them up for long while and giving them more energy.   For instance, Mango Yogurt Smoothie with Amaranth contains more than 20 minerals and vitamins. The Greek yogurt that is blended in as sweetener also has its own health benefits by itself. Topped with fresh berries and amaranth you will create a delicious beverage that is also very healthy. It will revitalize your body and give you lots of energy throughout your busy day. Another good choice of tropical smoothie is the Blueberry Obsession Smoothie. Blueberries are famous for their antioxidant healthy properties. This smoothie is also a good source of protein and sweet enough to make you indulge your sweet tooth. As a flavor bonus you will really enjoy the maple peanut butter incorporated in this recipe. This tropical smoothie can make one of the fastest, easiest, and sweetest smoothie recipes. It also incorporates some frozen strawberries besides the blueberry main ingredient. The combination is really delicious and can also make for a perfect distraction from the stress of an overloaded schedule before and after the winter holidays.  

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