Build Arm Muscle – Workout Routines to Build Muscle In Your Arms

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Have You Ever Admired and Wish You Had Chiseled Arms? They Can Be Yours Too





Having big arms can be a challenge when you’re not into sports, but you don’t have to be a jock to have them. Committing to workout routines to build muscle requires discipline and patience to get started, and follow through to the end.


Eventually, just like anything else that you work hard at, you will see your desired results taking shape. Of course, it’s easier said than done. I hope the first part of this article will help you get into the right mindset.


There are also a few tips here on how to get started and what routines work best. If you haven’t tried working out before, read this paragraph first. If you have and you’re wholeheartedly going to put the time and effort in until you get your results, skip to the next.


First of all, there’s no quick magical way to achieve attractive arm muscles. You can’t just take a magic pill to give you the exact lean arms of your dreams; you have to work hard at building and shaping your arms the way you want them. Just like it is with any great artist, they can’t just imagine the painting they want and it appears out of thin air; it takes precise work to get the end results desired.

It will take you weeks and even months to see a difference. You’ll just have to accept this fact so you won’t give up halfway for getting impatient. With that said, you really have to watch your attitude and not your arms. By this I mean focus on doing things right and don’t think of how your arms look just after a workout. If you do this, your arms will always look the same to you and you’ll just get frustrated.

What you really have to watch out for is how your arms are gaining strength as you progress to doing more difficult routines. Looking good just naturally follows. Choose your weights. You can purchase dumbbells or improvise with ordinary household items. You can use your own body weight, too, but it’s easier to learn how to exercise in good form with weights.


Start with light weights light enough that lets you complete sets in good form, yet it lets you feel the strain afterwards. Perfect the movement in a controlled manner at first and your arm muscles will eventually begin to get stimulated. Gradual stress will as small as it may be in the beginning, will start to change your arm muscles where it is visually noticeable to you and others.


The goal is to work out each body part 1-2 times per work for perfect results. There’s no standard weight for anyone because it depends on your strength level. Beginners usually aren’t as strong as seasoned individuals who have been working at weight lifting for a while.

You can start with a 5 or 15 pound dumbbells if you’re just starting. Do at least 2 sets of high rep exercises for your biceps, triceps and deltoids and call it a workout. It’s supposed to be easy at first when you hardly exercise. You should feel some strain but not something so painful the next day that you can barely move your arms, nor any muscle for that matter. If you don’t feel anything, use a heavier weight in your next workout. Maintain the same workout routine for a week and gradually progress to more difficult sets.


Workout routines to build muscle should start out slowly and always focus on reps. You shouldn’t forget to stretch before and after your workout to avoid injury. Also, don’t overdo anything. You must always do each and every exercise in good form. Keep yourself motivated by appreciating how your arms are gaining strength and not how they look because they will eventually change in appearance. Get these basics on how to build arm muscle down first, and you’ll always see results following closely behind.

Remember that working out should be a life long goal, preferable not just a quick fix to your body image. Working out should not be the kind of thing you do for 2 or 3 months and then you stop; or else all of your results will also gradually subside too, the say way your work outs stopped. Workout with the intention of long term benefits besides just a quick fix appearance change.


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