Weight Training At Home.

Weight training at home can be challenging. You have to find different ways to stay motivated. Not being around gym equipment and or free weights can cause your motivation to decline. However, you must find ways to stay motivated. you can develop various full body workout routines without using gym equipment or weights. You might just have access to a few pieces of equipment, if any. So you have to be creative maintain your workouts.



You must have a weight lifting routine in mind. If you happen to have a chin up bar you can do chin up exercises for your back muscles. you can curl water bottles for your biceps, forearms and triceps. Squatting with your body weight is a good exercise for your lower body muscles, mainly your legs and glutes which happen to be the largest muscles in your body. If your glutes and legs are worked properly your metabolism will begin to speed up tremendously . You can do lunges with no weights and calf raises with no weights. Sit ups are also pretty good exercises to firm up your midsection, run in place and do jumping jacks. Doing push ups is a great exercise for the upper body; specifically the chest, shoulders, back, triceps and other muscles.These are just some of the exercises you can do using absolutely no free weights at all. Now if you have machines and or free weights your workouts will become more interesting and you can add various other exercises into your workout routine as you get use to working out with little or not equipment.

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Working out requires some creativity in order to keep coming up with new exercises that will challenge your body and take you to the next level. Be creative and do what feels right for you, listen to what your body is telling you with various reactions from your workout routine. Be safe, safety always come first, and make sure that you are getting your heart rate up and feeling your muscles burn. Feeling your muscles burn is a great indicator that your muscles are being worked effectively. Again, weight training at home can be challenging to stick with but coming up with new exercises, and evolving will keep you motivated and keep your body confused. By doing that your muscles are being worked and developing; in turn your metabolism is speeding up, your body fat is decreasing while your muscles are developing even with no free weights at all. Your body weight can build small amounts of muscles which has a large effect on your body, appearance and energy level. Check out my losing belly fat workout out book.

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