Core Focus Exercises

The Role of the Upper Abs & How to Work Them


Being fit and having toned upper abs is not just about appearance- although fit people do look better than those who are out of shape. Being fit is mostly about being healthy, about keeping your body active and functioning at optimal levels, about keeping your fat level and your blood pressure down, which is normal. I will cover some core focus exercises. It’s important to stay healthy so when you come to an old age you don’t need caring for seniors.


Although having upper abdominal muscles looks fantastic, especially when you can show them off on the beach, at pools, they also have a great role in keeping you healthy. The uppers abs, the strongest part of the abdominal muscles, help you maintain a healthy back and a straight posture. Many people don’t realize that a healthy posture improves the functioning of the internal organs and of the back spine.


In order to keep strong upper abs, you must combine cardio with upper ab exercises that strengthen your abs. Cardio ensures well functioning of your entire body and speeds up your metabolism, while ab workout routines for strengthening, focus on the abs you want to train with core focus exercises.




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Here are some core focus exercises that will tone your upper abs


Lie on your back, bend your knees and place your feet on the floor. Keep your hands on your head, with your elbows apart. Slowly sit up, contracting your abdominal muscles, and keep the position for a few seconds. Then slowly return to the horizontal position. Repeat between 10 and 20 times. A version of the previous exercise involves two one-kilo weights. If you’re up to an upgrade, hold one weight in each hand. You no longer have to keep the position for a few seconds – the exercise will be tougher anyway.


Another way of upgrading the regular sit ups is by using an inclined sit up bench, a great prop for your upper ab. Be careful, however, not to lie back on the inclined bench. When doing these sit ups, your abs are contracted at all times and you no longer have the luxury of relaxing your ab when you lie down horizontally, in between the sit ups. Lie on you back and raise your legs vertically, till they form a 90 degree angle with the floor. Put your hands on your head and keep your elbows open. Slowly sit up with your upper body, and then return to the horizontal position. 10 to 20 repetitions are recommended.


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A version of the previous exercise is to turn it into a crunch. Lie on your back and raise the legs to a vertical position. When you lift up your upper body, also bend your knees. Bring your knees and head as close as possible. You will need a chair for this exercise. Lie on your back. Bend your knees and place your feet on the chair. Slowly lift your upper body, as close as possible to your knees. Then slowly return to the initial position.



Standing Ab Twists


You can grab a stick similar to that of a house mop or broom. Place the stick across your shoulder where it is resting there and lean slightly forward and swing the end of the broom stick from the left side to the right side, then the right end of the stick to your left side.  Doing this type of exercise repeatedly. This is a great twisting movement that focuses on the oblique muscles.


Those are just a few of the many exercises that will begin to strengthen and tone your core region to get you that lean, slender, defined look. Make sure to exercise regularly to start seeing some noticeable difference in your physique.



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