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I don’t think people realize how much we use our core! A core workout routine can be highly beneficial to every movement we do in life. Everything comes from the core of the body. Here, I will review some of the core workouts, and you can decide for yourself which core workout might be best for you. Core workouts is a bit of a catch phrase in fitness right now, and many people are catching on to it. But, the significance of these types of routines is even more than people realize. Every movement, even picking up your groceries, comes from the core.


Yoga – Yoga is mostly core! Every movement in yoga relies on the core muscles. Yoga is an excellent fitness program on many levels. It helps to gain flexibility, as well as strength and muscle endurance. The other thing about Yoga that is so interesting, is all of the different wellbeing benefits. It’s said to regulate heart rate, and much more. I had one yoga instructor explain it to me like this. He said, “Yoga massages your internal organs.” I have taken several yoga classes, and you will be in a pose and hear the teacher say, “This is opening up your adrenal glands.” It’s a fascinating practice and good for people of all ages. It can be a great core workout on it’s own, or a great addition to your current exercise practices.


Boxing – Boxing seems like it may be your arms, but, it’s not! My arm by itself can be quite weak, but, when I throw my body into it (my core!), that same punch becomes much, much more powerful. This is a great workout for anyone wanting to increase their health benefits. Many trainers are now discovering the emotional benefits to boxing as well. It can be quite empowering for people, and many of my clients have discovered that they get a great emotional release from putting the boxing gloves on and giving the heavy bag a piece of their mind. After a great workout, they gain a sense of calm, and general well being. And besides all of that, who wouldn’t want the amazing, great physique of a boxer? They are agile, quick, powerful, and strong!


jogging exercise


Jogging – Yes jogging. Jogging gets your heart rate up in a healthy way. I strengthens your heart, builds your endurance, and it is an unbelievable body toner. Want to strip away 15lbs of unwanted fat in a fairly short amount of time; then jog. Jogging burns roughly 140 calories every 10 minutes for a person jogging at a pace of 6mph, and weighting 175lbs. So jogging for 30 minutes can burn hundreds of calories, and it does not stop there;  you will continue burning calories hours after your exercise routine had ended.


These are just two core workouts, there are many, many out there! Try them out for yourself and see what you enjoy doing, and then stick with it! You will eventually find one you fall in love with!

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