5 Core Exercises You Need

Why Do You Need Exercises To Strengthen Your Core



You need core exercises to strengthen your overall body. Core exercises focus primarily on your midsection they will help to strengthen the rest of your body too because they are central muscles. When your midsection is in shape usually the rest of your body falls in line and is also in shape.

Having a flat core shows that you are in great shape. Your stomach tells a lot about your health in general. Not having a gut emphasizes your health and shows that you take care of yourself. It shows you are far less likely to get certain types of health issues such as diabetes, heart attack, stroke and the list goes on and on.


I have put together a list of 5 really good core exercises. These are basic core workouts yet when done correctly they will target your midsection and start to tighten and firm the muscles quickly. As in previous blogs I have written, to lose your gut you have to diet for flat abs. Exercising to lose your gut is only one part of the equation.


To really take it to the next level when it comes to core exercises you must also diet smart. You should watch what you eat and not be consuming foods that are too fatty, sweet, salty, processed and that are too high in calories, especially late at night. That stuff will do the opposite of what you are trying to do, which is to trim your core region. It will make you accumulate fat and develop poor health that could cause a lot of other problems for you later on in life. So eat clean, avoid those types of foods that I have mentioned. Try to consume foods that are fresh and natural that are not loaded with fat and calories; and as in previous blogs I have written drink plenty of water to hydrate you and flow out the toxins out of your system.



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Without further Ado here are five really good core exercises below for you to practice doing.






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