A Personal Trainer Will Help You Lose Weight Easily

Motivation was never a concern. Discipline wasn’t either. I was without any excuses, and I wasn’t seeing any results. I exercised consistently working on my problem areas, but I didn’t notice changes. My weight didn’t fall on the scale, nor did my clothes sizes drop. Not until I started working out with a personal trainer. Now I’m doing squats with my trainer. My muscles squeeze and burn. A tiny voice in my head tells me to quit, enough is enough. But my trainer continues to encourage me. She says I will do 10 more reps and to push myself!

Before working with a personal trainer, I wasn’t slimming down. I was also living with an ostomy. Things look bleak and I was stuck. I hovered five to ten pounds over where I preferred to be, and I was never able to lower my weight. I was injuring myself from over-training. I was eating only at night after depriving myself all day. My way of life was counter-productive to the goals I wanted to achieve. At last, I thought maybe I should hire a personal trainer. First, she put me through a sequence of assessments so we could keep track of my progress in the future. Besides my weight – my own scorekeeper of my progress – she assessed a few other things as well. She measured my maximal oxygen consumption (the volume of oxygen my body uses for exercise) my anaerobic threshold (when muscles begin to produce lactic acid and burn more sugar than fat) and my body fat analysis. They were different kinds of measurements, but nonetheless, they offered me added motivation for getting into much better shape. My diet was also evaluated.

We concluded that my weight loss was failing because I pigged-out nightly after barely eating anything all day. We discussed how I could change my everyday eating habits into far better options, like replacing low-nutrient high carb foods with whole carbs and lean protein. I lost 25 lbs in the first six months of working out with a personal trainer.

My other stats improved significantly as well! Thanks to my personal trainer, I was forced out of and beyond my comfort zone. She was a true professional always staying positive with positive reinforcement, and she was never negative. I’ve made so many advances from where I was when I tried working out on my own.

The knowledge and encouragement provided to me by my personal trainer has boosted my weight loss and fitness to another level. Without my trainer, I might have quit. My trainer may force me to work a bit harder than I would like to – but overall, I’m proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish. All of this to say that considering to workout with a trainer is not a bad idea if you are needing that extra push to get you over a hump and move you closer towards your health goals; seriously this can be beneficial. Check out some of my other fitness articles, remember fitness is more mental that it is physical in many ways. You need to keep mentally motivated in order to continually push yourself forward and progress.

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