Workout Motivation to Keep on Going When Everyone Else Is Quitting


Never Quitting on Your Workout Plans



Hey guys, I’m back with more tips on how to keep going like “the energizer bunny” when everyone around you is falling out of love will working out and quitting. This time of year close to the new year has may people signing up for gym memberships in January and quitting by February or March, if they make it that far. I want to talk to you today about how you can reach your fitness, weight loss, muscle building, or whatever goals you have, despite the sometimes tedious feeling of continuing to workout. How? Well, by pure inspiration that motivates you to workout.


Let me elaborate: You see, what happens to many people when they set a goal to start working out is that they get bored quickly, plain and simple. I’ll give you an example. I’m writing this article here today to teach you how to not give up on working out like the masses do. I’ve probably written many hundreds of articles relating to fitness in one way or another. Whether it’s about proper eating, chest exercises, resistance training, fat burning or whatever, I’ve written about it. And frankly, it gets boring at times trying to pass my knowledge onto someone wanting to improve their own health and their overall wellbeing. Yet I keep on doing it. Why? Because the importance of reaching my health goals and passing my workout and motivational tips along the way is more important to me than being lazy, and not doing something that’s a little tedious. And let me tell you, this is dang tedious at times.


So you’re probably wondering right now – man, this is NOT helping me. What about proper motivation? You’re right, and here’s the thing about working out. Unlike writing about working out, actually doing it is dang fun! Especially if you mix up your workout routine regularly. Which brings us to a few important points.


The first point is that people who succeed are people who don’t quit. There is nosecret” to this success. It’s just doing the same tried and true concepts over and over and over again until you reach success. Over, and over, and over again is the key. Remember the saying winners never quit, and quitters never win; this hold a lot of truth to it. Never giving up is true whether you want to be ridiculous at jiu jitsu, track and field, bodybuilding, aerobics or just getting into the best shape of your life no matter how you do it. It can be done if you want it bad enough and you become tunnel vision where you can see the end results in the end.


Nothing can stop you from reaching your goals when you look at your end result in a tangible and vivid way, where you know how you will look and feel before you have even completed your first workout session; especially if you have been out of shape for some time now. The problem is that keeping something up is hard unless you are bull headed about it, because you know you want what you want and are committed to putting in the sacrifice and hard work. Your sacrifice might be running 3 miles 4 days a week, hitting the gym every other day for years on end, doing resistance training for 45 minutes followed by aerobics for another 20 mins daily 5 days a week, eating only healthy natural foods, avoiding sodas and alcohol beverages, drinking 6-8 glasses of water daily, getting an average of 7-8 hrs of sleep every night, and the list goes on and on.

quitters never win

So how do we deal with it?

Here’s how: First, remember why you started working out in the 1st place and never forget that, store it in the back of your mind. Remember, there was a reason why you wanted to start. Maybe you were fat, too skinny, too weak, lacking muscle definition, or muscle strength. Or maybe you just had low self-confidence and needed a boost of natural testosterone and endorphins to pick you up, and exercise was the answer to fix all of those problems.


The point is that there is a reason for you to be relentless and achieve your calling since you clearly wanted a change. Now you have to weigh something: What do you want more? To sleep in late, to eat unhealthily, have low self-esteem, low energy and little to no drive; or do you want to be in great shape, confident, and happy? That is a question you must answer for yourself and decide how badly you want to sculpt your body and improve in many ways you did not think was possible.  If you want to be lazy and unproductive, and that’s what you want from life – accept being totally out of shape and forget trying to change, and generally having a much shorter lifespan. But if it’s more important for you to be in great shape, then commit to it, and get to working out regularly. The sacrifice is well worth the reward or else you wouldn’t have started this adventure in the first place, nor would you have read this article. In the future you will thank yourself. Now go get what you want! There is nothing stopping you but you! Also Check out some of my recommended exercises here. Show some love and pick up a copy of my book below for more workout tips! Enjoy!

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